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  1. Released it during weekdays... cannot get time to watch.. plan to watch it tonight.
  2. I think kohli will take no chance and smash a few 50s at least and start becoming ftb again.. ind would definitely be under pressure.
  3. The aussie team has got more depth. Our only advantage are the spinners.
  4. Greatest chess player. Im a big fan of him..
  5. Nz have a chance to drop points in bd, I'm sure they will not get all 120 points there. Max 60. That gives them total 480. That gives us a target of 5-0 to eng and we would be through by better run rate.
  6. Say whatever about his strike rate, but pujara's wicket was the most vital. He csn create partnerships with in form batsmen. Test match is all about 1 2 big partnerships.
  7. India has a very slim chance. But he is the only hope left. Looked most comfortable in the 1st innings. Pant would be at his best if he plays with s positive mindset i believe. Trouble is, they are not going to serve anything in pant's arc.
  8. The worst thing would be when nz win by 3/4 wickets. The catch drop and pathetic batting will hurt more. The bowlers bowled their heart out today.i really was fancying 90/3 at most by end of day. The shot selections were terrible. Just look at Matthew wade highlights. He was uncomfortable with wagner, but took everything on body. Rahane should have showed some guts. Yes you can look ugly, bat terribly but should not throw your wicket like that. https://youtu.be/7-fNR5vTKOk
  9. I wish indian slogged a bit tonight to swell the score around 150. A capitulation from kiwis is not inconceivable if ind scored around 180. Viharis drop will turn out to be the difference.
  10. Is this kind of dismissal acceptable for a test opener? Please give a unbiased answer guys. Cannot believe they are throwing this away again.
  11. Shaw looks like he has a train to catch. Give some respect to the new ball.
  12. I second this. He gets behind the ball and has soft hands. Can really go big if required. For Sena pitches he can become gem of an allrounder. He gets extra bounce from a length. There is nothing about him that is ordinary. Vihari simply had to take that catch though. I am scared that the 37 runs will haunt us. This pitch has somehow woken up and not easy for batting at all. Also, the 63 runs conceded yesterday and runs left behind. Should easily be an 100 lead. The worse thing thst can happen is a top order crumble and then the pitch easing up. Nz has the upper hand now, sadly.
  13. Have not watched it. From one glance, the pitch looked green.
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