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  1. Technique wise,while playing lofted shots,he plays ball closer to body like ABD i.e. changes his stance and swing of bat accordingly rather than getting under the ball far from body.Both Krunal and Dube lack this skill.He is better allrounder than both of these.
  2. Tewatia has strike rate of 153.73 in 49 t20 matches with average of 26.58.Excellent for an allrounder with economy of 7.23.
  3. Bat was in air at time of spike,therefore,decision was correct.
  4. Reflexes gets slower with age not just for cricketers but it is case in all sports.Here physical fitness has no role.He is showing the signs of slower reflexes lately - poor timing,getting bowled and edging ball more often.
  5. It is age of the Kohli causing problem. Kohli is 31+ add 2-3 years as age fudging is common in India.Recently Manjot Kalra of u19 was found guilty of age fraud.From baldness pattern and amount of grey hairs in his beard,it appears Kohli is older.His decline has started.He will be liability in t20 wc.
  6. Wrong decision against Gill.Point of impact was just above knee-roll.
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