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  1. Yeah, but trouble will begin when Pakistan can’t repay for what they are getting and may have to give up territory for failing to repay. In the long term, this has serious implications. No country can progress with debt on its head. I hope better sense prevails before it’s too late.
  2. I really don’t see any figures from Pakistan. Did they stop publishing numbers or did they manage to stop the spread magically? Seems like Coronavirus is only affecting ministers and cricketers there.
  3. I was very scared of Lala and his “terror”izing team’s visit to India during WT20 in 2016. Fair enough to expect this.
  4. @vayuu1 Glad to know that you and your entire family are doing well after a stressful period.
  5. Does he have roots to Pakistan?
  6. I totally disagree. I can separate my respect for Mr.Modi and also be critical when he/his government go against the will of the people (which has been rare so far). Given the utter chaos in the opposition and lack of credible leadership, it makes even bigger. I see nothing wrong in people following a good leader.
  7. How do you claim to know more? Care showing evidence? Or is it only hatred?
  8. I woke up (here in US) to this extremely distressing news. More distressing was the way Aaj Tak tried to interview his parents.
  9. This is the most bizarre logic I have heard. So if the kid brings back the virus home from school and there is a grandmother/grandfather or even a father/mother who is vulnerable, then it is okay is that they suffer? Sorry for digressing from the topic.
  10. The almost daily dose of entertainment and daily comedy episodes from Imran Khan is the biggest thing Pakistan continues to provide.
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