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  1. I like the name of your team mountaineers, but CSK is not going anywhere, if anything the owner ship might get transferred to another company from India Cements, and even that seems highly unlikely.
  2. Yes they could be swing bowlers, be it swing or seam, wrist position is the key. Most fast bowlers have good Seam position, some way or the other but not all have same effect on the ball. Asif and philander both had wobbly seam position.
  3. Yes, that's the first time I saw anyone playing the ramp shot, was mesmerized by that shot and yes it was a shocking loss. Marillier did to us what srinath and kumble did to australia once
  4. Two words Wrist Position, Md Asif was arguably the greatest seam bowler that I saw in my time, he used to sort of whip his wrist at the time of release, even Bhuvi in his earlier days used to do that. Anderson does it too. Mcgrath did it enough to take the edge of the bat.
  5. Don't know if your hatao campaign will work, but definitely he should be stripped from captaincy, I feel so sad for Rohit and Indian Cricketing Fans, Such an intelligent Cricketing Brain and Calm Demeanor of a leader is being wasted over this Bad Mouthing Wife Dinosauring ChOOt.
  6. He's not highly rated, he's just an extremely talented batter who just can't do justice to himself, if he learns how to tighten his game like Rohit Sharma, his career will go the Rohit way.
  7. Their PM Imran "kali dal" Khan openly talks about nuking us, their former players spew rubbish against BCCI and Indian cricket every now and then, players like Sohail Tanvir after receiving so much of love and respect comes out and talks about "hinduon ki koum," and shite, No Thank you !! I would rather take players from Azerbijan over Barkis.
  8. Peopler rootingfor Rahane is strange, Rahane is done even in red ball cricket. Would rather open with Shaw/Mayank, play Rohit in the middle order, make Rahul a Test keeper. My starting 11 would be something like this with back ups following. 1.Shaw 2.Mayank 3.Kohli 4.Gill 5.R Sharma 6.Rahul(wk) 7.H Pandya 8.Bhuvi 9.Ishant 10.Shami 11.Chahal. 12.Saini 13.Porel 14. Kuldeep 15. Rishabh Pant(wk)
  9. Ohh the Jubilation !! they were trying to fox the batsman, the umpire, tv cameras with such overacting, really ?? Shame on you Padosis.
  10. Maybe he's is some surviving cancer kid jiski aakhri iccha is to marte dumtak play along side dhoni, and Mahatma Dhoni is just granting the kid his last wish. Apart from this, I don't see any cricketing reason why he should be in any playing XI in the world.
  11. I am impressed with Natarajan as a T20 bowler, I think he has a future in the Indian t20 team. It will be good to have Natarajan and Bumrah firing Yorkers in the last 4.
  12. Washington sundar is the most promising one at the moment in the shorter format, needs to improve his batting though to make him more reliable. I am sure he will.
  13. Murali doesn't like the air the bowler is giving, hes indicating at flatter trajectory.
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