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  1. Hey, I won it once few years back. Where is Zak, he is very good at IPL.
  2. Bairstow just scored a ton. Blasting RCB bowling doesn't requires much form though. Warner always is in form in IPL.
  3. Faces issues with that site last time halfway in the tournament and couldn't change teams on multiple occasions due to their software issue. So it was waste of time due to erratic website functionality. Hence staying away from participating this time.
  4. Best opening pair of Warner and Bairstow. I remember last year they smacked RCB bowlers to post 220 or something. The RCB bowlers were treated like gully bowlers with first wicket falling over about 170. It was total domination and mockery of the opponent bowling.It will be fun to watch them again.
  5. TCS closes in Red but today it made its All time high of 3538. Much needed breakout given that it was into a range bound consolidation for a considerable long time given the quality. Valuations are high but the quality of some other stocks and the near future trends make some stocks very appealing buys.
  6. As the likes of Bradman , Lara, Tendulkar, Gavaskar, Pollock, Barry and Viv .Miss out, I think Chandra or Chris Martin will be the best two options.
  7. Some all rounder who will do better than Kapil, a wicket keeper batsman who will do better than Dhoni, and a leg spinner who does better than the previous best we had. That is where I see a gap in past and near future. In batsmen there is no worry for India, somebody keeps maintaining the benchmarks or exceeding them. Last match Dev played. - 19 Oct 1994. 26 years and no replacement in sight who can do better than him. Last match Dhoni played - 9 July 2019. Have to say that Dhoni may still play, we never know. Jokes apart, it will be tough to find a equally capable wicket keeper batsman in Test and ODI. Rishabh Pant is a hope who will have to step up and continue the legacy . Hope he does. Last match Kumble played - 29 Oct 2008.. 12 years and all we have so far is Chahal. But even he hasn't made a test debut. When will we find Kumble's replacement considering so much of time gap. The other leggies are not even experienced in LOI formats. Luckily Ashwin and Jadeja in tests are there who filled the spin replacement trend. But no leg spinner in tests yet. Batsmen - Sunny retired but then we had Sachin, Dravid, Sehwag. Quickly Chet in tests and Kohli in all formats. Replacements are coming quickly without gaps in batting only. At least we are doing great in that skillset. One less headache. So one name I can take is Rishabh Pant. Also 22 so has plenty of cricketing career left. He has made debut in all formats and looks most likely to continue legacy. Otherwise I don't see another specific replacements who have played and did well at international level to replace legends.
  8. No way near their category yet imo. He is not even had a Test Debut and he is not young at all for a cricketer. God knows when he will start playing tests, when he will be certainty in test 11 and when he will (if at all) make him known as a good test bowler at the very least. Skill wise too he isn't there. As far white ball is concerned, Rashid is best in T20. He can contain runs as well as pick wickets in same innings. Rashid Khan is the best spinner in T20i. Anyone better than him? But to be in legacy of Gupte, Chandra., Kumble , Chahal should make test debut first to begin with. It's a very big ask and he is short of time.
  9. Kalicharran was good to watch. He had quick footwork and quick reflexes. That knock against Lillee is very famous. Very good against spin too. Played some wonderful knocks against India when they toured here. Had a good series.
  10. Chahal has spoiled the legacy of Gupte, Chandra, Kumble. Shame that Indian cricket has to wait for so long for a quality leg spinner, especially in this era.
  11. Last week Reliance was flying, this week it seems TCS will fly. Bumper times.
  12. Market up. No Monday surprises.
  13. The laws are not always one liners. At times every law runs into pages. It will have some clauses and caveats. If anyone arrested for drug abuse thinks it is not as per law, then why don't their lawyer put the argument forward that others are taking it so they too can. Let the court decide going through various clauses and the whole description of the law. What happens in West does not and should not apply to India. It's childish to expect that laws of all countries need to be similar. There are numerous things which happens in West are so embarrassing. So it's not that goras are right and India is all about wrong. The inferiority complex has well been deeply ingrained on some of the people. Sometimes I feel that our generation saw some of the residual evil impact and force by Britishers, yet we did not succumbed to the thoughts that goras have to dominate Indians. But I do see a lot of my next generation being more overwhelmed that goras are right and whatever their laws are should be there in India. Thankfully not all new generation Indians want goras laws to be implemented here. The cases should be and will be dealt as per Indian laws. NCB has arrested and if any of the many who have been arrested in narcotics case feels it's wrong, then they can avail services of lawyer to prove that there was no wrong doing. Let the lawyers of both party debate it in courts and come to a conclusion. This case is within Indian jurisdiction rather than in jurisdiction of some other country. What the druggists and drug peddlers are allowed to do in other country is irrelevant to the context of this case. And NCB has only made an arrest because the drug angle came out while interrogation regarding the suspected murder case as filed by the family. The court has not given or denied punishment. Everything is under interrogation phase, isn't it? If someone thinks, that even interrogation should not be allowed under law as applicable, then....
  14. It was Silver Lake investment deal which is confirmed + Amazon (speculation at this point). Noticed that tge clearance of products at Future retail has started fast with high discounts. Everything is on fast track.
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