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  1. "We have a legacy like WI did the in 80s and Australia did in the turn of the century": Ravi Shastri https://www.cricketcountry.com/news/absolute-nonsense-ravi-shastri-opens-up-on-alleged-rift-between-virat-kohli-and-rohit-sharma-890015
  2. They have removed Dean Jones from Islamabad United so that Misbah can take over coaching job as well.
  3. Mishraji might be released or traded last season for him perhaps.
  4. Iyer he will be there to fill the void of Mishra Ji as he is already 36.
  5. Mishra who is 36 now, is well past his prime and Ashwin can be a perfect replacement for him boosting the team’s bowling attack while also adding steel to the lower middle-order. Ashwin was roped in by KXIP in 2018 for a whopping INR 7.6 crores after Chennai Super Kings decided not to retain the premier spinner. He captained the Punjab outfit in the 2018 and the 2019 editions of the tournament with the team failing to make it to the playoffs on both occasions.
  6. Jindal wants experienced players due to which these selections are being made poor choice though.
  7. Either Royals or Delhi will get him if he goes to Royals then Gowtham will be sent to Punjab not sure who DC will trade for him if he ends up with DC.
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