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  1. Good on you to believe it..still feels surreal..having watched cricket in the 90s has made me an pessimist,times have changed I am an 80s boy myself, grew up watching in 90s, but believe me, the new breed of fearless cricketers from T20 era can chase down anything on any wicket, need a little bit of application, and a rock solid batsman on the other end like Pujara to act as a glue who sticks them together.
  2. Allot of chirping happening around the victory, but this guys performance is just flying under the Radar, highest run scorer in the first innings, took 4 crucial wickets in the second Innings. On another day in another test match, this kind of performance wins you a MOM, in my reckoning he should always be around in our Test and ODI squads. He's proved his mettle and is a top notch Team man.
  3. I am sparing Bevda all the criticism today. Today is greatest day in our Cricketing History, emotions akin to 2001 Kolkata Victory. Let's savour it . Here's one on me for Bevda
  4. He has certainly taken wickets, he's accurate, tall, gets good bounce, once he adds a few more tricks to his bag he will be deadly on turning tracks.
  5. Absolutely, I cant imagine how are they going to make a XI when Pandya, Jadeja etc are available. Problem of plenty and a headache for TM.
  6. Gotta give it to the OP, you got an eye for spots
  7. This victory has been such that you dont know wheter to laugh or cry, you can choose to laugh at the opponent or shed a tear for your nations jubilance, choice is yours on which side of the boat you want to be in.
  8. Yes but not as a captain in either formats...This team needs a more matured and steady captain, Rohit in ODIs, and Rahane, wow hasnt he punched above his weight and lead the troops brilliantly.
  9. Good thing for India, Agarwal is a Natural opener facing New Ball. This might work well for us.
  10. Pujara seems to have shut the shop in first session itself. No intent shown.
  11. You are missing the point..they don't even need 250 I am not going by history here. We have defeated the odds. I ll watch the chase for Rohit Sharma, if he stays we are in with a chance, even if the target is 300.
  12. Aussies would have been 6 down by now, and 300 would have been extremely difficult.
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