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  1. I was looking forward to each of his deliveries and was left disappointed that he was bowling short. The no ball free hit going for a six was not his usual bowling for sure. The only good thing was his speed. Everything else was disappointing.
  2. 2007 ICC WT20 has to be there, even slightly more than 2011 as it was so close and launched India’s ICC tournament winning phase that lasted until 2013.
  3. We are also waiting for Pakistan to throw up few players of quality, but rest assured, as long as Pakistan sends mercenaries across the border, chances of a tour either side is as good as me visiting planet Pluto.
  4. I don’t know why OP thinks Aus and Eng don’t play their full strength squads against India. The series in Jan against was with their full strength squad. England too have played with their best squad against India when we toured in 2018.
  5. No this is better. Now, both England and your team have gained nothing from this series for WTC points.
  6. Devdutt Padikkal is the leftie from Karnataka.
  7. Although I hated to see him bat the last 2 years with his strengths waning and painfully prolonging his career, this has come as a slight shock. Indian Cricket Legend Forever!
  8. Come on. In Pakistan, is Amir a hero and Misbah, the villain? Amir is a certified spot fixer and spent time in jail. Misbah carried an average team to some victories.
  9. Whatever it may be for the biggest troll there, but what is it that PeePee forum goes offline every time their team loses a game? Yesterday, their site was down right after the loss. Have seen it after Asia Cup 2018 losses to India as well.
  10. I started following cricket from 2003 and I fail to understand what the hype about their phaasht bowling is all about.
  11. Again, who knows what the financial potential of women’s cricket is until you promote it? Why not a start a women’s IPL, if not a full fledged one, at least a 2 week tournament? I think you seriously need to see the change around. PV Sindhu’s Gold Medal bout was watched by millions in Rio 2016. The Women’s World Cup Final in 2017 had plenty of viewers waiting for 1983 moment. The team is now one of the top ranked sides in the world. There is enough to suggest that we are at the cusp of a turnaround moment. This is the time to invest in Women power, be it sports or other fields.
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