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  1. So happy. Nice phainta. Thanks porkboys. Enjoyed it. We will now have to make changes and pick the correct team lol. Thank you again. See you in the finals.
  2. They beat us in WC events? Since when? Today was the first iirc.
  3. Stats say it is. Best attack in the world. I repeat. Best in the world in tests. Pakistan? Worst in the world according to punter. Himself. Comeback when your peewees can actually bowl 20 overs at pace in the boiling heat of Australia.
  4. We wouldn't know that. They beat us in a WC event back then?
  5. We dint even pick our best team. Calm your tits. Just the first game. Remember the over confidence after 2017? in Asia cup. What happened then? Bunrah Siraj Umran Thakur Gaikwad Ishan If India get their selection correct, this team would win the cup.
  6. Kohli - **** captain. We all know that. Pick pace. Always pick pace. Select siraj umran bumrah Pick gaikwad ishan and thakur. Pandya is a small dick chewt and injured. Why Pick him? Lol at pakisyam acting like they beat a full strength indian side. Calm your tits. Now retards here will say we will get stomped by n.z. just stapphh. We beat Kiwis 5 0 In n.z (t20). Just Pick the right *ing team. Bcci should learn a lesson. You don't give one player too much power.
  7. No they weren't. Kohli's captaincy is what caused this in the first place. Siraj Umran Thakur I dint rate our spinners.
  8. That's why i don't rate spinners. All this varun mystery by needs to stop. Siraj Umran Ishan Gaikwad Thakur All should be in.. Match still not over.
  9. They are crap in tests and odi. Rizwan is a good player. Bullying? We dint even pick our best side. Anyway its not over yet boo.
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