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  1. Prasidh will destroy him today.
  2. Prime vijay was very good tbh. Better than ANY opener we have had since 2019.
  3. Jay

    Viv Richards in IPL

    Is that true? Practice is not real game though. How did he fare in county vs his own boys ? That would give a better picture.
  4. So true. Said this many times. Unfortunately modern Indian players have too much clout due to simpleton fans who put them ona pedestal.
  5. Exactly. One spinner maximum. One. Not 2. Just one. Singular. Hope our dumb management understand that. In sena we need only one spinner in all formats. We picked ash and jaddu for the WTC final on a green pitch. Lmao.
  6. Jay

    Viv Richards in IPL

    Viv dint have to face brutal bowling from his own team who had the best bowlers.
  7. Imo if you don't have a good bouncer, you can never be a truly great bowler. Moreso than even pace. Look at all the best bowlers like mcgrath steym ambrose etc. All had lethal bouncers. Reason why Waqar could never be a great bowler was due to lack of bouncer. Shaheen is the same. He will never be great. Current gen best bowlers bumrah Cummins and rabada. All have killer bouncers.
  8. Shaw against moving ball lmao. Shaw and Pant in middle order is deadly though. Shaw at 5. Pant at 6.
  9. India have plenty of good players. Plenty of talents in bowling. We don't give them chances due to quota system. Seniority quota, popularity quota and sucking up quota. Political quota.
  10. And you don't want that ?rather him quit playing for india. He can piss off along qith anuskha.
  11. 1000% ash you can say he is fat lazy slow etc. One thing that separates him from the rest is hos mentality. He is mentally incredibly tough. Fighter. Would be a good captain tbh.
  12. Nope. Watch again. He was good. You are being harsh for no reason. Even hazletrundler got hit the other day badly.
  13. Wants to groom him? Just buy the grooming kit. Many options out there
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