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  1. Shami seems like a loyal student of his Bengali senior!
  2. CSK will murder RR today. I want CSK to eventually whip the arses of RCB and show them their aukaat.
  3. Relegated to category C and his place in doubt... Chahal looks like he's on his last legs
  4. The pitch is extremely slow and horrendous. Only ABD and Maxwell could time the ball. I won't be surprised if KKR gets dismantled cheaply.
  5. Morgan and Russell have to come at 3 and 4 and hopefully can get full use of Chahal's overs. Only chance for them I guess
  6. RCB have stuck gold with Maxwell. He looks hungrier than ever this season.
  7. LOL is giving such good opportunity to Maxwell at 4 but won't do it to SKY/Kishan/Hardik for India. Such a selfish fool
  8. Maxwell, Bairstow, Miller all look in form. Ready for October... Hardik, LOL, etc have barely timed the ball..
  9. Chennai has been a massive disappointment this season. They made a T20 pitch for the test match and now compensating with test pitches for IPL.
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