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The similarities with previous WC thread

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So let this be the similarities thread from previous WC. Some starters below


Whenever WC has been in a subcontinent, there have been 2 or more teams from the SC in Semi Final - 2 in 1987, 2 in 1996, 3 in 2011


Whenever WC has been in a subcontinent, winner is never repeated - Aus, SL, India


Winner of 1987 was finalist in 1996. Winner of 1996 was finalist in 2011. Winner of 2011.....


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12 hours ago, cricketfan28 said:

 Hosts have been winning since 2011, that will break this time.

Nz will lose again in final this time with less sixes.




2011 and 2015 India and Aus were co hosts. This time India are exclusive hosts 

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