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  1. Another desperate attempt to put Babar in the same League of Virat (2013 to 2019), and btw bowling ka Aqib ke Abba dalenge ? Or is he planning to win WC with One Footed Virat bowling.
  2. Full and straight at pace right at the batsman. Batsmen must premeditate that length, probably have a slightly open chested stance from ball 1, and hope for some luck aswell.
  3. Looked fake at the first go, Well that Anchor, overacting ke 10 Rupay Katto Iske
  4. As the Old Saying goes, Buddha Sathiya Gaya Hai! Hate Gavaskar, hate his over reactions, hate his insights, hate him when he starts leaking like a Pus, Hate his overtly Love for Marathi Cricketers.
  5. Graveyard pitch for Bowlers, ball is not even moving an Inch. Sehwag feasted on these pitches with triple hundreds and double hundreds. Good to see Test cricket back in Pakistan. Congratulations to Padosis.
  6. Bare Trophy Cabinet with Both India and RCB. Meaningless stat padding against B & C Sides. Kohli was Best Intl Batsman till 2018 probably, but to call that he is still the Best T20 Batsman in India is a Joke.
  7. Let alone Kohli, I don't think we even need Rohit in T20s. BCCI should keep an age cap of 32 Years for T20s. Once the Player turns 32, he should be Daddoed out of the Team. That would Bring in the youngsters automatically and keep the fans exciting.
  8. Two Jokes in one thread, Virat Kohli greatest T20 International Batsman (for India). On top of that Shreyas Iyer to become the next greatest T20 International batsman for India, That too on the basis performance against the club level attack of Srilankans. This is Padosi Level delusion. Phookte Raho!!
  9. Australia touring is Jhukna ? Thats makes Newzealand Abandoning the Tour just before the start of the Match "Thukna". Trolling aside looking forward to the series, All the Best to the Aussies.Hope they make it Home Safely.
  10. You think playing Seniors is pointless, many here feel that Playing Srilanka is pointless. That too once in every 7 to 8 odd months.
  11. Shaw >>> Kishen, any day of the week. Shaw has proved himself in the past, whereas Kishen, comes across as a immature person, I see Virat Kohli behavioural traits in Kishen, which is his biggest Negative.
  12. The breed of bowlers that I hate to the core and beleive should not exist is this SLA bowlers. Partly i watched half of my life Ganguly and Sehwag treating these type of bowlers like trash, Jadejas frustrating beginning to International career under dhoni, and another personal belief that they have nothing to offer in Cricket, they don't turn the ball, they are boring to watch and most cannot bat either. Ashley Giles is one such SLA who used to put me to sleep when he used to come into the attack. Ban them I Say
  13. A mediocre Cricketer trying to be in limelight outside his cricketing abilities, that's Fauknah for you. The thing is some of our Indian Posters are trying to jump the bandwagon with anything that has to do with PCB or Pakistan Cricket, for once let's take our biased glasses off, and let them be. Their is no competition in what PCB offers and what BCCI offers as a pay in their respective leagues. For once let's be humble and not get too cocky about money.
  14. In a similar video Deepak Chahar looked greater than McGrath and Asif combined together.
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