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  1. Perfect opportunity for Thaila to play 150 balls 70 runs innings if he opens
  2. So this thread will go in reserve day or new thread will open? :p
  3. No team has advantage. Kiwis played badly and they deserved to lose today itself. Instead they get to live another day
  4. Sala single pasli, tu chess par hi concentrate kar. Cricket ball tere muh se bhi bada lagta hai. No wonder this autistic lad is so bad in catching.
  5. Haha.. PeePee experts are having a meltdown. They think it is a big disadvantage for Kiwis
  6. Exactly.. Today is our day. It's better we get a result today itself
  7. No chance ofb Kiwi batting again. I think it will be 30-35 overs for us to chase the target as we have already started losing overs
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