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  1. If you are of the opinion that Sundar will not fail in England then that's fine.
  2. The point was not whether he is contesting with Axar or not. It was about why do you feel he will fail in England given that he was clutch batsman in Australia test series.
  3. Pandya is rightfully dropped from test. We have better all rounder than him in Sundar who has played more clutch knocks in 2 tests than Pandya has in 11 tests.
  4. How do you write off a batsman who has played top knocks in Australia in pressure situations. On what basis are you saying he won't have success in England.
  5. My post was in context of tests. Hunger for runs in test cricket. He does not has the concentration of Hanif M. Temperament wise he is not as good as Hanif as well as Zaheer Abbas in test cricket. He does not plays spin as good as Miandad used too. He needs to conert his starts and play big innings. This is test cricket. You don't gift wicket being satisifed of applause from crowd after getting test 100 and then throw wicket. Great players carry the innings further to play long innings. That is where higher levels of concentration, determination and astute shot selection comes into play.
  6. Pick your Best Indian 11 from top Indian performers in IPL 2021. Dhawan Shaw Samson Suryakumar Y Nitish Rana Deepak Hooda Abdul Samad Harshal Patel Rahul Chahar Avesh Khan Arshdeep Singh
  7. I hope he will feature in Test Championship finals.
  8. It was joy to watch Hanif Mohd, Zaheer Abbas and Javed Miandad. All three very different styles of players. Yusuf was top class too. When i watch Babar Azam, there is lack of quality when compared to Hanif Mohd, Abbas and Miandad bat even Yusuf. Azam is nowhere in their pedigree. It will be a herculean task for him to be in their class as far as tests are concerned.
  9. Who do you think are top 4 MVP for MI. Feel free to add or remove player from this list. My top 4 MVP ranking are: MVP 1 - Malinga Played the key role of being the best bowler in IPL and leading MI's bowling atya k for years. MVP2 - Rohit There is nothing left to say about someone's captaincy who has won 5 IPL and 2 Champions league. MVP3 - Pollard Been the pillar of MI since inaugration of IPL iirc. Won many matches single handedly from losing positions. His fielding has been top class with very few per
  10. I think Malinga was the MVP for MI. Rohit as MVP 2 and Pollard has to be 3rd MVP. Who woukd you rate as top 3 MVP for MI acorss all IPLs played this far.
  11. I know he is playing. Meant isn't there anyone better than him to bowl against lefties like Dhawan, Hetmyer and Pant.
  12. A quality off spinner who can pick wickets of many lefties of Delhi Capitals would have been handy for MI. Don't MI have any quality off spinner on bench ?
  13. He has scored 35 runs in 33 balls this IPL across 4 matches. That is a strike rate of just 107. It's not that he hasn't scores in Chennai before. It is more about form where a batsmen goes through a bad phase for some matches. But IPL is a long tourney, so there is enough time for him to brush of pathetic matches he has had and get into good form.
  14. It is a blessing in disguise for him that he is playing in a below average team like Rajasthan. No qualitty Indian core so he easily gets many matches which he would not have got had he played for team like Mumbai Indians where the Indian core is the best. The flip side is that he has to play under the capyaincy of Sanju Samson rather than guidance of proven captain like Rohit Sharma. Last year he got good number of games iirc. This year too due to lack of competition I guess he will get 14 matches atleast in league stage unless injured. Hopefully he starts performing rather than p
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