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Teams race to 16+ points

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Although reaching 16 points or more is no guarantee for a playoff spot, it is still a very good goal that every team can pursue.
A team may not reach playoffs after 16 points only due to NRR. Otherwise, there will very likely be at least one team that qualifies in the top 4 with 16 points only.


So, let us look at where teams are in reaching that coveted goal.


1. GT - most comfortably placed and all they need is 1 win in 4 matches. Easy peasy and looks good to play Qualifier 1.
2. LSG, CSK, RR, PBKS - reasonably comfortably placed and all they need is 3 matches in remaining 4 matches. At least 2 out of these will qualify if not 3 of them.

3. RCB, MI - comfortably placed with needing 3 matches in the remaining 5 matches. Negative NRR of MI can affect their qualification but we have to see where they can reach.
4. KKR, SRH and DC - Need to win all of the remaining 4 or 5 matches. They cannot loose a single match here onwards. Otherwise, they are facing elimination.

Who are the three teams that will join Gujarat Titans in the playoffs is the question that we can answer in the next few days. What do you think?

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How are both #2 and #3 comfortably placed?


I would move PBKS to #3 and classify that group as - hard to reach playoffs unless they win a majority of their remaining games.


At this stage, it looks like GT, CSK, LSG, RR as the top 4.


RR looks to be struggling with 4 losses in the last 5 games. If MI/RCB/PBKS can pick up some steam, they can upset RR. 

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Latest update as of 7th May:

GT reached the goal and all but qualified.

CSK needs 2 out of 3 and comfortably placed.

RR, LSG have to win all the remaining 3 matches.


MI, RCB and KXIP have to win 3 out of their last 4 matches.


KKR, SRH and DC are in the race but need to win 4 out of 4 matches. So, it is really tough for them.

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So, DC, KKR and SRH are now out of race for 16 points. DC is fully eliminated and the other two are as good as eliminated.
GT has already reached there.

It is all about CSK, MI, LSG, RR, RCB and Punjab to reach 16 points.  How many of these 6 will eventually reach there.

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