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  1. Practicing wrong team selections for two practise matches will help us loose 5-0 comfortably praying for 5-0 loss
  2. Supporting ur team is akin to raising a child . You can’t just ignore bad decisions . I support it and want it to win big . Cos it can . But Kohli is not the person to lead . Temperamentally , leadership wise or now even performance wise . u can’t win unless u change ur loosing ways . We have fixed our bowling , fielding to some extent and batting ( decent openers and good newcomers in all formats to fill middle order ) but we have a captain who is tactically a retard and needs to go .
  3. A loss is guranteed . loosing badly is key . Kohli seems to get away with we reached finals or semis nonsense we should be winning all trophies . But we will remain 2-3 rd tankers under kohli as we reach second or third spot inspite of him and not due to him he is the stupidest , most arrogant captain I have seen . Tactically he is useless and now with bat too he is a disaster not one finals has he played anything significant . there are captains who try to win with both tactics and performance . But loose . He looses due to lack of both .
  4. in uae , kohli will exit semis unless he continues his new approach of not placing premium on wickets but more on strike rate . but as usual he will choke in finals against England with some bad selections . This time he will have 4 pace bowlers on a spin friendly pitch after t20 he will be kicked .
  5. I am praying for a humiliating defeat . A 3-2 defeat will buy kohli more time with shastri . a 5-0 drubbing will stir up right talk
  6. Shardul and siraj in place of ashwin and bumrah . It was pretty obvious that team management was useless and didn’t take in form players .
  7. India does need to loose 4-1 or 5-0 to england to help dethrone the shastri kohli combo it’s a given that under kohli we are not going to win much . We forget cheerleader as he has fed into kohli ego . a heavy defeat usually allows for fresh blood . Enough good batters and a captain in waiting ( let the pant - Dravidian combo era begin - we shall be a led by a truly fearless cricketer backed by a master tactician and technician ) Praying for a 5-0 defeat
  8. Guys think the word chokers is meant for teams who look like they will win finals and end up loosing indians are both chokers as we never look like we will win . we knew in World Cup England is favorite and they played and won well does a middle order led by kohli who looks past his prime , rahane who is inconsistent amd pujara inspire u ? I never though w could win unless pant and jadeja scored a century . even in the other losses described above , w didn’t play well while tournament that we deserved to win ( except the champions trophy when kohli
  9. Two reasons 1- unlike the aussies , nz never arrogant and always seem to have a chris cairns or two as allrounders ( cairns was the best allrounder I have seen - could bowl bat and field well. A ben stokes but better ) 2 - they play on pitches at home which have swing and sometimes seam . Sometimes pure batting paradise . As such their batsmen are used to playing on all kinds of surfaces except big turners . 3 - they seem to get team selections right And never have a superstar culture . Very grounded team 4 - india plays them far less and tours them less . Also post fab 4
  10. Kohli isn’t learning yet . Still blamed batsmen . think he is so poor at understanding the game and pressure if u have 5 relentless bowlers not giving scoring opportunities , u will win . India faced 5 of them on perfect conditions suited for swing . india had only Shami and ishant to some degree . Ashwin , jadeja and bumrah never looked like taking wickets . A siraj and thakur combo would have made us look deadly . until u have kohli shastri combo we are not going to win any icc tournament .
  11. Sharma Gill kohli pujara rahane sundar / jadeja / ashwin pant thakur / b kumar siraj shami ishant bumrah 12 th Vihari 13 th saha 14 th team of 17 as above .
  12. Kohli match selection needed inform batters . thakur , sundar and Siraj were in form . Needed them in place of ashwin jadeja and bumrah easily could have made difference of 40-50 runs bumrah had left midway last series for marriage . He is not having the former pace or movement .
  13. Boss srt had dodda Ganesh and fixer azar . One dies while tryinh and other tries to die . No captain can win anything with such teams . it was a hopeless era in indian cricket . Fast bowling and spin cupboards were bare . Match fixing was rampant . The selectors chose Noel david etc . inspite of poor teams , Sachin used to take decent tactical decisions . Give him this team and u will see how he would crush every opposition .
  14. This team is mighty strong inspite of kohli not due to Kohli . Winning a series due to a bumrah or pant or ashwin with some support from others has been our mojo . Youngsters when kohli is absent have stepped up and performed . he is extremely poor as a tactician . And his ego makes him a worthless human being . this test match is a very very good example . Don’t make Bumrah a god . Neither is kohli a god . Kohli has made tactical errors in almost every series we have played .his aggression is a veiled disguise to his insecurity. rahane is a good contrasting study
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