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  1. Based on today, maybe even we will not participate in threads of remaining matches
  2. He is our specialist #4. Please don’t look at the stroke rate. He is providing stability
  3. He’s auditioning for Indian spot. Remember Lolli likes batsmen like this who take responsibility and singles deep in the innings
  4. Expect the only good player like Warner get lapped up by a washed up CSK or want to strengthen the squad MI. We will be left with Pandey and Saha
  5. Pandey and Saha batting is like torture. People at interrogation should be made to watch this.
  6. SRH deserves to lose for playing this kind of a team. Saha at 4, really? Abdul Samad has shown potential but no, these guys are willing to play a tested failure instead of a potential superstar.
  7. I still remember that auction. Kings XI got really lucky and SRH got fooled. We'd have been champions in at least one of the last 2 years if we had Rahul
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