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  1. Pujara has clearly lost the ability to rotate strike and has been singlehandedly killing the momentum of the team. Just taking his position granted in the team on account of some past laurels.
  2. Pujara should have been replaced by SKY, just dont understand his utility in the team
  3. well played Sir, learning statgsguru from the master
  4. Kohli found Bumrah ??Come on man, it was Mumbai Indians who found him.
  5. You are forgetting the base logic that intentional padding is not awarded as legbyes. Legbyes are awarded when it hits any part of the body unintentionally, when the batsmen is trying to play a shot. Makes complete sense, why should this rule be removed ?
  6. This is a home series for India, not in NZ.
  7. How do people on this forum tolerate this troll, spamming about Pandya in each and every thread ( and Pujara when the test matches are going on ).
  8. Troll OP spamming every thread with his gujju fetish, just has one agenda supporting gujju players on ICF.
  9. KL Rahul averages 3.6 in T20I in 2021, with 2 fours and 70 % of dot balls in 5 innings. How is he an automatic selection in the team over Ishan Kishan is astonishing. Guess, being Kohli's best buddy and boyfriend of a bollywood celebrity has its own perks.
  10. OP, can you give this suggestion to Muslim countires first
  11. Gasoline prices in California are almost 4.79 per gallon, this is more than 50 % what it was in 2020
  12. Thakur's confidence is what gets him those wickets with his military medium pace
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