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Why are Pitches Patta's in IPL

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i dont know the benefit of creating flat patta's


batsman enjoy and people who watch enjoy the shots BUT public also wants to see good bowling. 

we are just watching SLOGGING on patta's

we are unable to see Proper BATTING SKills

we are unable to see fast bowlers- on such wickets 100- 110k sandeep sharma is preferred to Kuldeep Sen, Unadkar is preferred to Umraan Khan.

do you think any cricketer will prefer unadkat or sandeep sharma ahead of kuldeep sen or umraan 


itna BAKWAAS PATTA's slow trundlers are considered better than genuine fast bowlers on these tracks.


will world cup PITCHES be like this ? No world cup pitches cannot be such PATTA's.

 we are living in a FOOL's PARADISE. we are getting so many batsman scoring big on such patta's. 

when we go n play on international wickets which has something in it for PACERS , our batsman and even such trundlers fail.


BCCI.....we are truly disappointed with this IPL and true reason is PATTA wickets - that's why team coaches have played slow bowlers ahead of fast bowlers.

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