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Points Table Prediction

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We're into the third week of the world cup and looking at the way teams are shaping up , this is my final points table after the completion of the league stage. 


P.S - Not taking weather into consideration. 


1.  Australia with 16 points. Yes. I am expecting the defending champs to win their every game from now on including England. 


2. India with 15 points. I expect us to win every game except the one against England. I feel we will and should drop a game going into the knockouts and England are stronger than us anyways. 


3. England with  14 points. The hosts will beat everyone barring the Aussies. 


4. New Zealand with 13 points. They have played weaker teams so far and have real tough games ahead. Expect them to lose against Australia and England. 



5. West Indies with 9 points. Will lose against poms today and then to kiwis and India later on. Wins against Bangladesh,  Afghans and Sri Lanka. 


6. South Africa with 7 points. Will lose against Australia and kiwis and will beat Afghans , poyz and Sri Lanka. Will have better NRR than Toygers. 


7. Bangladesh  with 7 points. Will beat Pak and Afghans and lose to everyone else. 


8. Pakistan with 5 points. :aha: Will lose to everyone except  Afghans. 


9. Sri Lanka with 4 points. Will lose every game from now.  


10. Afghanistan with afridi points.  Self explanatory. :no:


Do my fellow ICFers agree with this ? 

If not tell  me where could I go wrong  ? 

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43 minutes ago, Sandeep99 said:

Without even dwelling into details, you could go very very wrong as weather is going to spoil more matches and points will be shared.

Weather is expected to be fine from next week. We will get a result in almost all games if not all.  

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For india i would say

Till now,

3 match = 5 points 

Washout vs pak/eng,

4match = 6 points 

Win vs pak/eng,

5match = 8 points

Win vs bangla,afg,wi,sl but one of which may be washout = +7 points

9matches =15 points 

Equivalent to 7 wins+1draw

Easy qualification with atleast 1-2 position depending on how nz do in rest of games

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