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  1. What amazes me about Umran is his easy pace and beautiful action, he bowled the first ball in his spell at 151 k. Even the fastest bowlers in the world that i have seen don't have that ability and often start at 145 to max 147 k in the first ball of the day. If this guy stays fit, he has the skill, aggression and talent to be the fastest bowler ever and best bowler in this era. The other bowler I am really impressed with is Mohsin Khan, tall, easy pace and good bounce and has enough skills to be in Blue colors in a year or two. He can bat as well and is young. The bowle
  2. How did V Iyer bowl, does he have any potential, being an all rounder will elevate his chances
  3. Rahane has been a big time under performer no ifs or buts, Pujara also was just decent but now not worthy of playing 11 that is the simple truth.
  4. Two things McGrath was very good but aided by conditions and at that Stage umpiring and the Hyenas who circled around him, Guys like Ambrose and Steyn for me better then him. Ambrose was awesome on those slow tracks and had more pace accuracy n venom
  5. Also to add we wasted a lot of time on useless quota starfish player Unadkant, don't know what or who he is related to
  6. I had hoped few years back that Aniket Choudhury, B Sran, Khalil one of them will be India's left arm pacer but no one was tried much, is the cupboard bare, @rkt.india @express bowling @vishalvirsingh and others who follow pace bowling closely
  7. Dhoni was a cancer for new players and never supported or nurtured players
  8. There have been very few Indian fast bowlers who were almost there or matured quickly Bumrah is an exception Irfan Pathan was a different problem although he was good at debut and earlier stage. Shami was better. Earlier we never had the fast bowling culture, also the bowling coaching and standards were not that high, Bio mechanics and other stuff is pretty good now in India at higher levels comparatively. also the Indian bodies mature a bit slower
  9. Siraj had good qualities, skills, ability to plan a batsmen's dismissal which is critical, for him to be successful in the longer run and not be a Munaf Patel he needs to bowl at higher pace. I would like for him to bowl at 138 to 148 range , right now he is not the first choice pacer for me. Bumrah, Shami and Ishant are ahead also Aussie tracks were pace friendly and you need to be pacier to be successful in Asia and to use reverse
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