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  1. Modi making fool of himself thinking ind can do an israel... the fact is he is going to set whole india on fire...
  2. Khan sb koi nava chann na charha daina...
  3. Why even 5... They ran for 2, possibly about to make 2, should be awarded 2. because fielding side has not made any mistake, it got deflected from batsman, though uniuntentionalluy but still why a penalty for fielding side... It would make some sense only if it was a poor throw or keeper was unable to grabe etc.
  4. Congrats However, ENG is yet to win a World Cup Final match
  5. Epic game, at the end few strange rules and unlucky moments cost NZ... NZ were champions had that overthrow not happened/counted... Then Super over tied rules... can't believe these little things which we otherwise have never bother to notice can come together at such biggest stage... I guess Trophy should be shared in case of Super over tie! I mean what else can decide better team that day?
  6. so a New Champions coming up, who failed to beat Pak this World Cup
  7. Asim


    I hope they can take 1 little thread for those 10s of "Lets HaHahaha at Padosis"... though I'm still not laughing, infact ind made one appreciable comeback but believe me for some reason I had these inner-feeling since that day, not because Pak chances got reduced bcz Pak had themselves to blame first... but just bcz that "choti harkat" was never expected from such top team...
  8. Asim


    Bitter Truth, doesn't matter however u response bing ind, u guys obv wont accept that deliberate under-performance but it was written all over 11 faces that day...
  9. Asim


    Refused to chase from a comfortable position on a flat deck when they had all chances to win vs eng... Failed to chase vs weakest SF opponent despite everyone putting everything...
  10. ind obv winning but poor display from both sides, very low intensity cricket for a SF/KO level...
  11. At the end Not a bad WC for Pak, somewhat satisfactory... 4 wins in a row to finish with... Now although most of the times Luck has been Pak side in washout cases as well as other teams results and NRR too... This time however nothing worked for Pak and in fact Every factor which could've helped Pak case, went totally opposite... Part of Game but NRR method needs some kind of improvement/replacement because I think its not fair at all since it mainly just reflects how strongly you have beaten weakest teams, also wickets has a role ONLY in ALL OUT cases otherwise 170/1 and 170/9 considered
  12. IIRC in 2003 World cup, if 2 teams had same number of wins and equal points, group match winner between them proceeded ahead, which looks like more fair... and NRR was next priority i.e. if 3 teams had equal wins and points among them...
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