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  1. Think either ways we will be fine . An attack of axar and ashwin with bumrah and Ishant is capable of 20 wickets . Our worry will be our fragile batting and a left handed sundar versus a pandya - who is the better bat currently . I feel sundar is in prime form and should play ahead of Pandya who has lack of match practise
  2. Have a feeling it will be a big Turner . And Kohli plans to play pandya .
  3. Likely complete spin pitch . Axar and ashwin with Ishant and bumrah - toss up between sundar and pandya and I feel pandya gonna be in and will bowl ( they have kept him in cotton wool this far )
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sportskeeda.com/amp/cricket/news-ind-vs-eng-2021-mohammed-shami-navdeep-saini-join-india-squad-ahead-3rd-test-report ok now we are hot fav surely ishant and Shami with axar and ashwin along with one of shardul / pandya / sundar will be our team . Shami makes a huge difference . He is fast and furious . Ishant vs bumrah - tough
  5. Srinath won mom at motera years ago . Two quality fast bowlers are a must .
  6. Shami likely will not play this series . Bumrah is a must with pink ball due to his pace and ability to seam and swing . sharma2 imo is better than siraj - the bounce he gets alone will get him wickets . But Siraj is an apt replacement . We do need to make our batting stronger if anderson is back - hence pandya or sundar are ideal
  7. Yes . He will bat well with harder ball .
  8. Ishant and bumrah are a guranteed selection ashwin and axar are guranteed Issue is 5th bowler versus 6th batsman feel india is better served with sundar back in team or pandya / thakur - whoever can bowl 10 good overs in a 90 over day and then be able to bat out anderson . In this respect , pandya is definitely my choice if he can bowl . If he can’t then thakur is my choice . Having said that , if the pitch is a rank turner , then chinaman could be an option but honestly , I feel that a bowling all rounder is what we need and chinaman should be exchanged for sun
  9. Agree- mumbai pitch will suit him too with the red soil bounce .
  10. I agree . Batters in bowler friendly pitch and vice versa. I think though ashwin 100 sealed the deal as it was equally good as Rohit 160
  11. Match will be over in two days the pitch will spin from day one not much swing not much reverse swing as ball stays fresher ishant and bumrah will match archer / anderson etc . hoping they take pandya in place of chinaman . Batting depth v v. Vital
  12. Turns all 5 days , stays same . Toss is not important . See current match . In second innings batting well . even if rank turner, u need quality batters and bowlers to play well . Ashwin is now showing what he can do . Moeen is not ashwin - rank turner or not . on a plain pitch , Joe root became a Gavaskar which he clearly isn’t .
  13. We shouldn’t be apologetic. Pitch which turns from ball 1 to ball infinite is a sporty pitch offering nobody any advantage . if u have ashwin and axar who are tall bowlers able to exploit this pitch then u definitely should have more of these pitches . Once in a while u will get Monty and the other English off spinner along with a peterson who will do better then ur home spinners - so be it . nobody questions gabba , nobody questions South African and New Zealand grass masquerading as a pitch , nobody questions English pitches doctored to have swing and no seam to suit Ande
  14. Will be a fair contest . Toss should be out of the equation
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