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  1. No Ashwin? If Jadeja does not perform, would you play Kuldeep over Ashwin? I know Kuldeep bowled well in Sydney but Ashwin outbowled Jadeja recently and offers more with the bat. Will be harsh to drop him if he is fit.
  2. To be successful in T20s, a fast bowler should be able to bowl at least these 2 bowls consistently and accurately: deceptive slower ball and yorker. Speed is not an issue in T20 if a bowler can bowl these two balls well. Dwane Bravo has always been a difficult bowler to hit in T20s because of this. Chahar has a good slower ball but not sure if he can bowl yorkers accurately and consistently. Bhuvi has both but seems to under-bowl the yorkers. He needs to bowl his yorkers more consistently. Bumrah bowls both these types of balls amazingly. In addition, he bowls a hard length during powerplay which is hard to hit due to his pace and action. Undoubtedly, the no. 1 T20 bowler in the world. Such a shame that other Indian bowlers are unable to pick up things from him during nets or otherwise. Shami - don't think he has either of theses two balls and will go for plenty on good decks with true bounce. India should look for seamers who can bowl yorkers with consistency and accuracy. Everyone, including the Unadkats and Khaleels, seems to have a slower ball. Challenge is that if your natural pace is less than 135Ks, then the difference and hence the impact is not much. I hope that one of Saini, Avesh or Mavi can bamboozle us with slower balls and yorkers in IPL 2020. Even better if Hardik can get better at these deliveries.
  3. So Ireland is the only test-playing team that could not qualify.
  4. Any wristspinners? Any all-rounder that can bowl fast/medium?
  5. Dube has a surprisingly good record in first class. Comparison of Batting & bowling averages (First class) of potential No.6: Jadeja: 47 & 24 Pandya: 30 & 31 Vihari: 60 & 39 Shankar: 48 & 51 Dube: 48 & 24
  6. Siraj and Saini have played international games (ODIs/T20Is) for India. You don't need to have played test matches. There were many such players who had contracts in 2019 like Logan van Beek, Daniel Worrall, Chad Sayers etc. Yes, Avesh needs to play a T20I somewhere. My point was more about interest in bowlers to play county and get experience of playing in foreign conditions and pitching the bowl up for long periods of time. I don't think Indian bowlers have much interest in going through that grind. Even Ishant went there as he found no takers in IPL.
  7. Players with their ages. Shaw (20) Mayank (28)/Easwaran(24) Gill(20) Iyer(24) Vihari(26) Ankit Bawne(26)/Riyan Parag (18) Pant(22) Kuldeep(24)/Anukul Roy(21) Mavi(21)/Nagarkoti(20) Saini(27)/ Avesh(23) Bumrah(26)/Siraj(25) If I could ask for one wish, it would be for Saini, Siraj (even Avesh if he can find an interested team) to play a county season under a capable bowling coach like Gilespie or Bond. After Zaheer and now Ishant, it is hard to argue against it's benefits.
  8. Velu, it was around that time that Dhoni started playing slowly. Hope your Dhonibhakti didn't spoil things?
  9. Whether opening or middle order - he needs to prove his mettle and temperament via India A games first. We should never confuse one-day form with potential performances in test matches (especially in Eng/Aus even WI test pitches are spicy now).
  10. Indian Player: sir, what is "winning mentality"? Guru: "When you fire a blank from there, by the time it crosses into Southern hemisphere, it is blown away with the wind like a tracer bullet. Okay? But lead... Lead... With something in it... Can be pretty serious." Indian Player gets so motivated by the sheer magnitude of man-management that he bowls at 190 mph, takes a flight home to Northern hemisphere, shuts up all the armchair critics at ICF, crosses over to Southern hemisphere, back to the ground and collects the ball before it even reaches the keeper. All hail The Shashtri. Valar drunkaisis (All men must get drunk) House of Tracer Bullets.
  11. Any particular issue with the ICC rankings that you do not agree with that? I follow it regularly and believe it to be the most objective evaluation of rankings. Since fans of one country do not always watch the matches of other countries, there is always a chance of bias towards players that we watch more of.
  12. We'll win 3-2 or 4-1 if Dhoni bats at 4/5. Series will have scores of 320+ so unfortunately, MSD's limitations will come to the fore in at least a game or two (same as England ODIs).
  13. Surprised no one has mentioned about Prithvi Shaw? Is he injured? Mumbai hasn't qualified for Semis so he should be available. He could have opened and could become our back-up opener if KL's form does not improve.
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