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  1. I was looking forward to each of his deliveries and was left disappointed that he was bowling short. The no ball free hit going for a six was not his usual bowling for sure. The only good thing was his speed. Everything else was disappointing.
  2. 2007 ICC WT20 has to be there, even slightly more than 2011 as it was so close and launched India’s ICC tournament winning phase that lasted until 2013.
  3. I know it’s off topic. But when your own country (country you support to be precise) people have Forum like PeePee where India bashing is in almost every other thread, be it Cricket or General, this is too rich coming from.
  4. You seem to know more than CBI. Let the investigation reveal the true culprit. The last thing we want is a Pakistani talking about law and order.
  5. Living in the Southwest, the skies here too look scary thanks to the wildfire.
  6. Agreed. The basic point is, Pakistan is the same country that harbored world’s most wanted terrorist right next to an Pak army HQ and pretended they were not aware. That country which lied about his whereabouts has no credibility left to convince that it successfully controlled the virus.
  7. We in ICF don’t see any member based on religion. It may be okay in Pakistan, but here we don’t do such thing. The topic anyway is on IK. He doesn’t enjoy much respect here as he is only ranting about Kashmir, Modi and RSS. Seriously don’t you guys think he is doing a great disservice to Pakistan voters who voted for him. Did they vote for him to rant like this on India and topics concerning India?
  8. We are also waiting for Pakistan to throw up few players of quality, but rest assured, as long as Pakistan sends mercenaries across the border, chances of a tour either side is as good as me visiting planet Pluto.
  9. So what did Pakistan do to “fix” the Covid crisis?
  10. Your comments are welcome my friend. ICF is not anti Pakistan like PeePee is towards India. Regarding the COVID situation in Pakistan, it is unrealistic that the numbers came down despite your cricketers and Politicians getting infected. And your country's dubious record when it comes to concealing facts doesn’t help in resolving people’s minds that the pandemic is under control. Trust is currently shattered and it will take years, if not centuries for that to change. This of course provided that Pakistan reforms itself and moves away from promoting terror and focusing on domestic
  11. I don’t know why OP thinks Aus and Eng don’t play their full strength squads against India. The series in Jan against was with their full strength squad. England too have played with their best squad against India when we toured in 2018.
  12. Simple reason. Test less and keep reducing day after day. Cases will fall.
  13. No this is better. Now, both England and your team have gained nothing from this series for WTC points.
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