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  1. Good insight, don't know why people love to hate him, he ain't perfect either..
  2. On this topic, very rare to see a world class shorter fast bowler in test, batters plenty on the contrary there have been great taller batters. Hope we don't see a new topic based on which team will be better guys with 4 inch ducks or 7 inch ones, maybe Velu even knows those measurements, Dhoni's for sure he does
  3. First of all I don't know you but you seem to know me so I will give u the benefit of doubt, I am not sure you r a male or female. Women and men are different and it is elementary not sexist, Unadkunt bowls at 125 I can compare with Ellyse Perry, we can't fool ourselves of run away from truth.It is purely based on his talent look at Olympic and sport records
  4. I think Unadkunt should be ripe for Captaincy of. The senior side and he is bowling fast, he should replace Harmanpreet as captain and be a adequate replacement to Jhulan
  5. Umeh is done, bowls 8 to 10 k slower n is a one trick pony, we need to invest in youth, Prasidh, Rajpoot, Mavi besides Saini
  6. Deplorable, worst wicket I have seen, and we lost toss again, hope somehow the Kiwis loose
  7. Crickets a matter of Angles, Shastri has an Angle, so does Srinivasan, Kohli n Bhabi n Lukkhane
  8. I think it is good that the chinks have been ironed out earlier for Mavi n Nagarkoti as they could be our future stars. Hope someone looks at Kartik Tyagi n especially Porel as his action is lacking and he is not generating pace
  9. He has failed to get Laid, no Tinder dates yet. On a serious note nothing majorly wrong but he needs to bowl at his normal pace and be patient and go for jets with his usual length.
  10. He should play for India and will compete with the best in the Indian colors, I meant women's team as his pace and skill can only get him that far
  11. For me Mayank Shaw should have been KL ideally Pujara Kohli Rahane Vihari Pant Saha is 35 or above n Pant has the numbers n is a game changer Chahal. As he takes the pitch out of equation n Ashwin , Jadeja r proven failures in SENA Shami Bumrah Saini. Umesh is a proven failure in SENA as well as has lost a lot of pace n zip. Saini can change a game in a spell KL, Prasidh, Hardik should be in the test squad when available as they r quality n avoid mediocre Shard- up and the
  12. Sarfaraz could be a once in a generation player, if Marnus was picked up for Australia and Sachin n Rohit, Virat he has for me broken down the doors. Fit he is, it is impossible to score such big runs at run a ball or else. He is just on stockier side build wise
  13. Credit to Bangla but the quality of Tyagi, or even the other Tyagis not in the team, Jaiswal, and other 19 players who have represented India but were not repeated is a level or two above. They were accurate and restrictive for age group like Unadkutter but don't see the spark in the bowling, Batters yes like the openers as they were positive whereas Indian batters were too defensive but even Jaiswal is a level or 2 above
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