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  1. Market is recovering on news of initial trials of vaccines. Liquidity has also helped to bounce back. The results which will come out for Q1 are very unlikely to be good. The supply chain impact may also resist the upmove. Some sectors and related stocks are clearly beaten up and they paint a very bad picture for the investors.
  2. India's trade deficit with China falls to $48.66 bn as imports decline Refrence: https://www.business-standard.com/article/economy-policy/india-s-trade-deficit-with-china-falls-to-48-66-bn-as-imports-decline-120070201180_1.html India's trade deficit with China fell to $48.66 billion in 2019-20 The trade deficit between the countries was at $53.56 billion in 2018-19 and $63 billion in 2017-18.
  3. I am shocked people voted for a man with such ideology.
  4. I am not a regular user. Not even 4000 posts although I registered on this forum almost a decade back. Sometimes I do not even login for few days on ICF. Please find another member to do moderation.
  5. Think this wasn't his best innings. The one he and Flintoff played in a session against Aussies in Ashes 2005 was brilliant. That session just demoralized the Aussie bowlers. The best test innings by KP IMO was the one he played in Mumbai test on the turning wicket. Also reminds of Rahane tonking Steyn in WC match.
  6. For a world 11 I think Marsh's team is not up to the mark. There can be significantly better players in it. Like Sunny instead of Grenidge, Sachin instead of Miandad and more better replacements.
  7. From the list I would say Sunny was the one who shouldn't have been committed from his list.
  8. In order of merit, from those I watched. Kapil Sunny Sachin Murali Sangakkara Imran Khan Miandad Dhoni Dravid Zaheer Abbas Bedi
  9. Moneycontrol echoes similar views in today's article about all chemical companies mentioned above https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/markets/sunny-days-ahead-for-indian-chemicals-industry-experts-bullish-on-these-10-stocks-5420601.html
  10. Opened and stayed not out in one test as wickets fell at other end. I think he scored a 100 in the lost cause.
  11. Given the way he selects teams, the combinations he plays , his below par captaincy and his management of players it seems unlikely that he will win a ODI WC. Only chance is if the ODI WC is played in India.
  12. Sonia is looking more beautiful now.Dont think any other anchor has such a wonderful smile like her. Do they both went shopping together. Sonia and Ayesha Faridi are wearing same white colored tops today with something like polka dots .Or whatever these cute girls call it. Almost similar pattern.
  13. You will have e to be lucky to buy because it is getting UC including today for many days now. So many pending orders. Unless it stops hitting UC retail investors are not going to get it soon.
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