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  1. Thanks bro. Sarvashresht Dhurandhar Bahubali mahaguru Dhoni ne kamaal kar rakha hai... zyada dukhi mat hona bhai... life enjoy kar sako to kar lena... and ICF continues to go deeper and deeper into negative hellhole... damn... frustrated logo ka kumbh mela bana rakha hai iss site ko... lol I need to get out of here ...my eyes hurt seeing so much crap around...
  2. weird...it goes to homepage everytime I refresh... or maybe is chrome acting... uff too much effort to post I guess should enjoy Dhoni's last career inning in Australia without seeing all haters burn
  3. Babaji buri nazar laga di aapne... SC continues to **** their pants.... tareekh pe tareekh, tareekh pe tareekh... fuc
  4. ^^^^ Also, this women got the watchman arrested by posting this under #metoo on twitter. Bravo Mumbai police. Crazy feminism.
  5. Fucccck man. Chewtiya feminazis taking this country to dogs.
  6. Its T20 series....they just use it as practice games unless it is WC or IPL....They want to try out 2nd keeper... galat kya hai ismein... sahi toh bol rahe hai saaf saaf....Team moves on... Dhoni is a legend and will remain one...obviously he is old and done, so what is wrong in trying new people... acha toh hai... Point to ponder is DK and Pappu still playing.... lol Kishan could have been tried instead of Parthiv...
  7. Gambhir can definitely try his luck in Delhi... Anyhow BJP is loosing there. And Dhoni should be tried in WB, he seems to have connection in those eastern states. Tamil Nadu is out of reach because of language. Hope BJP milk them as much as possible if true. Its going to be a tough fight in 2019 and they will need every bit of it.
  8. Shunya

    Save Sabrimala

    so this is more like feminazis trying to change faith and belief of religion based on their retarded logic of freedom? And obviously they will target hindus since they have always been punching bag for everyone... this and Ram mandir case in next couple of weeks...things are going to get hyper in coming days...
  9. Well, I dont know who she is really, never heard about her before, but what is the difference between her and any other 100 people on Twitter who is accusing so and so. But as I said from the first day itself, bollywood is all fake. I wish this so called #metoo thing actually obliterate bollywood completely. They deserve all destruction because they have been milking media/social media for years to create fake narratives and what not and fool the people of this country. All women are fake, all men are fake, everyone is using each other for some or the other thing. Have no sympathy for them either. Apart from that, feminists themselves are hypocrites as we are seeing now how they are defending their own brethren and accusing everyone else. Its all political and selfish for them. The real victims of abuse should have been treated as victims (Regardless of men or women or other) and should have been helped to with due process to get justice. The laws, guidelines, awareness, etc should have been empowered to make a better working environment for all - women, men, everyone. But instead of that feminazis, fake bollywood and fake journalists/celebrities have hijacked this and turned into a fist fight of sorts where twitter celebs with huge following continue to change narrative with all political and personal agendas. Similar to how Kejriwal milked media and public anger and got famous and then is crapping s.hit now by becoming a chewtiya typical politician.
  10. Very interesting development in TS Sudheer case. NDTV editor wife supporting his ex-NDTV accused husband by silencing victims on one hand. While they are pursuing MJ Akbar case obviously bcos he is a minister. Reeks of lot of bias.
  11. >>The Pyar ka punchnama & Sonu ke titu ki sweety fame director - Luv Ranjan is next target. Iski toh band bajni hi thi, itni jurrat ki usne male POV wali movies banake... oh man... easy target this man luv-ranjan-asked-me-to-strip-during-my-first-look-test >>Anu Malik accused by Sona mohapatra as a sexual predator has posted stuff like "He called me a maal" and other All over her twitter and much more - https://twitter.com/sonamohapatra * yaar, this man made so many good songs copying from various places... how am I going to enjoy it now...damn >> Pooja Mishra has accused Salman khan, arbaaz khan, sohail khan, shatrugan sinha, etc of RAPE. Seems like nobody is taking her seriously even though she is not anonymous. >>> Sapna bhavnani is now full on Anti- AB mode... egging women to come out of the stories that she has heard for years Amitabh bachchan will be the biggest fish if it happens...Again she is not anonymously doing it. All in open. Her twitter has more such khulaasas
  12. Chalo, atleast you dont support anonymous complaints or third party endorsement of complaints. Thats a good start. Slowly you will also understand someday that accused is not guilty because media or social media says so. Btw, #metoo movement that people talk about is still going on, almost 50% stories were anonymous to start with. All the feminazis were championing it when it started because it was women vs men for them. Some of them are losing support bcos the frenzy cannot last for long time and the jounalists/media(who themselves are the biggest culprits) have conveniently shifted focus completely on bollywood which everyone would love to see fall anyways as they know how fake they are.
  13. Finally some sense setting in... media frenzy is never about justice... its just empowering those media people and social media kings and queen by accumulating support causing anarchy.
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