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  1. @ Ankit_sharma03 @Nikola @raki05 @cricspin please come here thanks
  2. Here I am in order of merit ranking the most artistic left-handed cricketers after Gary Sobers who simply was in another league. Wasim Akram David Gower Brian Lara Alan Davidson Graeme Pollock Vinoo Mankad Bishen Bedi Saed Anwar Mitchell Johnson Sannath Jayasuriya Alvin Kalicharan Saurav Ganguly Kumar Sangakaara Wasim Raja Derek Underwood Wasim took wizardry with the ball to heights unreached with his magical reverse swing and variations. Gower revealed grace of the divine in his strokes. Lara dominated attacks taking creativity to regions unexplored. Davidson even surpassed Wasim foe sheer pace and control,with subtle variations. Mankad posessed all-round skill comparable to Sobers .A true great with the bat and ball like at Lords in 1951 when scoring 184 and taking 8 wickets. Bedi was sheer poetry in action being more complete than any other left arm spinner. Anwar posessed majestic grace even when tearing attacks to shreds. Miltchelle Johnson could join the league of a Wasim Akram for sheer art and skill.Unplayable at his best who blended pace,movement and bounce in perfect proportion. Jayasuriya gave a new defintion to opening in batting by attacking from the word go,resembling a trapeze artist. Kalicharan was like a left-handed Rohan Kanhai,taking domination to majestic heights. Ganguly's batting posessed a charismatic or princely grace and was very resourceful with the ball.too. Sangakaara revealed great composure in his batting. Wasim Raja's strokes posessed a sublime touch of its own ,executing the most flowing drives. Derek underwood had subtle variations in flight being unplayable in helpful conditions.
  3. @ Ankit_sharma03 @Nikola @raki05 @cricspin please come here thanks
  4. In order of merit ranking the most artistic batsmen ever.I am asessing sheer artistry and not technical correctness,ability to dominate bowling or records. 1.Denis Compton 2.Ranjitsinghji 3.Rohan Kanhai 4.Zaheer Abbas/Vishwanath 6.Mohammad Azharuddin 7.David Gower 8.Brian Lara 9.VVS Laxman 10.Martin Crowe 11.Frank Worrell 12.Majid Khan Denis Compton resembled a musical composer more than anyone exhibiting imagination in regions of the divine. Ranjitsinghji invented the leg glance .Strokes posessed touch of a magician. Kanhai explored regions in batting nobody did nobody did with his falling hook or 'roti' shot. Zaheer Abbas and Vishwanath were the ultimate exponents of oriental artistry resembling a painter making curves on a board. Azhar batted as though representing grace of the Lord being the best ever exponent of the leg glance after Ranjitsinghji. David Gower revealed remorseless ease in hitting a cricket ball like no left-hander ever ,reminiscent of putting a child to sleep. Brian Lara was similar to a left-handed Denis Compton taking batting artistry to metaphysical proportions VVS Laxman manipulated a cricket ball with his wrists resembling a violinist strutting strings . Martin Crowe was like a right-handed David Gower who carried bat like a wand. Frank Worrell was the ultimate epitome of grace resembling a concert pianist . Majid Khan inspite of limited footwork,on his day resembled a sculptor
  5. But is not cricket also about art with a poetic element to it?Aesthetic aspect too?
  6. 1.Zaheer Abbas/Vishwanath 3.Azharuddin 4.Mushtaq Ali 5.V.V.S.Laxman 6.Majid Khan 7.Mohammad Yousuf 8..Aravinda De Silva 9.Mahela Jayewardene 10.Vijay Manjrekar 11.Sachin Tendulkar 12.Yuvraj Singh 13.Roy Dias 14.Virat Kohli 15.M.L.Jaisimha 16.Salim Malik 17.Dilip Vengsarkar 178Inzamam Ul Haq 19Asif Iqbal 20.Vinod Kambli /Javed Miandad. Zaheer,Vishy and Azhar carried a bat like a painters brush and at their best their strokes bestowed the grace of the divine,as though the Lord was working through hem.Their feather touches sent a ball rattling over the fence with remorseless ease.There are hardly adjectives to describe the poetry in the leg-glance of Azhar,the square or late-cut of Vishy or the drive on either side of extra-cover of Zaheer.All represented artistry in regions of the sublime like making curves on a board.Zaheer and Vishy rated ahead of Azhar as they had better footwork and more classical in stroke execution.I could not seperate Zaheer and Vishy .Vishy was more a master of sheer wristwork and better against genuine pace while Zaheer was better executor of drives and tackled spin better. Mushtaq Ali in full flow resembled a trapeze artist in a circus carrying a willow like a wand. Laxman was art personified gliding the cricket ball with unmatched ease and control. Majid had limited footwork but took wizardry to metaohysical proportions. Aravinda could manipulate gaps or bissect a field in the same depth as Tendulkar or Lara and with finesse few batsmen posessed. Mohammad Yousuf was grace personified posessing a silken touch,reminiscent of a putting a child to sleep. Jayewardeme resemble a flute player when batting with a unique sweetness in his batting. Manjrekar's batting posessed a characteristic grace possesing touch of the divine. Tendulkar was not so elegant or stylish but had elements of creative genius in his repertoire like his backward punch or upper-cut. Yuvraj even when tearing an attack to shreds revealed the touches of a weaver.Few batsmen flourished in match-winning causes in ODI's with such sheer sublime touch. Roy Dias took batting artistry to a supreme height when dominating bowling.Reminiscent of Rohan Kanhai. Virat Kohli placed a ball better than any batsmen of our era with arguably more skill than even Tendulkar. Jaisimha was artistry personified resembling a lotus blooming. Salim Malik could be brutal or savage but still posessed subtle elements of grace in his batting when finding the gaps. On his day Vengsarkar could take batting artistry to regions few could traverse. Inzamam may have appeared a bit crude but still posessed subtle batting aesthetics when piercing the gaps. Asif Iqbal at his best revealed untold glory in his driving .with a characteristic touch. Vinod Kambli was talent personified stroking the ball with effortless ease. Javed Miandad was hadrly elegant but some of his strokes posessed touches of genius ,like his pull shot.
  7. This is my list of the most destructive batsmen of all time in order of merit.I have scaled in accordance with batting position nad oppositin.Not considered pure class or statistics but only ability to consistently massacre or intimidate opposition. Viv Richards Virendra Sehwag Adam Gilchrist Brian Lara Sanath Jayasuriya Shahid Afridi A B Devilliers Rohit Sharma Barry Richards/Don Bradman Gilbert Jessop Chris Gayle Everton Weekes/Walter Hammond Sachin Tendulkar Rohan Kanhai Gary Sobers Graeme Pollock Ricky Ponting Saed Anwar Inzamam Ul Haq Ian Botham Kapil Dev Virat Kohli Gordon Greenidge Clive Lloyd Viv on top as nobody exuded the authority of an emperor as much .Sehwag gave a new dimension to batting inventing strokes of his very own.Gichrist could put a stadium on fire from the word go.No batsmen looked more like a magician than Lara who could be mercurial for a duration unequalled.Jayasuriya defined a new era by pioneering attacking aggression from the very first delivery itself.Afridi could create an impact of a blitzkreig more than anyone in his day.Devilliers displayed the imagination of a circus acrobat with creativity in regions of the sublime.Rohit is the master blaster of the modern era.Barry and Bradman looked more like a cricketing machines than anyone .
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