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  1. Rahul is not the typical classy keeper, but I think as a non specialist keeper he has performed above expectations imo. Kohli is probably having Rahul as one of the main players whom he banks on in LOI. I don't think he will discard Rahul.
  2. Quite well summed up. India cannot drop Kohli as he is the top run scorer and captain. Without him the losses will increase because India will miss his runs. He won't play under some other captain. So Indian cricket fraternity has to learn to live with Kohli the super star atleast until the end of 2023 WC. By that time Sharma will be 36?. Rahul will be 31 in 3 yrs. In fact he will be about 35 yrs during 2027. Hope his form is not in decline due to ageing factor. It would have been wise to change captaincy when we had lost last WC. Atleast we would have two world cups from some one
  3. Warner injured and hence won't play remaining white ball matches of this series. Cummins is rested from remaining white ball matches of series. Finally we can have a win in the dead rubber.
  4. Agarwal is currently being tried as Sharma is injured. Once Sharma is back, Agarwal will be out of playing 11. So he might only play 6 ODI's considering Sharma is expected to revover before next ODI series. That does not means Agarwal is dropped. He is being considered as backup opener in ODI. Whenever one of Sharma and Dhawan gets injured or rested or rotated, Agarwal will get a chance, if he is available. In a matter of two days we will know whether he is given 6th chance, but imo he shouldn't be judged in 5 or 6 matches. That's being as impatient as Kohli.
  5. There was two weeks break post IPL, although there is training and nets. But this tour was well scheduled in advanced and if they knew that they are not in position to take workload of entire series then they should have taken break during IPL by not playing half or few matches for their respective franchisees. What's the point in giving more energy during domestic tournament and taking rest in series against one of the major cricketing team. When did series against Australia become less important than few IPL matches ?
  6. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/exclusive-wajid-khans-wife-kamalrukh-khan-speaks-out-no-woman-should-have-to-face-what-i-faced-during-these-17-years-of-marriage-/articleshow/79479007.cms
  7. It's a dead rubber alright, but its a major spectacle for the broadcasters and sponsors after a long break due to pandemic. Even though Australia have won the series, they would not rest there major players. India having lost series will look to avoid a white wash. Therefore i don't think any main Indian player would be rested imo. They will look to lose it by 1-2 rather than 0-3.
  8. Indeed, he spoke about that in interview. Wasn't happy with Hales at all. Hales has only himself to be blamed. He gets involved into one controversy after another.
  9. Previously Finch used to be troubled by Bunrah. Finch came up with a good strategy against Bumrah this series. He has played defensively against Bumrah and Shami more than against other bowlers and avoided getting out and thus not giving a breakthrough against new ball. Then he has tonked Saini, Chahal and Jadeja to capitalise on the slow but steady start. Now is Bumrahs chance to fight back and come with better plans and more importantly execute those plans on the field. Shami also is not picking wicket with new ball. So both bowlers are not helping each other as well
  10. Thanks. Thanks. The tons are rare from MO in that case. Nobody apart from Iyer and Rahul has done it. Rahul has played lot but Iyer hasn't played many ODI. Anyways you can't drop the rare MO players who are scoring tons.
  11. Who scored. Rahul ? And any clue how far back the second last ton cane from MO.
  12. 5 ODI is not enough matches to drop a new comer. If we start dropping players lick this then it's nithing different than what fickle minded Kohli does. Give him one or two more series. Then take a decision. Otherwise it's a circus which Kohli did to find No. 4.
  13. India needs someone like Maxwell in middle order. Someone who can scire a 100 in ODI and pick few wickets as well as do incredible fielding.
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