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Jessie Inchauspe - Glucose Goddess


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She is a biochemist and an author of 2 books related to glucose spikes following food meals and how it causes

1. Food cravings

2. Glycation (ageing and dying - organ damage, wrinkles etc.)

3. Lack of energy 

4. Brain fog, inability to think clearly


She provides few hacks to avoid glucose spikes that actually affect 90% of even the so called healthy people...

Such as

1. Eating veggies and protein before carbs (starches and sugars)

2. Protein rich breakfast

3. Apple cider vinegar before meals for preventing glucose spikes


Point number 1 is super crucial , have been eating 1/2-1 bowl of fried veggies(fried in kachi ghani mustard oil - this is the healthiest) before meals plus trying to eat some dal before roti, remaining less dal with roti...it has been working wonders

1. Energy level up

2. Less food cravings

3. Positivity and more self control and pleasent feeling

4. Good bowel movement


I am obsessed with this wonderful lady, discovered her 1 week back. She is a blessing. She is all over the internet and I think it is revolutionary because it is so helpful...more revolutionary than intermittent fasting(I made a thread on it) because that is hard to do and hard to maintain .


I respect her so much that I have increased respect about everything about her - women power , French etc. 


Do watch her videos.

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16 minutes ago, bharathh said:

That really is a good clickbait title!

1. Her book by the name 'glucose goddess' is the number 1 best selling in nutrition category...great ratings


2. Her insta page is named the glucose goddess 2 million plus followers

3. I know i will be following her methods for life because I am finding significant benefits 

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2 hours ago, gattaca said:

Aren’t you trying to inhibit the natural body reaction to heavy guclose food. Sure it will reduce the spike but what are the after effects. Your body is reacting to a certain chemical. 

Reducing the spike is the ultimate goal. Spike causes all the harms listed above...after-effects of the hacks are all the benefits and just the opposite of harmful affects listed above... through these hacks the amplitude of the Sine wave of your Glucose spike is lessened to within a range which doesn't cause the body harm. 


In addition, in women, glucose spikes also cause Hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) and infertility. 

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