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  1. He is backbone of team.
  2. Pant is not a new ball player as he has limited ability to play very late - close to body.Moreover strike rotation is also his problem.He is best at number 5 or 6 when ball is old and bowlers are tired.Even in this series he scored two key innings after dropped catch and missed stumping by Paine.Gill and Pujara laid the foundation for win or at least draw.Unlike Pant they did not give any chance,otherwise match might have been lost.Top order batsmen should be technically. sound.India lost wc semi or ct final due to incompetent top order.
  3. Those who doubt Shardul's ability - he is one of best swing(both in and out) bowlers in country who can bowl at around 130 with superb accuracy.
  4. If Bumrah is injured then 5 bowlers is best option.Siraj+Saini+Thakur+Ashwin+Kuldeep.
  5. Kuldeep could not get single wicket in 16 overs he bowled in first practice match.Ashwin and Siraj got 2 and 3 respectively.Thakur has 200 fc wickets for a reason.Though he is not very quick but has swing,accuracy and stamina.
  6. Kuldeep Yadav played in first practice match against Aus A - and could not get single wicket in 16 overs he bowled.
  7. Kuldeep was selected in a test in England - that decision proved disastrous.Unlike SCG gabba pitch is helpful for pacers.Thakur has all the qualities of test bowler - swing,control,persistence,stamina.
  8. Yasir Shah could not trouble aussie batsmen on gabba pitch.For that reason Kuldeep might not be good option.Thakur would be better choice - very accurate with good out-swing ,stamina of test bowler.Thakur is best betsman among reserve bowlers.
  9. He is not only one biased against Gill.Someone selected Shaw over Gill for final test.
  10. Vihari also dropped a simple catch of Green at second slip in first practice match.Green capitalised to score century.
  11. On first day Bumrah's ball was travelling in almost straight line.Today there was more pace and lateral movement - the ball on which Green and Paine got out.Turn for spinners is going to increase.If India do not concede lead more than 20,it will be good reply.
  12. Gill got out both times on balls which were at around 5th stump - could have left.Both times he tried to reach for ball instead of allowing ball to come close.Whenever he played close/parallel to body on back foot he looked solid as rock.Though good start for him.
  13. Pitch will get quicker as it gets drier - then there will be more edges.Though it looks slower than MCG.
  14. Agarwal is struggling not because of technical issue rather due to the fact that pitches were slower last time - so he had slightly more time to react.On first day of first test pitch was slowest where he could not capitalise.Rohit will not do any better than him.
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