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  1. Comedy gold. The other movie Apoorva Sagodharargal has so much strong emotion, it used to make me cry when I was a 8 year old kid.
  2. Mauka mauka was irresponsible. If Australia and England make fun of each other it's because they are siblings at the end of the day. England is the older sibling who thinks it is very superior and Australia the younger sibling wants to make a point. But come WWiii or if aliens attack earth, you can be rest assured that both these countries will be on the same side. Whereas, India and Pakistan are arch rivals, with the latter having terrible hatred against India running through its veins. How can you make fun of them and assume that they will laugh it off.
  3. Bangladesh bhi aayega machili chawal kayega... ROFL..
  4. Dude on one hand there are many men who cannot see Emma watson or Maisie Williams in hot clothes because they practically grew up from childhood to teenage while we were watching Harry potter and got. On the other hand there are men who would rape infants.
  5. What is Kamal Hassan doing now...? He will probably say that "I wish God was real. Since gods don't exist, I want to ask my hindoo brothers and sisters to forgive mujeeb. Also btw mujeeb Eid Mubarak to you, I will pray to Allah that you and your family will be safe. I hope Allah listens to my prayer."
  6. He is like best friends with nehru lover Ramachandra Guha. Anyway coming to the roles he always played, most of the time I saw him as a benevolent patriarch or a snobbish elite. His role as kajol's father in minsara kanavu being case in point. I think I will remember him like that. R.i.p
  7. Recently a 3 year old Hindu girl Twinkle Sharma, was tortured and strangulated by 2 Muslims because her father owed them Rs.10,000/-. ... India is becoming more and more dangerous as time goes on..
  8. Woah big loss... He is the backbone of all kamal's classic comic movies like MMKR etc... Huge loss... R.I.P sir.
  9. Kohli: mathematician, physicist, poet, engineer, doctor, lawyer, trader, teacher, lover and MMA fighter rolled into one/// ROFL ..HAHAHA
  10. I am a simple man. I see Majid khan name on ICF, I surrender myself.
  11. So the opposition's strategy should be to use their 3rd seamer in the first spell and bring their ace after the power play is lifted. I would save all the overs from Rabada, starc for the 10-40 overs game if I think that rohit-shikar are anyway not going to take too much risk in the first 10. This is where shikar dhawan shows his usefulness. Because unlike Rohit, he doesn't have to take risk to hit runs at a s/r of 100+. If the 3rd and the 4th seamers bowl in the first 10 then he will feast on them.
  12. I think when we got sehwag and he started making a mockery of SRL bowling, it felt like payback time for all Indian fans.
  13. Hehe true.. it's their own statement. "You attacked our trees, but we are very good people so we won't nuke you back".
  14. In the second game Sachin was magnificent as usual, but aravinda was something more than that.
  15. Why Pakistanis are getting so personal when we attacked their terrorists and not their civilians like they did to us?
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