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  1. Yes. And only played 20 odd matches in FC, Indian conditions! For once I agree with Kohli, Shaw can score big so let him find his feet in international cricket. Playing in NZ is not easy first time round for a 20 year old rookie.
  2. The more I see Pant batting in tests, somehow he reminds me of Viru. Not saying in terms of runs scored or technique but aggression and his method for tests. He can block at will but also find gaps and boundaries within a few overs versus any of the bowlers. Difficult to set a field too and he can hurt you, even just that fear allows him to milk singles like Sehwag. I feel just like Sehwag, Pant will be a better test batsman than in limited overs, even though you expect such players to do better in odi/t20. They benefit from the gaps in a typical test field over an "in and out" ODI field, also they try too hard in limited overs with their aggression. It's time for Saha to always be number 2. He is older and yes a very good keeper but Pant is the future and has the right fearless mentality and talent for runs low down the order. I think he will eventually become a "safe" keeper and this is enough.
  3. I don't think Vihari will make it as a test player and I thought that at the beginning, but we can't drop him imo. I don't feel it sends out the right message to a new player. We made him open in Australia and also he scored runs in WI. Give him one more game I think it's fair. The main reason for the loss is again Shastri and Kohli, just negative brainless atmosphere devoid of planning and intensity. That and we couldn't play swing in the first innings and the top 4 are to blame there. After that we gave up. and of course have a long tail. Unfortunate we have a player like Bumrah (as good as he was with the ball) I think he bats like a 5 year old, old days of classic no.11. I would select same again and give them opportunity to rectify error. I would just drop Rahane because I think he is a pathetic player with poor returns. Can't bat in India and I am sick of all this green pitch specialist stuff. He rarely goes big. Time to end his career and phase him out like with his limited overs career. We are also missing a swing bowler perhaps in the squad. Ashwin bowled well and I would choose him next game over Jaddu (difficult choice) but he needs to deliver as AR too. Pujara needs to bat with intensity rather than suck the momentum out. I don't believe Yadav or Saini would do much different here. Shami is a top bowler but had a very bad game and Bumrah's form is worrying but we have to hope for best. Shaw's dismissal was school boy but again, give him the series to learn. It's not like Rohit is in the squad and by seniority gets in...Gill is also young and getting low scores in NZ warm ups. I would put him in at 5 for now. Shaw, Agarwal, Pujara, Kohli, Gill, Vihari, Pant, Ashwin, Shami, Ishant, Bumrah We need to fire Shastri and Kohli as skipper.
  4. Same again except now I am thinking more of choke in test final
  5. Only trophy we will win under him is the test one. Provided we don't choke there either in final. He really should not be skipper in any format but especially dynamic limited overs. He is brainless with selections, no grooming and not so great tactician. Honestly a team like ours shouldn't be going downhill but it will in limited overs. He's selecting old friends and a naive person when it comes to key decisions and matches. His conferences are always the same. Optimistic rubbish and praising opposition, he doesn't even realise he is a bad leader.
  6. As long as cheerleader and kohli stay in charge, expect illogical moves and no trophies. They should have both lost their position after the world cup. Thakur is not an odi or test player. At best a utility player in t20 (2 overs and 30 fast runs) but even there it's questionable. Saini missing out is something I can't even fathom. With kohli, never expect good players to be groomed well, they can only succeed on their own. This series is waste of time with t20 wc coming but losing badly here may be good for us in long term. Kohli should be at 3 and we have no middle and lower order.
  7. The only reason I watched today was due to saini inclusion which we all knew was due over jokers like khaleel, thakur. Even chahar was playing in a one dimensional attack. Our selectors always realise freaking after and need an injury to get the guy in. It's like iyer finally getting his dues which we knew a year ago. Same will happen with gill.
  8. Some more from crapinfo: Yadav to Al-Amin Hossain, 4 leg byes, another short ball, another blow to the helmet. You've got to ask if India should be bowling so many bouncers at the tail-enders. Looks to duck, but can't get entirely out of the way, and the ball ricochets off the back of the helmet to the fine leg boundary Utkarsh: ""You've got to ask if India should be bowling so many bouncers at the tail-enders." - Well, then you would have to ask if part-time bowlers should be hit for a six. Not the way rules work is it." -- Hitting a part-timer for six doesn't put him at risk of serious injury. Umpires have the power to tell bowlers not to overuse the bouncer if they feel the batsman doesn't have the technique to cope with it. Bharath: ""You've got to ask if India should be bowling so many bouncers at the tail-enders" @Karthik - though I agree India can try to avoid bouncers at tailenders, the one Al Amin got hit was not even a well directed bouncer at head height. It was a chest high bouncer which Al Amin made a mess by being half minded whether to duck or not" -- It was the fourth bouncer in a row that Umesh bowled in that over. "41.6.1 The bowling of short pitched deliveries is dangerous if the bowler's end umpire considers that, taking into consideration the skill of the striker, by their speed, length, height and direction they are likely to inflict physical injury on him/her. The fact that the striker is wearing protective equipment shall be disregarded." he law continues: "41.6.3 As soon as the umpire decides that the bowling of short pitched deliveries has become dangerous under 41.6.1, or unfair under 41.6.2, he/she shall call and signal No ball. When the ball is dead, the umpire shall caution the bowler, indicating that this is a first and final warning, and inform the other umpire, the captain of the fielding side and the batsmen of what has occurred. "This caution shall apply to that bowler throughout the innings. 41.6.4 Should there be any further such delivery by the same bowler in that innings, the umpire shall - call and signal No ball - when the ball is dead, direct the captain of the fielding side to suspend the bowler immediately from bowling - inform the other umpire for the reason for this action. The bowler thus suspended shall not be allowed to bowl again in that innings." So umpires do have the option of stepping in if they think the short ball is being overused and in dangerous manner, but they seldom seem to. Enjoy the indian chin music guys :) If Bang can't handle bouncers and it bothers them (it doesn't), they shouldn't play test cricket!
  9. I'm no Pant fan boy. I actually want dhoni or samson to be the wicket keeper for t20 cup. Pant hasn't proven himself in t20 and needs to show it in domestic now. Odi i think pant was unlucky as he was never a number 4 (lol was obvious to most ), he should play at 6 or 7. Test is one format where pant did well. Was a safe keeper in Australia to seamers but of course saha is world class. Problem is a keeper needs to bat and when we play someone challenging abroad, they need to be mentally strong, rotate strike effectively, some big shots - this is the mantra at number 7. Saha is very limited and a few innings here and there don't convince me. Like his 30 odd at Adelaide. Pant scores 360 degrees and reminds me of Sehwag in tests, perfect for tail.
  10. Long term we need a keeper who bats well too, should try sanju or back to pant who plays well in tests
  11. as good as a keeper as he is, he is a joke with the bat apart from a few innings. Going for a not out here. Singles off the first few balls when the ball is moving shows his limitations.
  12. That's exactly what i want...unfortunately kohli and shastri are a bunch of idiots so i haven't watched the game too closely. We are winning because of talent but not due to their decisions. One day in a tough game overseas we could suffer just like the number 4 spot at the world cup haunted us. Idiots. Shaw's ban, shastri took advantage of. Now we have to let Rohit open until/If he fails. Grooming players could have helped india for next decade, there is serious talent in india but playing old friends until they retire is pathetic. Rahane just playing for middle scores now to keep his place.
  13. And while I was having a beer, a casual fan said dhawan needs to be fitted in and he was fantasizing about the mohali knock!
  14. We need to get Shaw and gill into this test team, kohli is a star as much as i dislike him as captain. Rohit has taken his chance for now but drop rahane, the guy shouldn't play for india in any format. Rahul only t20. Rahane for gill is needed asap or any upcoming player.
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