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  1. Very good list.However Stokes played in a marginally more challenging situation and was more explosive.
  2. Rectified my list adding Ben Stokes,Kusal Perera and Rishab Pant.Apologize for error.I forgot they were left-handers.
  3. Here I am listing in order of merit a list of my selection of best performances by a left handed cricketer 1.Alan Davidson 80 and 44 and taking 11 wickets in Brisbane test v West Indies in 1960-61.-Magnificient all-round effort all but winning at est that was tied.Explosive as lightning and thunder wit both bat and ball,ressurecting his team in the gravest of situations. 2.Wasim Akram at Adelaide in 1989-90-Scored 123 and took 5-100 ,turning a game that looked all but lost.Artistry with ball and bat at a volume rarely seen,which lifted his
  4. Ashley Mallet chooses Lindwall in all-time XI.Any credibility?
  5. To remind everyone he was almost the most complete fast bowler ever .Re-defined art of fast bowling.
  6. Today we celebrate the 100th birthday of legendary Ray Lindwall,,arguably the most complete right arm fast bowler ever.Arguably no pace bowler posessed every attribute of the perfect pace bowler in a complete package more than Lindwall.,Many past greats like Alan Davidson,Fred Trueman and Denis Compton ranked Lindwall as the best fast bowler they ever saw,even above Dennis Lillee.Ray blended the grace of a Seagull flying ,with the skill of an engineer.Watching a video of Lindwall is similar to seeing a past impressionist masterpiece. Lindwall posessed the most lethal of outsw
  7. On youtube see his demolition of bowlers like Andy Roberts and Dennis Lillee.Staggering run sin West Indies facing top pace in 1977 Classic innings on bad wickets.
  8. Today Majid Khan turns75.I wish a book was written about this legend. There could be few more majestic sights than witnessing Majid in full flow.His batting blended the agression of a tiger with the grace of a poet .On a bad wicket he was arguably the best batsman in the world,resembling a surgeon curing patient considered incurable.Majid took batting artistry ,wizardry or domination to depths rarely traversed ,,resembling a magician at his best.After Viv Richards,Noone was a better exponent of the hook shot.Majid's driving was also classical,treating even good balls with contempt.The sheer
  9. Today legendary Bishen Singh Bedi is 75.Without doubt one of the greatest spin bowlers or left arm bowlers of all time.There were bowlers who turned a cricket ball more but very few who were more artistic or as deceptive in flight.Bedi was part of the quartet that turrned a new epoch in Indian cricket from 1971.Bedi's bowling was sheer poetry in action,as rhythmic as a ballad dancer.Rarely did any bowler master left arm flight as Bishen.Very few spinners created such subtle variations of flight.Simply the epitome of grace.
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