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  1. Man claiming to be his brother.
  2. Anushka & Julia Michaels’
  3. Collective failure of team & management.
  4. For those in US who have not subscribed to Hotstar but have plans to do so in future, now is a great time to get one. Costco is offering annual subscription plus a bonus month for 50 USD. Offer is valid till 11/29. I have inserted a SS of terms & conditions for those who are interested. https://www.costco.com/hotstar-12-month-subscription-plus-1-bonus-month%2C-egift-card.product.100497612.html
  5. FFS all you sissys need to keep someone's wife out your foul mouths just to manifest your own agendas.
  6. Former could have done better had certain midget showed more solidarity towards his team over his own records!
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