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  1. Let Joe pile on batting records, we’ll win some matches in the meanwhile
  2. Proud of my prediction. India came back well thanks to some outstanding captaincy by Rahane!
  3. He is a compulsive sweeper. Need to completely block the offside and ask him to sweep as much as possible. Kuldeep/Ashwin/Axar will definitely extract that mistake. However, I see him scoring at least 2 hundreds in this series. Basically he and Smith reversed their roles.
  4. With recent injuries, it’s highly crucial we go with 3 spinners so we’re prepared for contingency.
  5. Rohit Gill Che Lol Rahane Pant Axar Ash Kuldeep Siraj Boom Great variety in bowling. Siraj to extract reverse like Shami. Boom for breakthroughs.
  6. Useless captain... so sad they’re still trying to credit him when he contributed to nothing but 36...
  7. In our dreams. Dhawan will return with his twirling moustache and thigh slapping gestures along with the habit of dropping sitters. Cringeworthy but with our genius captain, do you expect anything else? Please be honest. I expect us to field this XI - Dhawan Mayank (if captain plays politics and somehow removes Rohit) CAPTAIN MARVEL Iyer Rahul Pandya Pant, Gill will be ignored as always.
  8. Number 3 surely. He is born for it. However, which other opener can replace him? Mayank? Shaw? Rahul? Unfortunately he has to open for the time being until we pin down the 2nd opener.
  9. The entire team is flying high with confidence. It's like England post 2019 WC. Only the captain has the ability to bring this team down with his half baked low IQ decisions. The team and players are under no pressure but the captain definitely is and that is a worrying thing.
  10. I feel CSK will buy both Smith and Starc this time around. Much needed impetus.
  11. This statement was after the 2018-19 Australia tour? Wow.. what a way to insult one of the chief architects of the tour. No wonder Indian cricket rotted under MSK and 2019 WC loss is on him and the useless captain.
  12. Pant is a match winner. Paine delayed the declaration and shi* his pants just for this guy. No comparison. Pant may be at his lowest low but he can come and smash a team around on the same day. Imagine Sehwag. Genuine match winner.
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