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Nice interview with Tendu


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Re: Nice interview with Tendu yes it was after Paaji ran/mankaded out Kirsten at non strikers end, IIRC Paaji had warned him earlier but he kept getting out before the ball was bowled..kepler showed what he is made of by doing this.

cricinfo- Kapil Dev (India) "mankaded" Peter Kirsten, the non-striker, backing up too far before the ball was delivered. Apparently, Kapil Dev had warned Kirsten at least twice in the earlier matches. When the umpire declared Kirsten out, Wessels showed two fingers to Kapil Dev and got into an argument with the fielders. Kirsten refused to leave until the umpire signalled him to leave the field. Kirsten alone was fined later, for dissenting with the umpire's decision.
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