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  1. Virat will never give up no 3 position to any other player in ODI Your squad has got fours openers we need some other middle order player
  2. Remember Anderson is going to bowl in chennai heat for two test match so doubt he will bowl that well
  3. That is why imp to replacement for these players rohit - Ritu gaikwad Shikhar -ishan kisan Pujara- replacement not found Rahane - Hanuman Vihari Kohli- Gill Ashwin - Kuldeep to some extent Jadeja - Washington Sundar ishant - Bumrah Umesh - Natraj to some extent Shami - Siraj Bhuvi - deepak chahar Saha - pant /Ishan kisan
  4. To be honest it reminded me of cb series also Nobody excepted us to win dhoni opted for five bowlers and other than zak we did not have good bowler and zak was injured It was first tour for Praveen Kumar ,manoj tiwary,Ishant Sharma Instead of jadeja we had irfan pathan who was all rounder and harbhajan used to bat like thakur we had left senior player like dravid and Ganguly for the tour and still we won series
  5. Pujara got dropped because of strike rate read the above enclosed articles mentioned in my previous post This is pujara performance year and year Dropping ashwin was not a bad decision since most of other team were able to read his mystery balls but I beleive even jadeja was dropped from ODI frankly I stopped following cricket after kohli started captaining so I am not able to recollect when jadeja was dropped
  6. Kohli has dropped Pujara also I think Jadeja has been playing with kohli since his u19 days but jadeja was in the team more no of times under dhoni captaincy than under kohli Kohli never backs any player even sehwag reminded him that if dhoni had not backed kohli after his failure in England series and in two test against Aussies kohli would not have made this far https://www.indiatoday.in/sports/cricket/story/inspiration-cheteshwar-pujara-on-being-dropped-from-indian-test-team-for-slow-strike-rate-1646816-2020-02-15
  7. 1) Australia did not allow wife's and family member of player due to strict quarantine in Australia but ravi shatri threatened BCCi that team will not go to australia if they don't allow wife's and children of players 2) Ravi shatri told rahane to use ashwin within 10 over since pitch was damp 3)ravi shatri reacted with shabash 249 times everytime ashwin played well.Ravi shastri unlike most coach shows his emotion openly
  8. From this video I understand one thing Both ravi Shastri and kohli are having same kind of personality both are aggressive both over-react on things
  9. Last time England won test series in india they had two good spinners Swann and panesar while their batsman played long tuk tuk innings against our spinners we had four bowler and our bowlers used to get tired of bowling so many overs Only formula to win them is to 1) Go with Five bowlers 2) Go with one fast bowler who can bowl good bouncers ( siraj or ishant) 3)Go with three spinners
  10. https://www.facebook.com/RSDofficialfanpage/videos/278131953227067/
  11. https://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/damp-pitch-spin-bowling-how-crafty-ashwin-used-moisture-trouble-england Originally kohli' idea
  12. I better Bookmark this thread After one bad game people will lose faith in his batting
  13. Shaw's weakness got exposed more due to his Delhi capital coach Ricky Ponting I just hope Shaw corrects his weakness and comes back strongly
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