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  1. Pakistanis shamelessly playing their full strength squad against the poor Zimbros and almost getting their butts handed over to them, and Now their Stat padders like Fcukar & Hajam will score runs and their former cricketers will give their bhakchod Gyaan on Social Media on how Indians should learn batting from them
  2. Zimbos made a mess out of this, it was their game, first they dropped Rizwan then threw away crucial wickets, Well atleast we know now that Pak and Zimbabwe are neck to neck and this will be a tough series
  3. Had it been the other way around, Afretard would have been the first person to board that flight to India.
  4. He's a Yuzvendra Chahal in the body of Matthew Hayden, god knows where they get them from
  5. Arey Babaji, atleast Thread title toh khud ka rakhte, Is there such a dearth of Creativity in this country ? And no, I am not the OP, I go there to enjoy their Burn occasionally and for Gigs
  6. Same Shite different smell, India was afraid of playing us, Indians Garib they and what not, India had a better leader in Kapil Dev who took a bunch of nobodies and won India a world cup, mind you, against the greatest team of the century, a good decade before Imran Khan & Pakistan. Also it wasnt a fluke and lucky victory like Imran Khan, as everybody knows it was South Africa's WC and if not for rain the Saffers were the real and deserving winners of 92 WC. ICF should'nt waste its valuable bandwidth on these Jahil and delusional Former cricketers of Pakistan who are hungry for Attention a
  7. Global Baba is Anu Malik of ICF, churake thread meraaaa globaliya chaliii cough....peepee....cough !
  8. Definitely one of the worst, but there were quite a few in the past, Joginder Sharma, Reetinder singh Sodhi, Stuart Binny, which were similar selections and would raise allot of eyebrows.
  9. You play Vijay Shankar in any format he's still going to be a Mental Midget. And what will you play him as ? He's a bits and pieces player who is neither a complete batsman nor a bowler. Keep dreaming about his test cap, which I don't think he ll get or he deserves.
  10. Defecates on Pandya with the Bat? I can only laugh at such statements, anyone who thinks that Ashwin and Jadeja are better batsman than Pandya are either biased fans or does not understand Cricket, their is a reason why they come after Pandya even in the batting Order. Pandya in comparison to Ashwin and Jadeja has played very little test matches, so there is no comparison there at the moment. My rating is purely based on their ability and not their past record. A back injury was a big set back to Pandyas bowling career, which takes nothing away from him in terms of his ability. Also Pandya on
  11. For his batting abilities, Hardik Pandya is 2x the Batsman of both Ashwin & Jadeja Combined together. Ashwin is the better bowler of the 3 but, both Pandya and Jaddu are better fielders than Ashwin. Pandya earns extra brownie point for his sheer dominance and the impact he has on the game with the bat.
  12. Ravichandran Ashwin : 8/10 Ravindra Jadeja : 8/10 Hardik Pandya : 9/10 Washington Sundar: 7/10 Shardul Thakur : 7/10 Vijay Shankar : 1/10 Krunal Pandya : 3/10 Rahul Tewatia: 3/10 Shivam Dube: 1/10
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