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  1. Be it in middle order or opening, Pant should be part of LOI's. We just can't afford to lose a player like Pant. He along with Rahul and Pandya will add alot of fire power in the end. If he is batting in middle order, we do need someone to play the role of a dasher at the top to give us a brisk start.
  2. I agree with you. He is not a good captain. But a captain should be someone who is not playing for his spot or doesn't even complete the the series due to injury or fitnees isues. Rahane doesn't have performance to be the captain. Ashwin can be a option but can he even last a full series of 4-5 matches as he always has those back spasms. He has fitness issues in last few years. If he can then for me Ashwin will be a contender for the captaincy ahead of Rahane.
  3. With a small sample set of rahane's captaincy he does look good. But the reall question is for how long can rahane be in the team with mediocre returns that he provides. Surely we can't just pick a player for his captaincy alone. So i believe we are stuck with Kohli for a while.
  4. Yes we want our best batsman to return. Not sure about the captain though. But what choice do we have. As good as rahane the captain is, rahane the batsman doesn't deserve to be in the team. So its like one guy is a poor captain but a great batsman. Other one is a good captain but has been poor for quite a while.
  5. I have nothing against Dhawan. Dhawan is one of the best ODI batsman we have ever produced. Guy always raised his hand in ICC 50 over tourneys. But with time we need to change the game plan, thats where we need a dasher at front to open the innings and put pressure on the other team rather than having those sedate and safe starts that we go after.
  6. Thats exactly what I meant by saying that team management and fans need to show patience. They need to identify requirements for each spot and then identify players who fulfill those requirements and then give a lengthy run irrespective of their returns. Our tm just plans for the short term rather than looking at the bigger picture. 2023 wc is in india. We need to be aggressive upfront on these flat pitches otherwise we can be outbatted by a team like England in KO game.
  7. Unrealistic but would like to see the following eleven Rohit Gill Pujara Kohli Pandya Pant Sundar Ashwin Kuldeep Bumrah Siraj Pandya and Pant can really destroy english spin attack and demoralise them.
  8. Totally agree with OP. He can literally destroy bowling attacks on his day. With field restriction on, he can really take the game away from the opposition quickly. But for this to happen our team management should show some patience and give him licence to go for his shots. Its a gutsy and attacking move but can we expect this from our captain and coach who like to play defensive cricket and are totally happy with 45-0 in 10 overs kind of starts.
  9. So happy for Pant. Guy should have been part of team in all three formats by now. Baffles me how many haters this guy has. Talk now haters.
  10. Agree with you. Great teams also have a great bench strength. On thakur well i am not a big fan of him, but he has played well today. He is tenacious with bat. He has ability with the ball where he can swing the ball at decent pace but the problem is he always bowl to short to take advantage of that swing. But today he and Sundar have really played well. Really enjoying it.
  11. Did he play a rash shot? Yes he did. Should we drop him for that? No. He along with Gill has given us good starts which we wanted. Moreover we don't even have someone in domestic who can replace him for now. I only see him as a temporary solution for that opening slot.
  12. They are also being televised daily. One game at 12 and another at 7 pm
  13. Indian team should stop acting like pussies. Australian team will also get the same treatment as them. If they can do it why can't our super duper stars can do the same. Its just few more days.
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