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  1. About selection - Bhuvi+Thakur+Nagaswalla are best swing bowlers with excellent control.None of them is in scheme of things .
  2. One other key factor - extra runs in 1st innings: NZ = 5 India = 26
  3. 1. Lack of match practice unlike NZ. 2.In first innings tail collapsed,instead should have added 20-30 runs.Gill+Rohit+Pant+Rahane threw away their wickets in first inning.Otherwise 300+ score was likely. 4. Bumrah looked completely out of touch. 5. Kohli choked on final day -should have played at least 80 balls. 6.NZ bowlers were tired on final day.Pant+Jadeja+Ashwin could have played at least 20 more overs but all of them looked panicked.
  4. Kohli,Rahane,Pujara,Rohit,Ishant are past their prime.
  5. Ideally a test match should end on 5th or in worst cases on 4th day.Gabba test is good example of balanced pitch - real test for both batsmen and bowlers.
  6. Apart from pitch,extra coating on ball makes it move quicker - that is biggest factor in low scores in this match.
  7. Axar vs Chahar comparison : Axar is not good turner of ball while Chahar can turn the ball on day 1 pitch.Chahar has more variations - googly,quick flatter deliveries,deception with flight.Axar's inability to spin and slowness are disadvantages though he has excellent control over line and length.Saurabh Kumar is better red ball bowler than Axar as he gets turn like Leach. He has been added to squad for a reason.
  8. Considering the poor bowling in 1st test and available options,Rahul Chahar might be one of the best option for 2nd test for following reason: 1. Versatility: Great turner with superb googly;speed of 85 hence good for slow chennai wicket;can deceive with flight 2. Character:Has penetration and determination of test bowler. He has decent first class record 69 wickets in 17 matches at average of 28.62.Considering his IPL and SMAT performances he has improved immensely over year - has more control over line length and can "turn ball at much flatter trajectory".I strongly believe cu
  9. Umesh and Shami are best fast bowlers at home as they are skiddy in nature.Thakur is best replacement for them as he has lower release point hence skiddy .Ishant is useless bowler unless there is extra pace on wicket.
  10. Ashwin+Kuldeep+Axar+Siraj/Thakur+Bumrah. Bumrah has to create impact like Anderson.
  11. Look at how Anderson used reverse swing at pace with accuracy ! Ishant was bowling reverse swing at speed of 126 that too mostly at shorter length.He took wicket of Butler when match had already slipped away.Archer was going to get out any way.Has he made any impact in match ! Bumrah also bowled poorly by his standards but al least he took 2 wickets on day 1.
  12. Nadeem cant be blamed alone for this test.Pitch was very slow without any turn on first day.What about selection of Ishant over Siraj ? Curator has to be blamed - he was saying there would be help for fast bowlers on day one.
  13. He has "more time" than Shaw to play shots i.e. picks line and length earlier.More time also means he can wait for ball bit longer and has ability to play ball late when it is close/parallel to body.I have not seen a single ball in QF and SF where he played far away from body,neither he has issue against incoming deliveries. Take a look at Sheth over where some of incoming deliveries he played so late that ball was almost parallel to back leg.Four through point region off Meriwala's length delivery just around off stump is another example how close to body he can actually play - ball was
  14. There is news of grass to be left on pitch.But grass alone wont help England unless pitches are hard enough to generate extra pace and bounce.Take example of Rajkot pitch - despite grass it remains slower with low bounce due to softer nature.Archer is real danger no matter what pitch is like.Most likely there will be significant turn at least third day onwards.
  15. Those who say Prabhsimran is like Jadhav are same kind of guys who were once saying Shaw is like next big thing and should be promoted ahead of Gill.I had said years back that Gill can play ball very late even later than Smith.Now my prediction is that Prabhsimran is best top order batting prospect after Gill -they will realise that too one day.
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