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  1. After T20 wc Dhoni should promote india head coach
  2. Mostly in Kohli captaincy we have seen batting collapses in ko matches or crucial matches. May be dhoni responsibility is maintain good environment in dressing room
  3. Hahaha vv Richards, Warne like many overseas players are Kohli PR as per db analysts.
  4. Kohli PR Shane Warne said world biggest superstar is Kohli... Keep trolling and crying.
  5. Kohli is greatest leader, but not great captain
  6. Retirement also good for me. I can't take his captaincy failures. If he don't want to continue as a batsman. Retirement is good option
  7. As a batsman kohli give us(fans) to very high movements. He is failed as captain again and again. Kohli captaincy career is painfull to fans and Indian cricket fans. I don't have patience to see more failures. Please idolo step-down from captaincy in all formats. Concentrate on batting
  8. King6

    June 23

    India last won icc trophy on june 23(2013 CT). Today is june 23rd can india win another ICC Trophy?. I think no
  9. Only 2 days remaining in finals. Draw or NZ win chances is there. India win chance is very less. Our bowlers will able to take 18 wickets in 2 days?.
  10. Yeah. Good prediction this one
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