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  1. WTF is this obsession with trundlers? WTF is this place? the green ghetto? focus on the results.
  2. yes you are getting old if are starting have sympathy for pak in any way or form
  3. who is this idiot on pp? major pak bootlicker. would give SIF a run for the money
  4. @Nikhil_cric bump up the ipl playoffs and english players thread on the green ghetto please!
  5. sensible indian fan, chennai fan there is bhaag virus pretending to be indian
  6. Got to tell you the rats are turning on each other in the green ghetto
  7. Read the tone of the TOI report and the UK report FTR:I personnally think Kohli is not made for LOI captaincy as he is tactically slow. you gotta be blind as a *ing bat and thick as a brick not to see the motive behind the UK report.
  8. good god. this forum is filled with dumb*s. Its from a UK site. with with unnamed writer. Immediately after BCCi kicked ECB in the teeth What a bunch of gullible idiots. no wonder the british were able to rule india with all of 25000 soldiers for couple of centuries.
  9. Good god, we have another nehru in our midst. F sporting pitches. clobber the *ers anywhihc way you can. Prepare spicy pitches for practice by our players. For tests, * sporting pitches. Roll them all in 3 days!
  10. It was thread to stick it to Junaids and his enabler MIG. If you notice, MIG stayed away from the thread. * the $orkis
  11. @Nikhil_cric Epic troll thread of PP. Can feel them choking on their own vomit. And then there are those for whom it went over the head. Kudos.
  12. Too many Pakistani lovers on this board. Equating british colonialism with current terroristan thugs who will take the money kill more indians? India should ignore Pakistani period. in all aspects of life. no food no medicine. Let them *ing rot.
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