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  1. Great list but Tendulkar against short pitched bowling?not vulnerable at times?
  2. This is my list in order of merit of batsmen who played short pitched bowling at express pace best. 1.Viv Richards 2.Ian Chappell 3.Rohan Kanhai 4.Inzamam Ul Haq 5.Majid Khan 6.Mohinder Amarnath(at his best) 7.Martin Crowe 8.Alan Lamb . 9.Javed Miandad 10.Gundapppa Vishwanath 11.Sunil Gavaskar 12.Clive Lloyd /David Gower No batsman with better reflexes than Viv who played great paceman like a spinners,like in WSC supertests and down under in 1979-80.Ian Chappell was the ultimate man in a crisis ,playing the rising ball with great judgement.Rohan Kanhai was more i
  3. My list of batsman with the best defence technically or best exponents of defence. 1.Geoff Boycott/Hanif Mohammad 3.Vijay Merchant 4.Sunil Gavaskar. 5.Len Hutton 6.Sachin Tendulkar 7.Barry Richards 8.Rahul Dravid 9.Rohan Kanhai 10.Gordon Greenidge 11.Alvin Kalicharan 12.Lawrence Rowe/Mohinder Amarnath I simply can't separate Hanif and Boycott who were simply the equivalent of
  4. Sorry corrected error.Thanks Liked my choice and rankings?
  5. This is my list of the best ever single in spells by a fast bowler.I am considering only single or continuous spells and not the entire innings. 1.Curtly Ambrose 6 wickets at Trinidad v England in 1994 in 2nd innings .-Rattled the backbone of the English batting as though performing a demolition job on a wicket with uneven bounce and cracks.Batsman were clueless or perplexed to go back or forward.Instead of sailing towards a win England crashed to 26-8. reminding one of an airbase being bombed.Hostility and aggression resembling water at a boiling point,at a magnitude surpassed.Ne
  6. Vengsarar in 1986 yes.However overall 19887 Greenidge at top.Do check hi scores and impact
  7. On May 1st we celebrate the 70th birthday of one of the greatest batsman of all time. It is also thirty years since this cricketing colossus retired from the game with a fitting finale. On his day Gordon Greenidge took batting domination to magnitude rarely surpassed and looked the ultimate epitome of perfection. Possibly no batsman in his day hit a ball harder as Gordon, who held a bat like a club. Few batsman ever executed more dazzling pull or hook shots, with Gordon posessing the ferocious power of a tiger.Greenidge was also technical correctness personified displaying exemplary balance, f
  8. Greatly appreciate analysis.Atleast you recognise Azhar for his positive points.No doubt flaws but we must uphold his contribution.
  9. Was he not a great batsman?Amongst the most stylish of all time?Also won India so many games as a batsman
  10. No batsman who played for India took elegance or grace to such divine proportions as Mohammad Azharuddin.He was the perfect manifestation of poetry in motion in Cricket.Azhar was not as technically sound as Rahul Dravid or Sachin Tendulkar ,as calculating as Virat Kohli or as destructive as Virendra Sehwag but for sheer artistry he surpassed them all. Few artists took the glory of the victimised Muslim community in sporting endeavour to such heights. No Indian batsman was more pleasing to the eye,resembling a lotus blooming.Azharuddin simply took batting artistry or wizardry to another dimensi
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