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Jimmy Cliff

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31 minutes ago, Clarke said:

Kejriwal was gonna form the govt in Guj, no free power as per exit poll :((





Forget free power ... they were going to give 30k free to each family.  Gujaratis are not dumb at finance unlike the Punjabis/Delhiites. I wonder how much they will announce as freebies in the next election.


So sick of this constant elections throughout! Need to make is like the US. 1 year for all state elections and 1 for general elections. Enough of this nonsense. Waste of money time and resources across the countries. At least people will stay where they are supposed to be most of the time. Whether it is Modi and coterie or Kejriwal and his simps. Rahul Gandhi will regardless be jogging through the country without having any impact on elections.

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3 hours ago, cowboysfan said:

every day i go on Reddit and watch Russians die by their hundreds for their dear leader,if there was ever a country which needed their population downgraded its the Russians.

no neighbor of Russia will ever be at peace until the balkanization of russia .

They have live coverage of the war on Reddit? 

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On 12/16/2022 at 9:59 AM, Under_Score said:

Orange Bikini BAN in India coming up soon :phehe: 


Best reply in the video comments section :top:


"These sadhus never speak a word over Caste system"


Coz its varna vyavastha not caste system 

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