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  1. 1/68 for tracer bullet so far. Captain Wrogn - I find it baffling. BCCI Source - This is dangerous. MSK Prasad - Shastri still the best. Other coaches WIPs. Dhoni - Process > Result Rohit - I will follow ICF.
  2. The poll voters info wasn't public before. May be OP changed the poll settings. Can see the voters now.. So, with putrevus still in the hut, tracer bullet has a chance to get 2 votes now
  3. Only 1 vote (out of 49) for Shastri. @putrevus would be my guess.
  4. Yes indeed. The choice of not fixing the middle order and WK-Bat for 2+ years defined the outcome of a SF exit.
  5. Your analogies are weak, man. I guess it's 'par' for course for a typical Dhonitard.
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