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  1. No excuse for ball dropping ahead of slips.They need to stand ahead.
  2. Sure Southee & Jamieson might not be that effective in India. Which Ranji team will last long against Boult,Wagner? Wagner usually bowls in the middle overs & still gets most of his wickets.
  3. On a pitch where NZ are playing 4 pacers & CDG, why do we have only 3 pacers?
  4. Half of the team is out before facing Wagner. Vihari unlikely to last against his bouncer barrage.
  5. Sehwag (Brought a fresh batting mentality) Yuvi (2nd innings king )
  6. Mayank Shaw Pujara Kohli Rahane (Won't be dropped since he is VC) Gill Pant Umesh (Want to see if he has improved.He is an all-rounder) Saini Ishant Shami/Bumrah (Shami & Bumrah have been ineffective this tour.) This tail is much better.
  7. Good for nothing coaches,Careless Kaptaan, Bumrah & Shami in bowling & pathetic overall batting.
  8. My predictions are getting better.
  9. Salty as hell.Our commies are the worst.They never miss chances to put younger players down.
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