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  1. BCCI PResident is an honorary position stripped of most of the powers in current set up . There is not much a BCCI president can do other than ensure organizing tournaments on -time . We actually need a Head of Cricket / Director of cricket with teeth to hold coach,captain and support staff accountable who in turn will report to CEO along with RTI to ensure that board is accountable to the fans.
  2. I hope 1992 jersey does not bring 1992 like results ..0-3 in Test series and no.7 out of 9 countries in WC 1992
  3. Parthiv PAtel got a chance to get back to Virat after he benched him for the whole season at RCB
  4. The person narrating the same, Jahangir Khan ( Also made famous as Chidimaar Khan ) , who played for India in that 1st Test match was an uncle of present Pakistan PM & WC -winning captain Imran Khan . He was father of famous Pakistani batsman Majid Khan.
  5. Kings XI may go in for Harbhajan and SRH for Rayudu as they will fulfill marketing needs also for local connect with their franchise.
  6. What's this Williamson for CSK calls all around ? Has Williamson conveyed that he is ready to leave SRH ? Even if he is , then other franchisees will also bid for the services of WC 2019 finalist and top scorer and him being in CSK is no where certain.
  7. When you wrote " Remembering" , I thought something bad has happened to him. He was a prolific country player and a good opener. He was a better player of spin compared to his other English contemporaries in test & ODI team of that time.
  8. He needs to step down from white-ball captaincy.If he doesn't , he needs to be removed and replaced by Rohit for ODI & T20 captaincy while keeping him for Test captaincy. After putting ABD lower in batting order than Sundar , it is now clear that his confused brain was responsible for MSD battign at no.7 in World cup Semi.
  9. Miller , Tahir ,Chris Morris ,Lungi Ngidi are also there.
  10. I agree .. inter-mixing the players is a bad idea as that dilutes the identity of India And team. Current India ODI and T20 team playing against nextbest India A and India B gives right identity of"Challenger" Trophy and upcoming players have the opportunity to test themselves . Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  11. Samson does not keep wickets regularly and there is still question mark over his keeping skills . Otherwise, just considering purely the batting , he seems the best.However , as a pure batter, he will have difficulty dislodging any of current set top order.
  12. Ravi Bishnoi is promising and was sensational in U-19 worldcup . ( Dejavu - Piyush Chawla in U-10 2006 ?) . He is in Rajasthan Royals squad and it will be interesting to see how many games he gets as Shreyas Gopal , another leggie and all-rounder on top of that, is also in their team. It will be interesting to watch his progress.
  13. Domestic is bundled with International in the BCCI tender and any broadcaster desirous of buying rights to Tests/ODIs and T20s for home season need to show a certain number of domestic matches also .
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