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  1. IPL money, fiance?? What kind of jealous and misinformed post is this? Pandya had spine surgery in October which in many cases leads to ending of career, it is best to take it slow. First let him play T20s in IPL and later T20 World Cup, then later Test matches.
  2. Obama was different, new democrats are as ideological as a jihadi, they will destroy India-USA relationship by siding with Pakistan, here is the latest attack on India from Bernie Sanders: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/Bernie-Sanders-As-Trump-meets-with-India-s-14456863.php
  3. Modi is doing the right thing, Almost all the Democrat candidates have attacked India over Kashmir, they will any day support jihadi pakistan over India.
  4. But there is no rest for Shami like Bumrah, he is not as fit as others and may get injured before World Cup.
  5. Pandya would have been a better option than Rahul, he can score some runs and third pacer problem would have been solved, why didn't kohli include him in the 13 man squad is a mystery.
  6. Loads of xenophobia on Aussie broadcast, Aussie bastardds will always be racist, they have just gotten better at hiding it.
  7. Nice to see Varun Aaron get picked at 2.4 crores, last year he didn't play, what use IPL is if even a 145-150 KPH Indian bowler can't make a proper salary once a year. No way he is getting picked up for National team, so better to play IPL than cold and cheap county.
  8. Try and send emails to both bcci.tv and cricinfo. Can also send message to BCCI twitter account.
  9. I agree, among newcomers Avesh Khan and Mavi look very confident and will not reduce their speed, even Nagarkoti bowls all out which was seen in India Vs Aus U19 WC match.
  10. Junaid slips in chucks mixed with legal deliveries to obfuscate his action. He will not be reported until the white masters of ICC, that is English or Australians get wreaked by his chucks.
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