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  1. This kind of thing is very hard to prove. Ultimately did not have any impact on india's group ranking. Obviously there is a lot of bjp involvement in bcci top brass and there may have been political pressures. In that case, I really wont blame the players. From a viewing point, it was terrible to watch. I felt like we gave up on the world cup that day. Chasing 338 against england would have sent a note to all teams. Rohit and virat should have been blamed too. Easily they could have upped the ante without losing wicket so that it was 85/90 for the last 10 overs, not 110.
  2. 2019 wc was not high scoring including the knockouts. Its huge pressure in a knockout to keep on hitting after you lose wicket.
  3. Special bowlers, not specialists. bowlers who can take 10 wickets in all conditions.
  4. i think our approach is getting negativity because of these pitches. I would love to see a extreme turning track prepared for them. I have no idea why india dont play to their weaknesses.
  5. bhubi bumrah hardik nattu.. we will probably rotate within this in the group stages.
  6. my view is bhubi is one of those bowlers who can pick up a wicket in the evening in indian conditions in first over, particularly against left handers. he has to back himself and not bowl the cutters in the first over. and the captain needs to back him, telling him, i need 10/1 in the 1st over rather than 3-4/0. Today we won only because of wickets.
  7. extreme reaction. the opposite has also been true. also, wtc final is a unique concept of a one - off final. nobody knows what will happen. Do you know nz has won only 1 test in eng in last 20 years and 5 times ever? they are very poor travellers.
  8. The rarity of low scoring odis are also a reality. I do not like the current flat beds that are being offered in odis. In this respect, quite a few matches in the 2019 world cup was a welcome relief. Also, I miss the classic triangular tournaments. And I liked the champions trophy tournament, which was short and sweet. Not much reason why it cant be played over 4 years, in the years where wc s are not happening. All in all, odi matches need relevance. The focus is too much on t20 and tests now. With t20s also, icc dont have much plan. Last wc was in 2016, and now they want back t
  9. really poor from square leg umpire here, should not have gone to the third umpire.
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