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  1. Extra bounce and gone.. bawa being fast bowling allrounder will bode well for team india which is in dire need of one..
  2. Lmao this time we don't even hv five full bowlers with nishant sindhu out.. these english batsmen will eat the Bawa's and Tambe's pie for breakfast.. Only Vicky otswal is some what threatenig.. tambe of all people as second spinner is innocuous af
  3. England u19 emulating their senior team.. playing cricket on the same tamplet.. having enough enforcers in their team.. if india somehow goes past Australia u19 tomorrow it will be tough time for them to face this strong England team
  4. Naah u35 is more appropriate ... Afghanis selling some snakeoil here to icc to approve this team of uncles to play u19 tournament
  5. Compared to them one b sami guy from Afghanistan is lukn like he has already fathered 4 children nd his mid life crisis bought him to cricket
  6. Lmao English u19 are lukin like a proper school circket team in playing 11 team chart.. probably one of the few team in the competition to sport bonafide u19 kids..
  7. Only player i forsee who will do good is SKY. Rest all are in grey zone. 1. Kela rahul- if he returns to this orange cap philia with low strike rate he would be detrimental to team cause. 2. Vadapav sharma- same issue a la kela rahul..i.e starting with low strike rate.. only difference being he isn't that much impact maker in amount of runs as compared to kela. 3. Rat kohli- again his deplorable form specially in T20 is a serious issue.. won't bode well for team india. 5. Pant- Hit & Miss.. his recent form isn't that good & t
  8. I believe in ch*tmarika66, lalheeralaLODA & pappubusdhi supremacy.. Lel.. *ed up the lumber one intelligence agency in the world. Ch*tmarika & co- 1 Paxtan lumber one agency- 0
  9. Meanwhile goat lovers from green ghetto.. are running a thread of forfeiting their match against india in t20 world cup.. Abe tuchiyape ki bi hadd hoti hai. Lmao.. their's no scale to paxtanis ludicrousnes.. their collective idiocy is something which rest of us homo sapiens can't even imagine to match. Puri ki puri kaum hi tuchiya hai.
  10. That Shoaib jatt guy nd this chilgoza of ary news have gone full retard.. Their are cursing india like no tomorrow.. Lmao so much so for their lumber one intelligence agency that doesn't even have an iota of intelligence.. *New zealand ne bhot buzdilana hikamat ki hai* *Bharat ke IPL ki wjh se hua hai* Blah blah.. Lmao this meltdown is delicious
  11. Meanwhile listening to Phainta Akhtar... His meltdown was delicious *Bharat hame nahi chorega* *Nz ne bhot bdha phainta lga diya* *Ye sb milkr hame phainta lga rhe hai*
  12. Yeah!! Exactly this!! Mohabbat.. mohabbat ka sare aam maakhol udha k chali gayi.. Ab paxtan ke pass hath ki nass katne k ilawa or koi chara nai hai.
  13. Lmao one of their minister named Fawad Choudhary was found celebrating nz win against india in world cup semi final.. He tweeted * Paxtan ki nayi mahobbat new zealand* minutes after india's loss. Now look what.. karma is a b!tch.. Same nz b!tch slapped paxtanis in their own home without even bowling a single bowl.. Lmao that's an embarrassments of epic proportions. Meanwhile poyz pans have gone full retard in social media.. they are cursing anything mentioning newzealand, blackcaps, kiwi (yeah kiwi fruit also)
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