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  1. They probably rwlaized oh **** if there is grass Steyn is deadly. Flat Pattas next game haha. Beat them on flatties with a Bit of help for spin. Prime Umesh and Shami vs Steyn in Indian conditions would be beautiful to watch. Umesh and Shami are as deadly as that duo of Morkel and Steyn.
  2. What happened in the 76 all out. I totally forgot. Steyn ripped through us I remember but what exactly happened. We just played bad or ? Did we not create a flatter wicket? I heard some allegations about reverse swinging early. Just want to clarify.
  3. I totally get that. That's why I wonder if many high level games are fixed. If they wanted India to win then india would have beaten n.z in semis. India had rotten luck in that game as it should have really been a replay rather than a 2 day game. It depends on betting I feel.
  4. Shakib greater than almost all here btw except th top 3
  5. 1000 runs even in tennis ball matches is quite amazing. I remember when I played grade cricket. I watched mark Cosgrove bat. He scored 400 in one day.
  6. Bumrah and Cummins even when the hole below 140 it looks fast, threatening and dangerous. It's due to their release point and bounce they create due to their actions especially bumrah.
  7. He is absolutely world class in short format. Long way to go in tests. But I feel that's partly due to him being the only good bowler.
  8. Some of the comments on icf is just hilarious lol.
  9. Looooool. I legit Spiller my coffee. Funny stuff. ROFL. Holy ****.
  10. I think it's about time people put some respect on sharduls name. He has proven to be a great utility player. Hope one day he becomes like klusenar. He has potential. Like actually potential not like the padosis tailunt stuff.
  11. Maybe. Post 1993 waqar wasn't the same anymore. Until 1993 he was world class. Srinath was bogged down by injuries and poor workload management. No support cast. Shaheen has to work on his old ball skills in tests. Very lethal with new ball but needs to develop reverse swing and ability to bounce players out on flat pitches. He certainly can but Pakistan has to manage his workload. He is an class bowler. Remember bowling works in pairs. Always.
  12. East or West, phaassr bowler from the green nation is the best.
  13. When I said IPL contract I meant it in a condescending way. We don't need Lyons or any ones approval about our pitches. If seaming green tops are fair then so are the pitches for this current series vs England. Good luck to England In the final test.
  14. He isn't world class in tests. In short format yes. He is mediocre in tests although he has no support so that may be the case. He reminds me of Srinath carrying a weak bowling side. Put Srinath next to Wasim and lo behold, his stats will be better than waqar.
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