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  1. Make less interesting to watch Test format now. Very entertaining and classy cricketer.
  2. Boring rivalry. In 80s-90s, it was one-sided as it is today but with reversal. However, it is more focused on political hatred [one-sided] than on cricket whereas Ashes is all about cricket especially in Test format that will be tainted as the result growing of t20 franchises. Besides, both Pakistan and India should avoid each other in terms of cricket competitions because followers from both nations take rivalry to the new levels costing their own lives for stupid rivalry game that at the end - it is just stupid game. I hope Pakistan avoids India match in ICC T20 as protes
  3. Clearly you have gone bonker and I am wasting my time with you. All the best with your life.
  4. Are you sure it is my post and not your post judging by your posts and rambling of some sort? You must be off the pills.
  5. Ally is not iron clad as USA is not really ally of KSA and KSA is not ally of USA. It is Petro-Dollars that is at work. Worst case scenario, Saudi Arabia is on its own and they know it since they can’t trust USA hence military invested in Pakistan who have their own problems to deal with too. It is very funny wording of ally that will backfire on Saudi Arabia since they have betrayed for the sake of Petro-Dollar and it is very same petro-dollar that will be their downfall unfortunately. On topic, you are right. It is time to stick to the topic.
  6. The worlds perceive USA as many things too. At the end, it is truth that matters and unfortunately we will never know the truth that USA is crooked in terms of false-flag, misleading, Lies, fraud and beyond. They spent millions on mind control to keep civilizations fooled suggest that they would do anything. I am not blaming anyone let alone India but given Indian members’ pique interest in Pakistan cricket, just pointing out in plain clear language what is fact out there. Western worlds and Muslim worlds can never be on same page. And India is biggest licker that aspires to
  7. Now that is called jibberish or jinglish.
  8. Considering Pakistan has edge over India in terms of overall win-lose ratio since 1947, Pakistan winning champion trophy ‘17 is fluke as India winning WC 2011/ WC 1983/WC T20 ‘07.
  9. Afghan Talibans is terrorist? Decided by who? America that once heralded them as Mujahideen? India that is biggest genocidal, rape capital and terrorist nation given its involvement in IOK? Or Israel given its crimes at Palestine? Or Europe that has history of bloods over Middle East. Or North America that has history of genocide over native civilizations? Afghan Talibans as CIA once called ‘Mujahideens’ are the people of land and only people in Afghanistan gets to decide - not outsider who have their bloods on hands should mind their own business.
  10. Repeat of Champion Trophy final 2017? Personally I could care less as winning and losing are part of the game. What matters is the big game.
  11. Ironically, Bhawhat Gita pointed somewhat similar to greater Pakistan along with other foreign prophesies. And very same challenger that will challenge Israel so Israel is naturally to be worried about Pakistan and have been ever since the independence of Pakistan. Since this is cricket related, I expect some reaction as response to Afghan Talibans’ takeover in Afghanistan but not this. So isolation strategy has begun I am afraid. In the long run, Pakistan will come out as winner in form or Greater Pakistan as prophesied In Shaa ALLAAH.
  12. You do realize that they have lost the wars to Pakistan and Afghan Talibans hence left with their wagging tails? Afghan Talibans are not going anywhere. Pakistan is not going anywhere. China is not going anywhere. Russia is not going anywhere. But USA will certainly be going everywhere in pieces judging by the trend and debts in trillion dollars along with petro dollars going down.
  13. For cricket? It appears that the worlds need burnols ever since Afghan Taliban takeover in Afghanistan has taken worlds by surprise, Alhamdulillah.
  14. This cancellation is signs that Western worlds are hurt from the victory in Afghanistan against western worlds. We Pakistanis happily take cancellation for the stability in Afghanistan and Ghazwa-e-Hind along with save-Palestine and they are more important than pointless cricket that is considered as religion in here.
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