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  1. Aloo tiki paneer butter korma Karachi roti kaana Khazana munching fat titty boy inzi is useless vs pace and bounce rofl.
  2. True. Very true. Din't think of it that way. My bad. Maybe Ponting 3 then? Actually I put and above Ponting. He carried a weaker side.
  3. Joke bro. This chutiya Thakor always puts a phakki on top lol. Just trolling him.
  4. Ponting played crucial knocks so Ponting. Sachhu kucchu is number 2 VIV Kohli Abd.
  5. Rofl imagine Younis and misboo vs pace and bounce of bumrah Shami Umesh in Asia lol.
  6. Dhawan was In red hot form. Also Rahul was supposed to be at number 4. No Shami who has a good record vs n.z made a huge difference. Agree about Kohli negative energy.
  7. All current bowlers are top bowlers from most top nations. They would excel in any era. Stop living in the past. Real fast lol. You could even say current era is a lot harder for bowlers given the rules don't favour them. Lot harder meaning current lot are better. Sundar has brilliant technique. He will be a fine player in the future. He is 21. Looks like Jadeja written all over.
  8. Yes Pakistan would smash us and then they would wake up.
  9. Cute boys of convict land need to tour India soon. So phainta incoming. I sense a 3 0 phainta.
  10. True. I truly believe if gabbar played vs n.z in semis and vs England, India would have won the WC. Gabbar and Shami.
  11. Experience or not. Performances matter. If a younger player performed better he deserves to play.
  12. What? Oh ok ODI. Yea true. He is the ICC king but he is not young anymore.
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