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  1. Dell XPS is way over my budget.
  2. I was thinking of buying dell Inspiron 7591 but it's thermals are an issue. Lenovo has launched ideapad 5 with Ryzen 4500 and 4700, and their benchmark scores are more impressive than Intel i7 series and provide more value for money as well. Unfortunately they haven't launched in India yet.
  3. I like Lenovo legion y540 but it has a nose cam which was very off-putting. They have launched a new variant of it as well where the webcam is on top of the screen unlike y540 but it's reviews aren't that good.
  4. I have watched Just Josh's recommendation on programming laptops. He is a good reviewer and knowledgeable but all his recommendations are way over my budget. I was hoping to get something under 1 lakh.
  5. I am a programmer and looking for a laptop under 1 lakh. I was thinking of going for i7 9th or 10th gen processor and 16 GB of RAM. Although I can see many gaming laptops that fit my requirement I am not particularly interested in them due to their heavy weight and low battery lives. Can you guys recommend any laptop from your personal experience?
  6. Yup, in india. And I wish getting into these companies was as easy as doing Leetcode and studying system design. It takes lot more effort than that
  7. That's the problem bro. I have more than 10 years of experience :) Though might give it a try again in the future if I develop the itch for these companies again.
  8. There aren't many websites which can compete with Leetcode. I tried practicing there for preparation of FAANG companies but gave it up because I didn't have patience for it. I would rather concentrate on my skill set and try to crack lesser companies than waste time on competitive programming.
  9. He was a really good commentator, enjoyed listening to his voice, too bad his resentment towards BCCI started reflecting in his commentary after the ICL faisco.
  10. And they refuse to halt the vista project which is going to cost the Exchequer over 20000 crores.
  11. When they run out of arguments, they start labelling you to discredit your opinion.
  12. Any label except of a bhakt is fine by me.
  13. These NRIs contribute heavily to BJP's election campaign. They also help to counter negative publicity abroad. Compared to them, these poor labourers don't add anything of value to the government. Not even to their vote bank. PS: You didn't need to add a disclaimer after your post. Being a commie or liberal isn't a bad thing. And just because majority of people here don't echo your views shouldn't make you defensive about your ideologies.
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