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  1. Dhoni Will be brought back as captain of t20 . Another way to bring back the dinosaur .
  2. Agreed . Should play in uk he says he has increased his pace..
  3. True about pollution adding to respiratory illness . As I speak first two cases in my hometown mumbai . And India closes down travel ... v v interesting response . Think it’s a good move yes colder areas in India at risk .. my gut though feels that it’s gonna be ok .the cohort of Italian travellers in India would have by now infected more people . praying for India as it’s gonna be very difficult if indeed the virus takes a liking for us
  4. Temperature in Tehran right now is 17 degree celcius mumbai it’s 30 degree Celsius - big difference it’s a virus like common cold hence anybody can get it . But seems to have low case fatality in general . But issue is it’s overwhelming my er ... if u have more people coming in for corona virus , regular services get disrupted . People don’t get seen for other conditions . Kids don’t get regular vaccines .. people delay getting a stress chest ... so in that sense health systems get overwhelmed and non corona case fatalities. Start increasing . t
  5. Virus mutate with positive and negative mutations I will be surprised if it is there in summer . It will never go away but we will all have some baseline herd immunity ... right now we lack that The Who is right . Summer in one hemisphere is winter ❄️in some parts of another hemishpere . Stay calm . The fact that india is not affected is reassuring
  6. Statistically highly unlikely what u said - indian docs not good at discovering new models ; we haven’t invented a single drug I know of Chinese have better experience with SARS and have already found ways to limit illness . Problem is the cytokine storm which kills . It’s similar to fulminant lymphocytic myocarditis .. u can’t do anything about it . My mom passed away 3 years ago at age 65 without an iota of disease via above . I couldn’t do anything about it ... Current corona virus is killing healthy young people via first damaging the lungs , then partial recovery giving false
  7. In india u don’t need to worry about it much - number of reasons -weather . See the distribution pattern of the virus . Avg temp is about 20-30 degree Fahrenheit in chief areas of spread - wet cold areas . in usa areas like arizona , Oklahoma Midwest are not seeing high case load . Usa did see vaping related ards - wondering whether that was corona actually as if u look at the ct scans , it’s a very comparable picture of ards and ground glass opacities -lack of excessive hygiene - india is a hotbed if microorganisms and avg indian does not roam around with a purell .
  8. Pant , pujara even sir jadeja and vihari
  9. Agreed . Hence u need to create a competing pool . At no point should one person be allowed to be a dhoni or a kohli its ok to loose . But it’s not ok to blame sun moon stars rahu Ketu etc for your defeat overseas . for example - didn’t kohli know that the conditions in New Zealand favor swing over seam ? Once ishant was injured only shami was left . Why wasn’t domestic swing Bowlers like chahar or porel or even saini given a chance to play ? why weren’t batters not playing out the new ball ? He doesn’t understand aggression . Dravid dead bat was more aggressive st
  10. He is the second best allrounder we have had after jadeja in recent years problem is we don’t use him as one batting - needs to come in at 4 . Has the game for it bowling- tests as a fifth bowler abroad or as second bowler on spin wicket in india t20 - our champ odi - use him as pure bat this cuts off his injury chances . It’s not easy to bowl 140 k and field and bat like him .. don’t think any cricketer intentionally injured himself
  11. Agreed . But he seems to hoodwink his way .. I would prefer an agarkar as coach then bewda . But bewda definitely has connections
  12. I feel the number one reason we are failing is one captain in all three formats and one coach think for t20 u need a 22 something captain like say a rahul - gets experience and plays real no fear cricket for odi some one like Rohit who can be a good tactician for tests I feel someone like kohli or pujara - elite batters currently one captain over three formats has caused a lot of power in one person hands and we haven’t won anything .. besides it’s just causing another dhoni like headache india must remove kohli from t20 and odi
  13. So moral of the story is our ranji structure sucks
  14. So this guy is creating havoc in domestic ranji trophy has his pace increased or is he bowling phast or the cricketers that bad ? just wondering if our team may benifit from him in places like New Zealand esp when bhuvi is not there
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