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  1. In T20 his avg and sr is pathetic.He hardly scores few runs and whatever few he scores, he scores at a horrible strike rate. Even some bowlers or all rounders score more runs at better strike rate in T20 than Samson has managed.
  2. Yet again a case of host nation fielding a very poor quality squad in practice match.
  3. Madan Lal too. Those 3 wickets. One being that off Viv caught brilliantly by Kapil Paaji and some very valuable runs with the bat when team was struggling..
  4. Some of the questions you are asked may requires some stats pulling, which I would not be able to do. However, I can certainly say, without looking at stats that our current ODI tail cannot bat. Thakur can bat but he plays very rarely in 11, so I am not counting him here. I would post a counter question. Do you think Sharma, Dhawan or Kohli do jot have the ability to slash the bat as wild and as flashily as England players do. They certainly can imo. In fact it is easy to bat like a hack. And they certtainly do while scroing 4 's and 6's of those expansive drives away from the bod
  5. Mental barrier comes by learning. Sharma and Dhawan and Kohli have played long enough with these bunch of bowlers at domestic and international level to understand the last 4 or 5 players cannot even be depended to score 20 runs. Our 9,10,11 are not required that often because Rohit Sharma when set scores big and has so many hundreds,Dhawan when set goes on to play long enough,Kohli when set plays lot of overs. So was the case when Sachin, Sehwag , Yuvi, Raina and Dhoni were set. But now that the benchmark of scores has been raised to 300 to 330 odd those
  6. Firstly, I do think that there is nothing wrong in following a template and startegy which the successful team like England plays with in recent years. However, like the OP said, the team combo is a very valid point. Perhaps the Ranji State team selectors are not doing justice by selecting equally capable or better bowlers who can bat better the ones we have. Maybe better bowlers who can bat as well are being dropped or not picked due to lack of dedication and biased work by selectors. I just don't beleive a vast country like ours do not have equally capable or better bowler who can scire few
  7. Irfan Pathan was better imo. I feel even when Pandya's carrer ends, he won't be able to surpass what Irfan Pathan has achieved with bat and ball. Fielding wise though Pandya is clearly the better one.
  8. A ball tamperor who was caught tampering the ball and fined for tampering should be the last one talking about the game of cricket.Let alone analyze the players who played game by following all rules. No wonder Bumrah has one off matches. Imagine how many less wickets Waqar would have got had he not tampered. Bumrah is picking all the wickets legitimately unlike the cheat.
  9. Read one post where someone mentioned Pujara has below 30 average in SENA. It's very surprising if that's true.
  10. Jadeja and Washington Sundar are better test batsmen than Pandya. Moreover, they both can bowl, whereas Pandya has barely bowled few overs in last one or two years. India has better multi skilled test players than Pandya in Jadeja and Sundar.
  11. It is a shame that finalist lost so comprehensively by 8 wickets even though a lot of overs were lost due to rain. Virat ji, jo boond se gayi woh haudh se nahi ati. Surely, if we had won this we would have heard Shastri say this was better team than the great Windies team of past. All excuses.
  12. Very disappointing performance of 23 runs across 2 innings in the test which mattered. Being a one format player, he should have made most of the only test final he has played in his career. Had a chance to play clutch knock but got out after scoring very few runs.
  13. Had a good chance to perform in the most crucial match for Team India in history of test cricket. Disappointed that he could contribute only 8 runs whereas someone like Sharma who is more of an ODI player outscored Pujara as well as inexperienced Gill outscored Pujara. If key players who have tests as their preferred format cannot execute the ability to score runs in such a crucial match then it surely is a concern. Will be interesting to see if he manages to score in second innings.
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