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All jokes, and fan banter aside..

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20 minutes ago, asterix said:

Individual brilliance’s are part of it. Many times it doesn’t works. The script was not to let MI win that match. That match was for KXIP to win...


KXIP could’ve won easily with needing the Super Over. Go through the last few overs of their innings to see how the “space shuttle guidance” works...The remit was to have a super over. 
The second super over requirement came when KXIP failed to score much and only 6 runs was the target for MI...

space shuttle guidance itself is scripted :lol:  check out conspiracy theory section in chit chat :p: 

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1 hour ago, asterix said:

Nobody’s saying the whole game gets fixed. It’s impossible. Mind you I’m not saying it’s to do with Bookies... The Organisers conveys “what’s expected” to the individual team managements for each match, through proper channel. 

The key players in the team do know “what is expected”. An unwritten code is to always keep things tight. Gone are the days of outright win or thrashing... Gone are the days of under 100 all out scores.

Both the teams key players adjust time to time to guide the match towards a tight finish...


The match is like a space shuttle which is “kept on course or orbit” by small, measured jets of propulsion from various sides... 


There are many jets like this work: Examples are:

1) Rohit getting out at different times and the way he gets out.

2) Hard hand drop catches and midfields.

3) Players selections but not getting to bowl or bat.

4) Not taking DRS.

5) Umpires giving shocking verdicts.

6) Win toss and elect chasing and then “struggling” to chase after a “slow” start. Keep losing wickets playing rash shots when it’s not even required.

7) Deliberate run out by going for an impossible run or in Jordan’s case, Turn in a circle instead of running straight. There are umpteen ways of getting run out. At the most you’ll be termed stupid, panicked or inexperienced.

8) Missing to hit or score runs by swishing in air...

9) Bad acting to appear dejected or angry while continue to deliberately lose.

10) Stretch the match atleast beyond last Advert break if there’s a chance if finishing early...

Many more...

Nothing is illegal here as all sanctioned by the organiser themselves to keep the matches “competitive and interesting”...

Dude you must have analyzed this over time. After reading this, even I'm getting doubts. Yesterday, Archer, a safe fielder let go of a simple ground fielding to give a 4 to Dhoni. While he was acting dejected, he could have made the second attepmt to stop the ball from reaching the boundary. He even misfielded the second time which Dhoni looked as an opportunity for a 2 but was run out in the end. And that drop catch. The commies covered it up by saying Archer is having a terrible day in the field  :blah:

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