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  1. Choot Manju saying KL is a proper T20 better, hes such a poor follower of cricket, doesn't know jack $hite about Rahul, K L was touted as the next best thing happening to Indian Test team when he made his debut, he was known as successor of Rahul Dravid. Manju just comes out of his low life and pisses on everything Rahul has done so far with such amateurish knowledge.
  2. Manju giving virtual BJS'st o Mr. Gavaskar there. How on earth this guy still keeps getting commentary contracts is beyond my perception.
  3. Apna Arjun bhi Aayega, upcoming Lefty bowler from India
  4. Manju RandiRonaoing about KL Rahul getting another opportunity as an Opener, never heard such a whining commie in my life, he literally is a woman inside a man's body. Gossiping Aunty.
  5. Bumrah has been alot leg stumpish in this spell.
  6. Good shot by Root, Lord Thakur & Mohd Sextmi have been the 2 best bowlers on display today.
  7. Kohli got to know structure after meeting Anushka, Anushka Elevated him in life and blah blah, somebody show this chewtiya his stats before and after meeting Anushka.
  8. There is never ever a perfect XI coming out of Shastri-Kohli duo, they missed picking Siraj in WTC, they goofed up by not picking Ashwin here today. What Chewts
  9. Great Spell by Bumrah there, wish he was half as good as he was today in the WTC.
  10. "Shami's Balls Wobbles the most", DK on air , I think that's where all the sexting comes from.
  11. Mohammed Wasim Jr. made his debut just like yesterday, and Azam Khan with X Factor? If anything he's the player with the XXXL factor. Talk about hyping the players, I remember OP hyping Vijay Shankar to the cloud and result is for everyone to see.
  12. We dint have any other option with so many debutants, who should have been the captain according to you? He dint do that bad a job in ODI series, he was clueless towards the fag end of the T20 series, quite understandable, his entire team was changed overnight and everything fell on his shoulders, I think Dhawan did a decent job, and must but lauded.
  13. Rahul Chahars Bowling, Deepak Chahars All round ability.
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