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  1. I admit, I am drunk right now, so I have not time for political correctness
  2. Stop crying biatch, King Kohli is gonna rule for a long time
  3. Our boy @Vilander is already threatening the convicts on bigfooty about the next series in India
  4. Sachin was one of the best runners between the wickets
  5. Kohli has his faults as captain, but he's the reason behind the bowling attack we have right now, stop hating on Kohli
  6. Why do you guys have to start such negative threads on the most historic day in Indian cricket?
  7. Lord Thakur had never played at Gabba before, no wonder they were undefeated.
  8. Dhoni could never play like this even in his dreams
  9. And thala has 2 consecutive white washes in England and Australia 8-0, pant already a million times better keeper than thala
  10. Sachin still living rent free in the mind of these trolls
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