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  1. Kohli's curse isn't limited to cricket, I remember he wished PV Sindhu before her Olympic finals
  2. Just checked, thanks. I thought this was fake, but it seems to be in line with other posts during that time. Not sure what they were thinking.
  3. Also MSD: To combat COVID-19, we should do as we're doing
  4. Hmm, might be time to change the site graphic at the top to "Coronavirus Tour of the World"
  5. "Virat Kohli responds to critics in his special style before IPL 2020" So MC BC?
  6. "Collectively as a batting unit we did not perform. To single out individuals, I don't believe in that. We take the hit together as a group, whether as a batting group or as a team. And we try to correct those things and move forward." How convenient to mask his own failures in this series
  7. Makes sense now why he fails to score much. Probably busy calculating sin theta & cos theta in his mind instead of watching the ball
  8. Well, there's a reason Thakur is selected in India's finisher role
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