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  1. MITHOON most underrated composer in India is Mithoon. I love each and every song of his. Albums like Anwar (listen to the instruments), Aashiqi, Ek Villian, Hamari Adhuri Kahani, Kabir Singh, Muder 2, it is shocking that no one knows him and puts him the category of A.R. Rahman. He songs are genuine and never inspired. Some of this songs like ‘Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein’, ‘Main Phil bhi tumko chahunga’, ‘Phir Mohobat Karne Chala hai tu’, ‘Maula Mere Maula Mere’ I have played his songs 100 of times on a repeat. And I am not even talking about his albums like Ek Villian, Aashiqi or Kabir Singh. This guy is out of the world. I really hope people appreciate Mithooon. https://youtu.be/tCSXPZ95zeM
  2. My heart breaks to see these photos, and boils when I see these terrorists sympathizers making fun of our martyrs. And the sad part is, after a week, people will move on, and Kasmiris will keep breeding these snakes and we will lose our brave warriors again in few months, and the cycle will continue. I am stating an unpopular opinion, I don’t want Kashmiris to be integrating with India. They will always be radical, and namak. Best way to get rid of them is to let Kashmir go And force every Kashmiri to move back.
  3. I don’t understand what we are trying to achieve by trying to raise snakes with us. India should let go Kashmir and should not let a single Kashmiri in India. If 900 years of history can’t teach us, nothing can. Kashmiris are namak haram and we will always be infidels and non believers. They will never accepted a non Muslim government. They are slowly integrating into Jammu and India. And if we don’t stop now, we will never learn.
  4. What got you interested in history? Who is your favourite Indian medieval king/person ICF sometimes can have heavy negative tive trolling against Islam, how do you maintain your calm and composure and actively respond? I will ask a controversial and a tough question. Did you ever think of moving out of India because of being a Muslim.
  5. Some really questions everyone. Keep them coming. @Gollum love this question of yours. Who is your favorite historical character from medieval India and why? Love it!
  6. Just finished watching the movie. so the first blood in the movie was done by Indian Hindus who killed heroes best friends father who was a Muslim. And his muSlim best friend who is now a victim has started killing KP to take revenge. Then the hero and whole plot of the movie is to blame Americans and their guns to create mess in Kashmir. I was like WTF. Why are you brininging America in this. It’s like Pakistanis who blame Jews/Raw/America for terrorist attack on Srilankan cricketers in Pakistan. This movie barely has anything about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. Pathetic movie.
  7. ‘Minorities...’ that’s exactly CAA tried to introduce but Pseudo liberals and Shahin Bagh shernia didn’t like why it was only given to minorities
  8. BC mere lag gai. Was flying to India for a month next week. Already booked hotels and flights in Goa, Hampi, Badami and Mysore. Sala IPL, medieval history, beaches,resorts, soya chaaps, sare plans ki lag gai. Corona tujhe keede pade sale
  9. Exactly. Season 1 was so pathetic and didn’t make any sense. I gave up after that.
  10. He is the most useless guy. Guy was such a pussy against the bouncers of Wagnor. Backing away, was **** scared through out.
  11. Man, she was my biggest crush after Chui Mui si lagti ho. She raised the bar with her role in Mohobatteiin She is one desi girl who looks better in basic Indian attire.
  12. People like you make me so angry. Pant clearly sacrificed himself yet you have the nerves to blame Pant
  13. Can’t stand her after reading her political views on Twitter. Typical psuedo
  14. I am saying this from day 1. We indians made so much fun of afridi. But after playing 160 matches, he had way more match winning innings than our Jadeja. Jadeja is the worst investment we have ever made. Played 2 50 overs worldcup , 5 t20 worldcups and didnt even win us a single match.
  15. I am loving this playing stand. I think this is first time everyone is happy to see our opening combination also, love how they are being attacking even in these swinging conditions. Can you ever imagine Rohit and Dhawan doing that. E would be 7 overs 17 runs rather than 47
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