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  1. Till the time right do not develop articulate people on their side, left wingers will continue to influence the world more. A lying Ravish kumar always sounds more convincing in comparison to say a Rohit Sardana.
  2. He might not be the best Archer. Karna, Ashwathama might be better than him still few points about Arjuna He had empathy and love towards his extended family therefore he got confused before war He chose disarmed Krishna above Narayani sena when he had option showed his intelligence There was a reason why he was the favorite student among all talented disciples of Dronacharya. Bhisma loved him the most among all Actually he won Draupadi by hitting bull's eye yes Karna also might but difference between he might and he did is the difference between winner and looser He single handedly defeated whole kaurvas when he fought from the side of king Virat without help of any Pandavas. The life of Arjuna is of devotion, intelligence, skill, empathy. The real hero, even Krishna the lord decided to be his saarthi.
  3. In the world of web series which are full of cuss words, violence, darker side of human beings, terrorism, sex this series is like breath of fresh air.
  4. In Hindi there is a word called "Varchasva". You want this to end then one of the two should have the Varchasva and we all know under whose Varchasva everyone will love normally.
  5. In an ideal world yes but think about this in realistic terms, a person leaves your family by saying I don't want to live with you as I think my people are not safe with you. His whole existence is based on the principle that I would do much better without you. If after few years he notices that you are progressing very fast but you also have lot of weak points too, what will he do? To prove that he was right, he will exploit those weak points. To be an Ally, Pakistan will have to accept the current reality which would also mean that they will have to accept that they were wrong which would actually question their whole existence so it's not possible as the leaders of that country will keep their people in dark always. Bangladesh, technically broke from Pakistan and not India therefore we both countries do not have similar feeling towards each other like what we have with Pakistan. So to answer if it was not Kashmir then there would have been some other point of conflict for both countries.
  6. Can someone please explain Uncle that you do not become officially Muslim on Twitter. It will be very painful process to get your thing cut in this age.
  7. If you are expecting morality from politicians of any country or any party then not sure which planet you have lived till date. Shastri jee showed, no one knows how he died, Vajpayee tried to show, he lost by one vote. When you are in the den of wolves, try to be another carnivorous or else you will be eaten alive. As far as this case is concerned, people voted for Fadanvis, they are going to get Fadanvis as CM. Rest all talking are good to console yourself.
  8. Reminds me of my depressed friend who stopped going to gym. I asked him the reason he said, " here I am not getting promotion and you are talking about things like gym , Playing Tennis and all". It was tough to explain it to him that for your life all the activities have same importance. No need to say this but similar concept is for your country too. Their are problems definitely but just because you do not believe in certain areas doesn't mean it was not a problem.
  9. Country is not a physical entity or God made thing. It's a man made boundary which remains United by a common set of emotion. For Pakistan, the only common set of emotion keeping them United is the hatred / jealousy towards India. The day they will negotiate with us or be in peace with us, the country will cease to exist. Therefore this offer for Pakistani army accepting would be like killing the Goose that Gives them Golden Egg. They won't accept.
  10. More than 20000 people have been killed all across the world due to Islamic Terrorism from 1980 till today. Believe me friend if "millions of innocent who have nothing to do with the extremists" would have taken some action world would have been a much better place.
  11. The price which our coming generation have to pay of creating an equivalent between an online troll on social media from one community and terrorist beheading actual people from other community is going to be too much. People are talking about Millitia. Arey even on Social Media if you write something they will make you feel guilty. Remember, Sonu Nigam had to leave Twitter just because he once said something. Others including our PM are forced to maintain a political correct tone. Stop looking for acceptance from Indian liberal jamaat. They will not accept any of such thing so stop them from setting up any narrative and start speaking.
  12. What the heck is RW / LW? Let's not copy every term which originates from West. It's more of a conflict between Realism and Idealism. Idealistic people need to understand the issues in real world and Realistic people need to understand that slowly and slowly we need to move towards the idealistic way of life.
  13. You guys are still stuck in the 90s mindset. Having a great academic career does not guarantee leadership qualities or else Dr Manmohan Singh would have been the best ever PM of India ever but his leadership quality was the worst.
  14. Here is how these ignorant whatsapp university trained guys think about India Pre 2014: Jinnah : Hey Gandhi we all love everyone man. We are peaceful, no hatred just want different country. Gandhi: Go ahead buddy, it's my baap's land. Muslims in Pakistan: Hey Hindus Sikh, no hard feeling brothers we will just cut lakhs of you, rape your sisters but no hatred bro it's just all in love. Real hatred will be when after 2014, a troll will say something to a celebrity. Hindu/Sikhs: No prob bro , we will also kill hundreds. All for fun but you know what we love you as it's not 2014. Bhagalpur, Neeli, Ahmedabad in 60's: Hey guys, 108000 incidents of Riots in India during 70s and 80s but you know what these all are due to love and tolerance, real hatred would be when we will blow out of proportion one odd incident after 2014 and generalize whole billion population. Indira Gandhi Shot dead: Hey guys since one person of particular community killed our leader we will kill everyone of that community. Burn them alive in New Delhi. Hey this is not bhakti at all since it's 1983 only , bhakti would be after 2014 if someone will say good thing about swatch Bharat. This is all in love and compassion. Kashmiri Pandits go from our valley bro. But remember keep your sisters back and we all love you. Real hatred will be when someone will show guts in 2019 to stand against us.
  15. What's wrong with polarization? Atleast country has two thinking to take side with.No one forced me to take a side, me and million others thought and took a side. SiMilarly you and hundred others have another thinking. Why do you want country to have only one kind of thought process? Now the cost, not sure which school you went to but u should ask questions to your history teacher who never told you how lakhs and lakhs died during 1947 when Modi was not even born. Ask more about Kashmir problem and how 42000 Kashmiri have died from 1991 till 2014. Ask more about the number of deaths during anti sikh riots and other during 1970s and 80s. After that go to Mathematics teacher and ask his resignation as he never told you about the word data. How many riots have happened before and after 2014? Without data you are only a person with different opinion.
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