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  1. Also believe only during Fletcher's time Dhoni started his 'process', 'long rope', etc.
  2. What if someone says the WC result is the byproduct of the process of his selection.
  3. Don't give a damn f**k if India isn't playing. Other than India will only be interested if Pak plays inorder to root agsinst them. End of the day one of the most entertaining cricket match that ever happened.
  4. But won ultimately. Thala technique never fails
  5. Anyhow in 8 years all three cricketing super powers had tournaments in their country and had their teams win them respectively. Worrying if the script ended just with this trilogy or will ot extend for one more part so that we can win the next one as it is happening in India.
  6. As said. Feel the better team today won.
  7. Going to go down as the greatest final ever. Have a feeling super over is gonna tie.
  8. We only have 0.5 D players. The good one is our captain who undo anything better he rarely does nowadays.
  9. It becomes Karma only when the bearer thinks about the situation as a set back to him. Rat doesn't care about what happened today. He only wants to act on Ads with his Bollywood wife.
  10. 100%. After the 2003 final (during my school days) I never thought a cricket match could get me so sad. But the 2015 SF did. This is a joke and as you said many saw this coming.
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