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Stats padding has to stop

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Teams need to stop supporting players focused on stats padding. There are times when a player is simply struggling, not in best form, etc, which can be excused. But when you are in good form and still seek to get to your 20 first before playing for your team, it is inexcusable. For e.g. Jadeja in today's game. CSK had tons of batsmen to come and he played a 22 off 22 balls w/o attempting a 6, costing his team big runs. Even a D Chahar on such a surface can do that, if you are sent up the order, you need to push for a big score. Nothing makes me turn off more than a player using games to improve his stats. I would rather have an honest trier than someone with loads of talent focusing on himself first. 


If we continue to support such a culture, Ind cricket may not reach its maximum potential.



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46 minutes ago, Majestic said:

Let's look at performance of Jadeja's competitors for T20 spot in Indian team:-


Jadeja, S/R 162

Sundar , S/R 65

Krunal, S/R 131

Tewatia, S/R 128

Dube, S/R 117


Couldn't find stats for Shardul and Axar Patel. They probably haven't batted I guess.


^ Stats depend upon a variety of factors including form, conditions, opportunities, strength of the opposition, situation (for top order batsmen #1-3, situation can be more or less similar), and so on 


If they all played for one team and therefore faced similar challenges, it can be a more meaningful comparison


Stats are more useful with a large sample size including career stats (say ATG comparisons)


The point being discussed here is stats padding (and you posted some #s). We know how Jadeja used the Harshal over, after he had padded up stats,  to improve his SR. In the game v MI, he was probably waiting for Kulkurni (refused 1s and 2s too to remain on strike) but could not hit out (as a lower middle order batsman, you are expected to hit bad balls irrespective of the bowler)


While other batsmen could be playing the ball on its merit (rather than bowlers) and even pushing for big hits. 20* off 15 balls (with 1 four only), SR is 133. 4 off 5 balls, getting out to a great catch going for a 6 to help the team to a bigger total, SR is 80


PS I used Jadeja as an example because of the recent match. We have more stats padders than just him

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