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  1. Story of every Pakistan vs India match. The streak was a sham.
  2. Woulda, shoulda, coulda, don’t work here sir fact is we won. If stating facts is gloating than I rather gloat than sit there hoping for a fairy tale return to the tournament. You saw how we played fielding first. We won the match despite Van der dussen’s efforts. Thank you for bring up a game we won batting first.
  3. What we did is already written in history. We gave India the worst defeat in World Cup twenty20. The streak has ended. Now its time to beat England to win the championship. I will enjoy this for sure!
  4. First off when you ask a question don’t make a statement instead ask an actual question. Rather we win or not we are through to the semi’s. We are going there very convincingly too. So I have every right to act how I am sir.
  5. We were hoping on a miracle to happen in 2019. We learnt the hard way one should not believe in fairy tales in hopes of return to the tournament. This year its India’s turn to learn what we learnt in 2019.
  6. India is banking on Afghanistan to stay in this tournament that to by beating New Zealand. New Zealand was the one who did the finishing blow to put India where it is right now. New Zealand will once again end any hopes for India by beating Afghanistan and taking the semi final spot. Rather India is doing well outside of this tournament is irrelevant. Fact is they got destroyed by New Zealand and Pakistan to be in this position. It will be humiliating for the host to get knocked out in the knock out stage.
  7. For a IPL crony he has made sure to knock India out of any major tournament. I don’t see him stopping now! India will need to send one of there batsmen to help Afghanistan win this match. Or better yet a special check.
  8. Kane Williamson is a fine Naya Pakistan batsmen. He will never favor Indians!
  9. I only speak cricket business sense. What's best for cricket is of my interest.
  10. Good to know you did not deny being programmed by the media.
  11. At least I am not programmed by the media thinking everything is sunshine and rainbows. I am the most realest expert.
  12. I can't as I am only here as a cricket expert.
  13. I agree that match needs to be checked out. It looked very fishy, you could see Kohli's face full of pressure. He played a Misbah type innings that day. But to answer your question the reason Pakistan won this match was cause if Pakistan continued to lose to India in world tournaments there would be no rivalry. By breaking the streak it makes the next encounter more thrilling. ICC knows India vs Pakistan games make the most money hence why we are pitted against each other in ICC events. Anything else you wanna know my son?
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