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  1. We dont have best infrastructure even for cricket. We still have poor nutrition and poor standard of living for aspiring cricketers. Politics involved too.
  2. Jealous pork munchers says top teams don't take hockey as seriously anymore hence why Indians are top 3 now in hockey looooooool roflllll
  3. Like i said. Bumrah is a matchwinner. When he is on he us unplayable. He is a bonafide ATG bowler when he is in form.
  4. Why do we even watch man? They are so openly biased against us. They fear us. We need to out these goras in their place. About time we take control again like we do in cricket.
  5. Dude was built in a lab. Karelin was juicing beyond imagination. Still GOAT skills though.
  6. Meant in future post broad Andy my bad. Looks decent no? Their bowling?
  7. India's best lineup for English conditions in terms of bowking would be; Sundar 6 Shankar 7 Thakur at 8 Bhuvi or siraj 9 Bumrah 10 Shami 11 Batting depth check Bowling depth check Complete balance check Yes shankar is good in tests. Believe me. Watch the A games.
  8. Still believe Rahul should be in middle order. Anyway after game 2 I think we will see this England bowling lineup in the future Curran 8 Woakes 9 Ollie Stone /Robinson 10 Archer/wood Pretty exciting actually. Add stokes to it. Batting depth check. Good support bowling for English conditions check. But their problem is fitness. Stone always injured. Archer is a 2 test to 3 test player. Wood is wayward.
  9. Rahul in flow is so aesthetic to watch. Even his defensive shots are pleasing to see.
  10. He is so mediocre. We are making him look like he is wasim akram. Dude is not that good. He is talented yes but nothing special in bowling. He is a decent bat. He needs to be smashed. We need aggressive shot makers vs him.
  11. Compare to other openers its good man. We barely used to cross 10. Latham best opener by far though.
  12. Besides Kiwis are his bogey team. Too many lefties. Every other team he performs well.
  13. He was never good vs short ball. Rohit is.
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