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  1. gakgupta

    USA v PNG

    why xls is not in your list
  2. Its root from both sides... KL Rahul from india Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. Test cricket will never loose his sheen.. You wouldn't see such madness after ipl performances Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  4. Telangana Today: Hyderabadis set up giant cut-out of Mohammed Siraj's 'finger-on-lips' celebration. https://telanganatoday.com/hyderabadis-sets-up-giant-cut-out-of-mohammed-sirajs-finger-on-lips-celebration Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  5. Hi All, Today, i have searched YouTube for post match analysis for India England match and most of the results are below par. Its weird that most of the analysis was done by Pakistani experts. I don't have any issues Pakistani people interested in Indian cricket but the analysis done was below par. There was emotion / joy / praise in the analysis rather than actual breakdown on what happened Anyways, its high time that indiancricketfans personnel should consider starting a youtube channel and make some sensible videos on following 1) Analyzing different
  6. the way he is playing...there is no point backing him for one more test... But again...this should not be end of the road for pujara... Ganguly has done it....pant has done it...rahul has done it....azhar has done it....so, he can come back strongly
  7. Bhuvi is not fit for test matches?? why cant we fly him to england?? atleast..he will be available for last 2 test matches
  8. I am a big fan of this guy...love him.. I pray from bottom of my heart that he would get well soon
  9. LOL... without smith and warner...it cannot compete with Bangladesh....that's the truth
  10. add one more thing... KL Rahul will be the man of the series... You heard here first
  11. Stop expecting miracles like Australia tour... He instills confidence into players.... we will go back to 2010 era..
  12. He is someone...I hate him yet I love him.. I cried for 2 days after loosing that CT 2000 match and he is tbe main culprit... I love him for his hitting ability and good bowling....more than all that...he is a wonderful gentlemen....ofcoutse, most of the players from NZ are humble Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  13. Indian hockey league helping?? Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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