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  1. If these tech companies do decide to leave gurgaon owing to this rule, then the over inflated price of the property there will come down. Blessing in disguise i would say.
  2. This rule is only for blue collar jobs. I guess Karnataka also had a similar bill passed
  3. I used to post on guardian during that period, and i cant tell you the amount of vitriol that was reserved for Indian cricket team. BCCI and Indian team were compared to voldemort and ECB was the savior standing between the evil bcci and magical world of test cricket.
  4. Ye to kuch bhi nahi, guardian was putting the blame of 2010 spot fixing on the exclusion of Amir from the IPL. Apparently the only way left to make money after being snubbed from IPL was to sell your own country.
  5. Lol, you can see bowler putting his hands up in disappointment when the keeper spills the catch and then the next moment he is celebrating the dismissal.
  6. Acing spelling bees isn't going to come handy in the future. Also, most of them are doing are parental pressure. I doubt these young kids are enthusiastic about spending hours daily learning how to spell difficult words. Indian parents should have focussed on their overall development instead of making them a rattu tota and bragging about their achievements to fellow indians.
  7. Those were the days, when even Zimbabwe used to compete with us. I remember Ganguly being pissed at ODIs rankings after 2003 world cup when India were placed at 8th or 9th. ICC hit back saying and I am paraphrasing "failure to beat lowly teams like Zim at home will cost you points".
  8. Indian kids in US on the other hand are busy memorising english dictionary for spelling bee to make their parents proud.
  9. How I wish India also had these debates before LS elections. Both Modi and Manmohan Singh wouldnt make it to the top post.
  10. Chalo ji, first test is lost. Hope we make match out of the rest of them.
  11. retired_hurt


    Does anyone have any recommendation for a new series on netflix or amazon prime. I tried watching ozark but gave up in second season. Watching Brooklyn 99 currently and will complete it soon. Havent noticed any decent show come out this year till now.
  12. It should be a great shame for a country that residents of its capital arent getting clean air to breathe.
  13. People are just happy that BJP is in power and keeping muslims in check. If Congress or some other party was in power, muslims would have taken over India by now. Small price to pay for the freedom to practise your religion.
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