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  1. Wikipedia is not always correct. But this is simply basic a point to start with. Feel free then to go through research papers and then please come back on 'decadent behavior'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_animals_displaying_homosexual_behavior
  2. Maybe read up a little bit on basic sciences? Homosexuality is a natural occurrence, even amongst bees, Lions and many other animals. Can you tell me about one country with high standards of LGBT rights doing badly, with 'decadant societies'? pedophilia is a horrible crime and should obviously be punished. But India needs improvements for Gay rights. The first thing to improve obviously to eradicate poverty, education level etc. and reduce inequality . Solving those issues would be 1st priority.
  3. For a SRT level 2nd coming, Kohli needs a massive kick in the backside, maybe 6 month out of the team. I'm sure that would hurt his ego for a boost in performance for a few years. Sachin did not get dropped , but almost left cricket after 2007 shocker. It finally made him push harder for one last time. One big issue is Kohli already won his WC. I think his only motivation is to win test series in SA and ENG. That should push him to do well tomorrow.
  4. He can only be a LOI captain, and need to be consistent both with fitness and performance. I have never liked his attitude, but he can turn result of LOI and t20s with bat in a few overs. He needs to really deliver first. I suspect he wont be selected regularly in 2022 in any case.
  5. Rohit worked tremendously hard on his backlift and defense. I was not surprised in his eng achievement. This was a long time coming and he had really underachieved in tests compared to his enoromus potential.
  6. You guys talk about andy bichel in brisbane 2003, but Gillespie played in that test too and bichel was in form of his life post 2003 WC success. Stuart Mcgill was not an incompetent bowler, 200 wickets during time of Warne era speaks volumes. What I wont give for Kohli to emulate Ganguly's brisbane innings tomorrow! The captain's innings set up the whole tour. Another reason Ganguly is looked down upon is getting compared to the great batsmen of his era.
  7. Ian Bell is very underrated. I would put him over Trescothick and Vaughn.
  8. Some of Ganguly's special innings were not always hundreds. For example, I can mention his performance in Joberg 2006, which was pretty good after getting dropped and being under huge pressure on a spicy pitch, against pollock, ntini, steyn, kallis. I remember his 1999 hundred with dravid, a match saving one. A superb 75 in 2002 port of spain in 2nd innings, when ind was under pressure. It put a fighting total on board and ultimately secured a victory. I would obviously count the Kandy test also. He is not such a bad test batsman as ICF points him out to be, a really good foil for the Fab 3,4
  9. I feel pujara and rahane mught still nick a few and we may be 60-4 by lunch.(just that session).
  10. I think only 250 is safe, and India needs to bat really well in the tough morning session before runs can be piled on in the 2nd. Its difficult to see Ind giving a lead of more than 180-200 here. A long tail and no in form batters left.
  11. This is a big blow. Could be series defining. He was probably india's best test batsman in last year. Or at least performed multiple match defining performances.
  12. Events like world cup needs to be planned months ahead, as simple as that. I also dont support such big crowds at ground. Are they checking for double vaccination? If not, then this is also a farce.
  13. We are missing the calmness in the team culture. Also, the batting talent has regressed a lot. All major icc tourney failures are due to batting errors.
  14. No, from the report it looks he will come back and lead 1. Which is very stupid. Indian test captaincy is not a reserved bus seat.
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