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  1. Kohli and teams need to stop whining england had two or three decision going against them But don't see them arguing with umpires
  2. Forgot Shaw batting we should drop him just for his fielding skill
  3. At 5.30 Ashwin reveals the secrets how he learnt through Hayden for bowling to left handers
  4. We need to train this next match https://www.facebook.com/IndianCricketTeam/videos/394525931498641/
  5. Lol injury started even before start of the first match
  6. What is surprising despite getting hit so many time he is fit to play every matches where as player Rahul ashwin Vihari etc are not in a position to play after one hit
  7. Tommorow another interview with ravishastri by ashwin will reveal that Kohli never left the team it was tactics done to fool Australia In fact Kohli was working from home and sending instructions to Ravishastri who was passing it to Rahane All credit goes to Kohli for winning the series by working from home
  8. I don't think Rohit will survive if the ball starts swinging he may survive on bouncy track in South Africa but not England I feel it is waste to invest in him instead we should invest in some youngster who will learn these conditions
  9. https://www.facebook.com/trollcinemavideos/videos/387833099054181/
  10. So Rohit gonna have farewell from test cricket this year
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