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  1. 4 fielder rule has hindered the part timers in ODI's. You need to be a good part timer like Markram /Root /Jadhav to give those 4-5 overs.
  2. Also Kohli's lack of backfoot game is being exploited by the opponents. He has been found out. Did really well this match to play only the over pitched deliveries for drives but still on bouncy wickets you cannot score only by having a front foot offside game. Look how well Peterson Rahul Bavuma were punching the balls through cover point. Only good thing for Kohli is that 8 out of 9 next test matches are in sub continent so no need to worry about the back foot game.
  3. He was getting frustrated as he was not able to score at all and Pant was hitting freely. Ball was there to drive but swung late. Had he just kept doing what he was maybe we could have scored 300+. South African bowlers were getting tired. Just needed to play out that one spell and things should have eased out for the rest of the day.
  4. Hatao inko. Not only from the 11 but from the entire squad. If they are in the squad they will keep finding ways of making a comeback. Get in Vihari Panchal Shreyas Surya Ishan Sarfraz in the squad.
  5. This one is going down leg with the angle. No doubt on this one. And then Pakistan fielders decided to drop 5 catches. 5 catches in a wc semifinal.
  6. Average first innings score has been around 350 in first class games since 2020. Also spinners have done well here.
  7. Umesh for Siraj. Kohli for Vihari. Ashwin has to play. Cape Town has helped spinners in first class and also in England SA test last time.
  8. Daughter's birthday is on 11th Jan. The day of third test. Kya drama chal raha hai ye?
  9. Pak lost a test against WI which they should have won. The ongoing test with Ban could be a draw due to rain. Eng Aus NZ won't be easy even at home. Australia series in March will be the deciding factor for Pak reaching the finals.
  10. These discussions remind me of school time discussions before Bermuda vs Bangladesh match during 2007 world cup.
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