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  1. Looks like he did it deliberately. Didn't wanted to be the first one to make 200 in a losing cause.
  2. He made a Fifty on debut and because of that was selected for World Cup 1999 even though he didn't get a game.
  3. Then Kishan should play at No 4 or 5 in IPL and try to get Iyer's spot.
  4. 14 day quarantine before the match which effectively means no practice match before the final. I hope we are somehow allowed to play some intra squad games.
  5. Axar and Sundar were batting so well. Could have easily stretched the lead above 200. What a brain fade by Axar. There was no single there.
  6. Ideal replacement for Dhawan in ODIs.
  7. Bring the senior most civil engineer of Highway Authority of India and make a road for the 4th test.
  8. 33 more wickets needed to become the highest finger spinning wicket taker. Absolute Legend.
  9. These two should attack now. Even a 50 run lead is precious here.
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