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  1. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/international/uae/uae-suspends-issuance-of-visit-visas-to-pakistan-11-other-countries/articleshow/79289313.cms
  2. I was actually planning on visiting a local bar today to take a jab at some of the "woke" radicals However, they have again shut down all indoor dining due to recent spike in cases so I'll just pop open a couple of cold ones with friends on zoom.
  3. I was mugged on my way to Rutgers on Raymond blvd by a group of school kids, all African Americans. They threw so many punches on my face, left me in a state where I had to use a straw to even drink water for a week. All this while there were other people walking right across me minding their business. I went to the local police station to file a complaint the following day. All they told me was that they will register a case but do not have the resources to pursue it in absence of witnesses or some sort of info leading to identify the low lives.
  4. I did my undergrad in Rutgers year 2014 before moving to Illinois lol
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