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  1. LPU education ladies and gentlemen
  2. One of the best against us.. Too good.. I think laaloo you do not despise him.. You have a grudging respect for him like we all do
  3. That was Thala's PR's work... Pant is not extraordinary like thala but he isn't as bad as many make him out to be as well
  4. I feel Siraj will clean them up... fingers crossed
  5. Who said that? Ishant was the one we always had problem with
  6. Interesting session coming up... Root and Buttler can pull it away from India quickly... discipline and some magic is required
  7. So the clown talked about seizing key moments in the game. This is one such phase. WHat is he doing? Going through the motions? He's full of BS... absolute choker and waits for things to happen. His PR is always saying aggression and other things but he's anything but that.
  8. We'll make 200 at best in the first innings and 100 odd in the final innings.
  9. Bending back and bowling is too much for these maharajas
  10. I wish Root can play one of his beautiful 50 odd innings here
  11. You're expecting too much from a guy who took a review in 1 sec to a ball that was acres from the bat
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