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IPL Elite X1: how many games will they win?

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20 hours ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:


Now here is a lesson for u in how to make a side - two ways 


  1. Make it like a fan, like how every owner use to do at start taking big names n getting owned by RR in season 1 
  2. Use Money ball Strategy n matchups


But 1st lets study ur sides weakness


  • Opening- both slow starters so things remain in control of opposition as RR never goes out of hand, few wkts n ur on backfoot coz RR was not in ur favour
  • Middle over- Williamson n smith - well again both cant take the game away so RR remains in tact 
  • Dhoni - has huge issues against spinners who take ball away and he also doesnt like certain kind of pacers 
  • Stokes- The guy has a s/r of 126 (laughable) at no.6 in international and 126 at 5 in IPL  , in IPL also he did well only when he was made to bat up in top 4 which u cant with ur side since williamson n smith will 
  • Basically u have so many anchors wasting so much time and putting so much pressure on stokes n dhoni that they have to slog blindly which is neither forte since both like to take time.  
  • Cummins- not a great t20 bowler
  • Shami- bowls a lot of length balls 
  • U didnt think even one once before picking one leftie that ill surely go for rashid khan :giggle: , the one u picked has struggled also against rashid khan



  • if anyone has a day they will runaway with the game which basically wud only be Rohit sharma . So plan for his failures and on his good days no one can stop him anyways But if Russelll, warner, pandya, pant have their day ull face same problem :giggle:
  • Rest mostly are batting in wrong positions to have that kind of effect
  • Small target team- yes but then again small totals sometimes are being screwed by tail also 



Now a side to beat this 


  1. Warner
  2. KL rahul (he doesnt have a place in test side and his impact his max in t20 so technically he also belongs to my list)
  3. SKY 
  4. Pant
  5. Andre Russell
  6. Hardik Pandya 
  7. DK 
  8. Rashid Khan 
  9. Jofra Archer
  10. Sandeep Sharma (my papplu card)
  11. Varun. C 
  12. Deepak chahar 


Logical reasoning behind every player 


  • Warner + KL can bat in any gear 
  • SKY - u dnt know him yet...perfect man also for small totals
  • SKy has made 70 runs against ashwin in 53 balls, Ashwin is yet to dismiss him
  • Best batting strike-rates vs Bumrah in IPL (min 10 balls)
    SKY - 233.3 
    Dinesh Karthik - 216.6
  • Pandya vs PAt cummins in IPL- 50 runs in 21 balls, s/r - 238  and in ODI 88 runs in 80 balls 
  • Also if small totals is ur idea- fear attacking batsman most in those total coz all it takes is few shots in t20 and game turns on its head
  • Pant - pressure player who has hit bhuvi very badly . Pant s.r against bhuvi is 241 ....70 runs in 29 balls ( Pant hasnt hit him...he has owned him ) 
  • Russell + pandya completes power hitting and DK n SKY gives me Range hitting so I have power + range hitting. Even if bumrah n cummins somehow manage to control russell n pandya...i have range hitter to ruin their plan 
  • Lower order- Rashid n Archer- can give me quick fire 20s 
  • Death overs- Jofra + russell (russell death bowling is massively underrated)
  • Now my Papplu Card Sandeep sharma- guess who are his bunnies ??? Rohit n Kohli 

    Bunny no.1 - Kohli - 12 innings 69 runs Seven dismissals SR 139

    Bunny no.2- Rohit -  Eight inngs 37 runs Four dismissals SR 88.09

  • Wait i have one more guy for Rohit Sharma- Jofra archer
    In IPL - Archer has dismissed rohit twice in 5 balls and in t20i Rohit s/r against Archer is 93 just 93 and in ODI just 54 ...just 54 

  • Since i Know Dhoni can beat the crap out of Sandeep- but i have archer n Russell for him in death 
  • Guess who else dhoni doesnt like- Rashid khan and Mystery spinner (i got both ) 
  • Guess who else doesnt like Rashid khan- Kohli..scores at a s/r of 93 in t20 
  • Who else doesn't like Rashid - ben stokes- dimissed him twice in 18 balls and stokes scores at a **** s/r of 61 against him
  • Smith, Williamson, Kohli Doesnt get the tempo going in middle overs so guess who i have Rashid khan( a guy who doesnt give runs) . What lovely combo..ur batsman wont score quick my bowler wont let u score quick 
  • Since stokes n dhoni wud be under tremendous pressure to slog due to ur anchors ....mystery spinner is the worst guy to face in such situation


Every player is selected to strangle ur players....and thats moneyball .Thats how RR won 1st season and KKR bought Sunil narine n found more value in him then anyone ever did before . Thats how every IPL side works now with bunch of analysts who hasnt played game but have all answers in numbers

Read each n every point carefully coz thats how u build a side. Explaining this for very long.....u dnt pick big name....u pick players for Right roles





You should look for a job as analyst in Ipl

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