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  1. Let's not forget, Australia without Steve Smith and Patrick Cummins would also loose this series. For all the **** ex Australian cricketers are talking, India is without their best batsman and also two most experienced pacemen. Still they were able to dominate most of the series . Accepted that India might loose this series but fact is India have put up a much better shoe than any team that toured Australia in the last 4 years and fact is Australia cannot even win a test in India without Steve Smith and Patrick Cummins
  2. Why not ruturaj gaikwad, he has played 4 seasons of first class cricket.abd he has done well
  3. It seems Rajput has lost desire to play for India,that's what happens when you give opportunity to trundlers like chahar . Siraj should have been given more opportunities. Excuse is chahar is a skill full bowler, don't understand that. Skill is bowling well in all conditions, chahar so far looks ordinary. But our ex Indian cricketers think that pace is useless and overrated. Yes control is a must, unless you can go a gear up it is of no use.
  4. Not sure why none of these promising bowlers have decided that it is best to bowl with in themselves
  5. SRH need to replace him, to make him realize that bowling at 130 won't work every where
  6. Not sure why so much preference is given to trundlers like Sandeep Sharma and jaidev unadkat. Thampi,Aaron and khaleel can do no more worse than them .Sad to see Avesh bowling at that speed
  7. Disappointed with Avesh, even Mavi and warrier were bowling well within themselves
  8. Interesting article on probably fastest bowler https://coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/cricket/australia/unleash-hell-the-fastest-aussie-bowler-youve-never-heard-of/news-story/31e3b1d1fd887c9d35d96dc3ed24dd5b
  9. Interesting story on KM Asif https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/29756319/how-kerala-km-asif-broke-ipl
  10. Disappointed should have picked another bowler instead of shubman Gill. They could have tested bumrah and tried someone like Siraj
  11. But we never had legacy of great West Indies or Australian teams. Just want to say we need to stop hero worship
  12. Why do we prefer to live in past, how many series did we win Australia. When will we stop hero worship and think of Indian team
  13. Inspire below par performance in England, Australia and now in New Zealand why Rahane is not being dropped.
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