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  1. we need wicket takers... i will go with Ash..
  2. hmmm...he may be nervous for a session or 2 ....not for the whole test match...
  3. Christ sake...why Umesh?? Third seamer has to be Saini or Siraj
  4. Lots of people on the forum are completely ruling out India....but it don't think, it's a complete cake-walk for Australia.... India has world class pace bowling attack and test matches are always bowler's game..... Bumrah is in red hot form.... Shami has always been decent... Dont under-estimate Siraj.....you have already seen the damage he can do on the green mamba's If in 2 matches...this combination succeeds ...then it will be a close contest...... Kuldeep could be in bad form but Australians are pretty bad with leg spin....so never know..
  5. He will be rusty for sure...but cannot say, he will perform bad....one good innings is "all it requires" to turn it around...
  6. What more SKY should do to get selected.... This is totally absurd .... Pandey ahead of SKY ....this is not fair This guy has guts....he can take the challenge head-on ... Has anyone saw that game where he was hit on the head by a pacey delivery...and the next delivery, he did unthinkable...he played the dilscoop As MSD said...we need characters...and he is one of them Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  7. I think ...now admin know the purpose.... He should be given a new ball and if there is little assistance from the pitch...he will wreck havoc... He is one of the extremely talented pace bowlers around and more suitable for test matches....(not for ODI's and not for T20s). Imagine what he do on SA and England green pitches. On his day, he will run thru the batting line-ups in less than 2 sessions
  8. Arshdeep is better than porel??
  9. I mean.. He is in the weakest team in terms of bowling attacks and he doesn't get a game... someone care to explain He is one of the brightest young talent available in the country now and he has a very good New-Zealand A tour .... but still, he doesn't get a game... Shame on King Punjab team management and KLR
  10. I am thoroughly enjoying this kids bowling... Am i the only one?
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