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  1. On July 1st the legendary Everton Weekes left for his richly deserved heavenly abode.His exploits on a cricket field will never be forgotten till the game exists.His domination in the middle was reminiscent of an invincible army conquering territory after territory or an emperor dictating his kinghts. Weekes took domination of bowling or pugnacity to merciless levels .He made opposing bowlers look like cattle walking to a slaughterhouse making a cricket bat resemble a lawn mower..Unorthodox and principally a back foot player who would step away from the crease as none could and punish deliveries.He cut,pulled and hooked in manner none did in his time and to many critiques he played more like Bradman than anyone.With Clyde Walcott and Frank Worrel he constituted the 3 W's.a trio whose class ws unmatched in the history of the game.In total contrast to Worrell Weekes was brutal and savage ,but still very clinical.No batsmen in his time looked as much as a cricketing machine in enforcing a demolition job.In full flow more than any batsmen he resembled flour or powder being grinded in a mill more than anyone,with his clinical execution of strokes. At his best in early 1950's he plundered runs more than anyone after Bradman on the tour of India where he scored 5 successive test centuries and averaged over 111.It is hard even envisaging Bradman surpassing Weeke's performances on turning pitches in India.In England his 1st class averages were over 79 including a 304 he scored at Fenners v Cambridge.Fw batsmen ever displayed such skill agaisnt the moving ball as Everton.Arguably no batsmen dominated bowling in New Zealand with such remorseless ease as Weekes who averaged over 100 there.In the modern era possibly he may have even done more justice to his contempt for bowling surpassing the domination of the likes of Sehwag.Gilchrist or Devilliers. To me the most memorable innings of Weekes was his 90 at Lords where he revealed batting prowess at regions of the sublime. Pertinent that Don Bradman and Gary Sobers ranked Weekes as the best batsmen ever from West Indies.Bradman preferred Weekes to Headley just as Sobers rated Everton above Kanhai,Viv or Lara.Weekes averaged 58.61 which is more than Lara ,Sobers or Viv but he did not score as many runs pr play as many test matches.Weekes also averaged 49 runs away ,39.66 against Australia and 45.27 against England.In Australai he avergae a mere 24 and in England 33.His main runs were staggered against India and New Zealand unlike greats like Viv or Sobers. Still remember his great first class performances .Sad we did not see Weekes against the likes of Lillee,Thomson,Mcgrath,Wasim or Warne but bowlers like Subash Gupte and Ray Lindwall rate him at the very top.To be fair Weekes did not play enough test cricket to show whether the likes of Sobers,Viv or Lara were ahead. Would Weekes make the all-time West Indies test XI ?I feel he may just be displaced by Viv,Lara and Headley in the middle.To me in the history of the game the batsmen who came closest to Weekes was Walter Hammond.,who averaged about the same .Overall amongst batsmen to me he would just edge out the likes of Javed Miandad and Alan Border and be a whisker below Greg Chappell,Graeme Pollock and George Headley in test cricket.To me amongst the 30 best cricketers,15 best batsmen in test cricket and 20 best batsmen overall.Opinions in cricket are at such variance that to to some experts thee is case to place him as the best ever West Indies batsmen and amongts the 5 best test batsmen of all.In the end it may be so unfair to compare batsmen of diffident eras and thus asess who was better between Weekes,Sobers,Viv or Lara . Above all he radiated the spirit of the game above everything and gave back all to the game it had given him as a coach and manger.He never engaged in politiking like so many of the recent past. His grave should be preserved as a monument of his memory.Even if physically dead and buried his memories will shimmer in our minds forever like an inextinguishable light flashing.Few more beholding sights in sport than see Everton Weekes in full flow out in the middle,as though God had sent him to bat.
  2. I am pitting a 1970-94 world test XI against a 1995-2020 world test XI 1970-1994 XI Barry Richards Sunil Gavaskar Viv Richards Greg Chappell Javed Miandad Gary Sobers /Ian Botham Alan Knott (w) Imran Khan (c) Malcolm Marshall Dennis Lillee Abdul Qadir 1995-2020 XI Tendulkar Gilchrist (w) Ponting (c) Lara Steve Smith Kallis Shaun Pollock /Andrew Flintoff Warne Wasim Steyn/Ambrose Mcgrath The contest would be at a razors edge with both sides so evenly poised.1970-94 team has better and more all-round cricketers while 1995-20 team has a marginally more skilled or versatile bowling attack.The batting strength is virtually on par .With a gun on my head I would choose 1995-2020 team by a whisker with better athletic standards in modern era and superior scoring rate.Match-winning prowess of Warne and Gilchrist could give their side an edge and the flair of Lara and Wasim.The clash of Kallis v Sobers would be fascinating as well as Qadir V Warne or Viv v Lara.
  3. Very true and relevant.Great comment.Maye because Lara was more of a match winner who single handedly won more games than anyone and scored at a better strike rate.Lara was more mercurial but Tendulkar was more complete and consistent.Correctly You state he had a better record against genuine pace but Lara overall had more flair.
  4. Great team complement.No Tendulkar ,Wasim or Mcgrath?Or Imran?
  5. await your contribution here kindly .Really looking forward @Ankit_sharma 03 @Audiophile @Cricspin @Gollum @Nikola @Straight Drive
  6. These are my world XI's excluding all cricketers who played before 1970. 1st XI Tendulkar Barry Viv Lara Kallis Devilliers (W) Imran (C) Warne Marshall Wasim Mcgrath Chosen Tendulkar because of great ODI record to open who I feel would be most effective and could facilitate entry of more great middle order batsmen.Barry selected as he was a great match-winner and more destructive than Gavaskar or Greenidge.Viv was the most intimidating of all and best against pace.Lara singlehandedly won games more than any great batsmen as well as bore crisis for the weakest of batting sides like none else.Kallis statistically wa sthe best ever all-rounder and was the best batting all-rounder of last half century.Devilliers virtually gave a new dimension to batting resembling an acrobat.Imran came close to perforation as a cricketer as few did being an outstanding captain bad I would choose him to lead this side.Warne re-defined the role of a leg spinner and was the ultmate match-winner of his day.Marshall took the biodynamics of pace bowling to metaphysical pproportions ,unsurpassed by a right arm fast bowler.Wasim took the art of pace bowling to a height of divinty traversing regions unexplored.Mcgrath exhibited greater control and intelligence than any bower I ever saw . The most important basis here was the match-winners like Viv,Devilliers or Warne and the supreme talent of Wasim,Lara , or Marshall.Also ofcourse the impact of Tendulkar and Imran,2 of the most complete cricketers ver in the history of the game. 2nd XI Gavaskar Gilchrist (w) Steve Smith Greg Chappell Alan Border(c) Miandad Botham Hadlee Lillee Ambrose Murli Border would lead my 2nd XI who was responsible for knotting a bunch of talented Australians into world beaters and the best to bat for your life.Gilchrist took destructiveness in batting to heights untouched .The batting records of Smith and Chappell speak for themselves. .Botham in his peak era was the best all-rounder and match-winner of last half century.Hadlee on a green top was arguably the best ever bowler.No paceman was more complete of agressive as Lillee.Ambrose surpassed any fast bowler for sheer accuracy and relentlessness.Murli statistically was the best bowler of all.Miandad would be the ultimate batsmen in a crisis who could niggle opponents more than Border. 3rd XI Sehwag Gooch Ponting Kohli Sangakkara(w) Steve Waugh (c) Kapil Dev Steyn Qadir Waqar Donald Steve Waugh was an outstanding captain and batsmen in a crisis.Gooch wa sthe best opener against express pace.Sehwag virtually gave art batting a new dimension taking destruction to region sof the sublime.Kohli has come nearer Sachin Tendulkar than nay one with a greater appetite to win games.Sanga is statistically the best wicketkeeper bandsmen of all.Qadir foxed batsmen nad mastered googly more than nay spinner ever.Waqar and Donald were the quickest bowlers of their era.Steyn was very much like a re-born Malcolm Marshal being almost as complete as the very best bowlers.Ponting at his best matched strides with Lara and Sachin nad was also the best player of pace bowling.
  7. ICF viwers do youll feel Miandad,Imran and Qadir were fair selections?Also what about the others like Ian Chappell or Andy Roberts?
  8. Very fair answer appreciate Still Tendulkar not unfairly left out or Wasim?No Asian to me is discrimination.
  9. Imran not on par with Tendulkar with such an oustanding record in peak and match-wiinner as skipper and cricketer?No Virat Kohli?
  10. Any opinion here @Straight Drive @Nikola @ @Gollum
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