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  1. The team management watched that Nidhidas Trophy final over video( about 180 million views) of Karthik dispatching the none-rounder Soumya Sarkar, and they bought into the hype. As nice as a guy DK is, that was a truly woeful performance. 6 off 25. I'll never be able to forget it as long as I live.
  2. how prithvi shaw wasnt included in any india setup after THAT vijay hazare run, i don't know. he's too good. With the WT20 in India this year, he's perfectedly suited to the opener position
  3. It's not true that age fudging can't provide a player with any advantage as long as he doesn't play U19. When choosing amongst similarly talented amateurs, a state team may choose the age-fudged player for their Ranji team and state setup as he is seen as being the most talented. Those other players then unfairly miss out. Shami made his FC debut at the listed age of 20, so still young. Also, an age-fudged player's path to the national side may be helped by the same perception, with his 'young age' only underlining his domestic performances. I'm not sure this one appli
  4. That's true. It goes to show that you can get yourself in great shape no matter how old you are. Before his disappearance act, even MS Houdini showed he was probably the best athlete in the team despite his age. I also remember being impressed by a very fit 40+ Brad Hogg in the IPL a few years ago.
  5. Pakistan's latest pace (and age fudging) sensation, Naseem Shah has taken his first Fifer in International cricket. His listed age (16yrs 311 days ) makes him the second youngest fast bowler, after Nasim Ul Ghani, to do this. However there is controversy regarding his real age with various claims. For example: Some sources say he could be 19-20. One thing's for sure, he looks older than 16. Now, this got me thinking about our own pace king, Shami. Shami's listed age is 29 yrs 111 days( born 1990). For years I've thought he looks much older than his age. Last year
  6. Not only have India abandoned the Wrist-Spinners-Are-Our-Matchwinners tactic, they have thwarted the attacking nature of our wrist spinners. Yesterday, they didn't have a slip for Kuldeep for the majority of his spell despite him looking most likely to get a wicket. A year ago there would have been a slip, a leg slip or a short leg. But I bet Kohli, by his (ill)logic, will say that they haven't ditched the tactic, they are just 'experimenting' with other tactics and other players. They will continue to 'experiment' ( AKA chop and change) the team up until the last day before the wo
  7. Shivam Dubey's bowling upside is that of a Colin Grandhomme. And even that is years away.
  8. Tbf what you've written in this thread is much more embarrassing than anything Afridi might have said.
  9. I think India need to think about going back to dumb cricket...
  10. If the Windies chase it down from here, its time for India to withdraw from T20Is.
  11. Im fully prepared to move on from him. But I disagree about his LOI limitations , specifically T20s. His game is built for T20s. But his performances and decision making are not good enough at the moment. What's also working against him is the fact that the pressure to follow Dhoni would be tough for anybody in his position. Pant is a bit like a Bali Ka Bakra in this sense. Good thing for him is that he's 22 so there's plenty of time for him to work his game out even if he loses his place in the team. When Rohit said we have to play smart cricket , I think he meant Ris
  12. I feel bad for the kid. Not only does he not help himself, this brainless 'Dhoni Dhoni' public shouters will give him a mental breakdown by the end of the year.
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