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  1. Gambhir,Irfan,Sreesanth,RP,DK none of them played in 50 over WC . Barring DK, rest 4 were important in that T20 WC win. And no seniors barring Viru & Bhajji in the T20 squad .Fielding in T20 was superior to 50 over WC team due to mostly younger players. If Chappell had his way, most of the seniors would not have gotten into the final squad .
  2. What man management could Chappel have added to his skillset? The moment he started the perform or perish mentality, all seniors pretty much ganged up on him .It was his team that won the T20 WC in 2007 . Really need some of those strict no nonsense coaches for our over pampered superstars.
  3. Kumble did not have much coaching credential before his coaching stint .That won't be the problem with Dravid .The seniors can have as many tantrums as they want. As long he helps the younger players with their techniques, that will work. The rumors about Kohli losing ODI captaincy if true will work in Dravid's favour.
  4. He captained during Chappell-Gangu era .He can handle the whiny tantrums of our pampered divas .
  5. Drop Kohli from all formats .He is a toxic personality. One of the permanent players should be the captain .Since bowlers need to rested, none of them can be captains .It has to be a batsman or a keeper.
  6. Which team would be threatened by our bowling lineup? They simply need to see off Bumrah .Need to move beyond Shami,Bhuvi,Thakur,Jadeja . Most of our players have technical issues which they refuse to sort out. Don't know what these coaches are doing there ?Batsmen bat too slow on flat pitches, fail miserably if it bounces, swings or spins .They did not fail due to lack of bravery or intent .They are simply not good enough to rotate strike, find gaps in fields, scoring boundaries . Kohli is terrible in team selection, field placements .TM refuses to drop non performing senior
  7. From whatever I have watched in overseas games, he has issues against short pitch & swing bowling & is more of an accumulator .Did well to win in a few games .He still has time to sort out the issues. And may be improve his part time legspin bowling.
  8. I like Thakur's batting more than his bowling .Needs to get more fitter. Shreyas Iyer is not really convincing .Jadeja's bowling is terrible & batting is good only for CSK . Darshan Nalkande is a good option to try.
  9. If Pandu plays, he plays as a finisher batsman. His bowling was never good enough. His batting is more important than his bowling .If he is fit ,let him bat at 4/5 & give him 30-40 deliveries atleast. Pant,Kishan & Pandya should get the most batting time. He should forget about bowling . Besides what will an all-rounder do when main bowlers don't even pick a wicket? Our bowlers are overly defensive & mental midgets.
  10. He can play only in place of Jadeja .I feel he would have scored more than Jadeja & taken more wickets .
  11. More than alright . He has secured no 8 spot in T20s .
  12. The game is lost in toss & team selection most of the times .Our batsman can't play Swing .As long as they don't deviate from bowling basics, they do well .
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