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  1. Maybe carry some good test batters and discard has beens like Rahane, Rohit and Pujara (by then)
  2. Can recall some real game changing innings from Jadeja. Shakib is a bog average batsman who hasn't contributed anything to Bangladesh wins/draws.
  3. Jadeja had/has the potential to become a very good batsman but he I feel he never took it seriously and he didn't have to do much with a formidable batting order. Holder and Stokes are much more important to West Indies and England respectively. Batting - Stokes > Holder > Jadeja On bowling front, Jadeja is easily the best of all the three. Holder has emerged into a great bowler himself and Stokes is the 3rd best. Bowling - Jadeja > Holder > Stokes For fielding - Jadeja ~Stokes > Holder If we also consider the game in pressure situations and the vitality of the player - Jadeja ~~ Stokes > Holder Easily Jadeja is the most underrated player of this era.
  4. In 5 years from now... India >> Afghanistan > Sri Lanka > Bangladesh >>> Pakistan > Nepal In 10 years from now.. India > Afghanistan > Bangladesh > Pakistan > Sri Lanka >~ Nepal
  5. H2H record purane fixed Sharjah games dekhke.. this MC is trying to earn his living by trolling Indian players. We're giving him unnecessary attention. We should discard him like a used tissue paper in washroom. That is his level.
  6. Itna chu**ya aadmi ko kabhi nhi dekha... won't allow my girls to play outdoor games.. Ab itna mara itna mara.. reminds me of our own saleem feku from angrez movie.. hat be*e*c*od
  7. Also the same English squad only fielded specialist fast bowlers if they're extremely pacy like Plunkett, Jofra or Wood. If you're somelie like a Woakes, you need to have bare minimum credentials with the bat to get in.
  8. Think of England squad of 2019. They have stroke players like Buttler, Moeen coming at 6,7.. after 40 overs we should have someone like a Gill take control while Pandya and Jadeja can slog. Bottomline - STROKE PLAYERS IN THE LOWER MIDDLE ORDER
  9. Rahul/Pant Rohit Lolli Iyer Pant/Rahul Gill Padya Jadeja Saini Bumrah Kuldeep Chahal Shaw Bhuvi Shami Ideally we should really start looking at 2023 and get rid of obvious deadwood. But with Lolli as the captain, don't see that happening.
  10. Overall we can conclude that this cricinfo's XI doesn't stand a chance against Waugh's XI. Such was the latter's dominance.
  11. I remember the super series of 2005 between Australia and rest of the world. The latter were beaten to shreds by an inferior Ponting XI. Steve Waugh's team was a well oiled machine which derailed only on a few occasions by some of the all time great performances like 281*. Sachin failed massively in 1999 in Australia when Steve's team was in full force. Maybe teams will defeat them in England, India, South Africa but Australia of the class of 2000 under Steve Waugh would never be beaten in Australia by any players of that era. Maybe the Windies of 1980's had a chance.
  12. He was a better Indian test captain than Ganguly for sure. 2007 England and West Indies series wins are really underrated.
  13. Matthew Hayden (Australia) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Saeed Anwar Justin Langer (Australia) << Gavaskar (but Donald never played with Gavaskar) Jacques Kallis (South Africa) >>> Sangakkara Brian Lara (West Indies) ~~ Sachin Sir Viv Richards (West Indies – captain) >>> everyone else AB de Villiers (South Africa) ~Ian Botham (perspective value add) Adam Gilchrist (Australia – wicketkeeper) Shane Warne (Australia) >>> Imran Khan Malcolm Marshall (West Indies) >> Wasim Akram Curtly Ambrose (West Indies) >>> Waqar younis Glenn McGrath (Australia) ~~ Dennis Lillee Don't see what Harsh's problem is
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