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  1. Why underserving? our IPL Rockstars had a chance to beat them in the WTC, they didn't. We have no right to call them underserving, when our own team couldn't get the job done in the WTC final.
  2. What is Pocketmaar Pandya doing in the list of handsome cricketers? The most handsome I think was Salil Ankola, followed by Rahul Dravid, Young Sachin Tendulkar was not bad either. Sorry Shastri ji, never found you handsome or good looking, just an average Indian moochhad Uncle.
  3. Dont think what Dhoni did was right either. Let's agree to disagree here & Kanpur was a sluggish pitch, with ball bouncing 6 inches on a length. Good job rewarding such shoddy work
  4. Setting a precident, I am sort of fan who wants to see sporting cricket on a sporting wicket. Word has gone around the circuit that the international coach has started offering Cash Incentives in making spin friendly dust bowls. Match is in Mohali or Dharmashala, historical sporting wickets of India. Curators their starts doctoring wickets expecting a cash Incentive from the Coach. I don't think this is a right thing to do for a coach. Focus on team building, Team Mentorship, techniques of batters against spinners, etc. their enough on his plate already. As a fan I don't expect my coach to dis
  5. No harm, just don't make it a public news, doesn't seem right to me, I can have my own opinion about this, can't I?
  6. What's the need ? Dravid is not in a restaurant tipping chefs for cooking a delicious yummy dish, this is professional International Cricket.
  7. I don't like this paying the curator shite, feels like an open bribe for doctoring the pitch.
  8. Good luck to you if you are putting your money on Pak Beating Australia & England in a test series, they have a chance against NZ but it's still in the favour of kiwis 60-40. This is not happening.
  9. There was nothing to be ashamed about this, Mendis running through gambhir, Sehwag, dhoni, yuvraj, etc for 50 odd runs was much more shameful than this.
  10. Nobel prize for Raja for discovering that Rohit Sharma has a problem against left arms pacers in Swinging delivery early in his innings. What an idea Sirjee
  11. That OP again , Dracula sucking the blood out of Indian cricket and it's fans.
  12. Marwari Twitter tak Pohoch gaye, where there is Business there is Marwari
  13. Compared to Pakistani Movies its gold standard.
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