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  1. And the last time I checked with friends and family (both BJP and non-BJP supporters), it still is as diverse as it was 7 years back when I left. That's why I am here defending it.
  2. I see your point of view as well. There is a sense of "Aah you are living abroad, so what you know" mindset when we reason out with Indians living back home when we discuss domestic things. But, everybody is entitled to their opinions. I am sure opinions are as diverse as the country itself.
  3. I enjoy having.a good discussion as the one here with you as well. Being emotional as long as it doesn't come in the way of judgement and reason. :) I just hope Indian diaspora also bring out the good in India and criticize where we are going wrong by all means. I just don't see it happening enough. There is just too much negativity and pessimism when the entire world is looking at India very differently as one of the leading economies. Sure, there are issues, but there are also multiple good things that India is doing and offering to the world. Not sycophancy, but I ex
  4. All of it is true, but is every Indian state lawless? Or can it be proved? Is every Indian state polluted? Or is every Indian state having people die of hunger? There is no difference between Indian and western media. Both peddle fake news and both have killed journalism. So please don't make one look better than the other. Western doesn't mean superior. it is what they do that matters. I am not emotional, but there is something called patience that keeps getting tested every time with these guys. You spoke about pollution, but conveniently forgot to look at this repo
  5. I am not even going into farm laws being good or not. My point is about news media outlets which have supported a movement simply because it is showing their villain guy in bad light. Hatred has taken so much importance that some of them have even started peddling fake news about India. Anything to insult India and Indians. Is this not worth getting offended for? Whatever you have said, no right thinking Indian will be offended by that. However, in the case of Vir Das, he was on the wrong. It is not unlawful, but morally incorrect and bringing shame to every Indian. And importantly
  6. I hope so. We don't want another choker in this guy to lead RCB for another few years.
  7. I already stated why I am getting offended. It is when international media peddle fake news and spread hatred about India and Indians just to belittle a rising power, then Indians have a right to be offended and be strongly offended at that. An Australian media outlet recently posted a report on the farmer laws. They called it controversial. Didn't care to explain why. I guess when hatred takes over, propaganda follows like free flowing river for these news outlets. Are they the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to India? Oh, they selectively ignore other emerging economies in the regi
  8. Do you hear an American go to even UK and saying his country has a dangerous habit of shooting down/mowing down people? Why should India be shamed like that then? Why generalize? Is every Indian man a rapist? I don't know Australia, so I will take what you said. But, tell me one thing. If India was so intolerant, how do we have likes of Sheila Rashid, Kanhaiya Kumar, etc go around and happily making provocative statements? Some Indian journalists are openly criticizing the government (Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep, etc). Haven't heard any FIR filed against them. Again, you are
  9. Grapevine has it that it is Rahul who will lead RCB (homecoming).
  10. If one off cases are what we go by as evidence, then Aus is a dangerous place to live as well with domestic violence. In here, there is gun violence where innocents are killed. Can I generalize like that? Would that be fair to either Aus or US, let alone India? Frankly the Das guy made some extremely disgusting comments about Indian men. What every Indian men is a rapist or what? Should he not be apologizing? The government also has much to answer for with filing an FIR with UAPA. I never liked the law and can be misused as it is here. It is childish to be using it against this guy
  11. Not in 2021 my prediction. I think he will finally break the jinx at home against SL next year.
  12. Based on what? Do you even know what is happening in China before comparing India with China? I am not so sure if anyone really knows what's happening in China except Xi. It is easy to make sweeping statements. Better to always provide evidence before making ground breaking comments.
  13. Stoinis seems like a Ponting's choice. Never convinced that guy is a complete all rounder.
  14. Since he is already in the bio bubble, he is a far better bet than SKY imo.
  15. I don't know why so many Indians have a poor understanding of their own country. I have lived in India as a child growing up (> 20 years_. Also I have lived in 6 different states across East and the South in this time period, so I think I have some expertise to comment on this statement. I have seen India grow tremendously in these years. Nothing of what you have said has been seen barring some level of corruption. There may be law and order issues in places, but to paint the entire country as a dark place is saddening. I don't see this from Pakistanis and other coun
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